Families of nine Sandy Hook victims sue estate of Adam Lanza’s mother

If its all a “HOAX” … why take a chance of legal discovery by suing?

Families of nine Sandy Hook victims sue estate of Adam Lanza’s mother | 16 March 2015 | The families of nine people killed in the Newtown elementary school shooting have filed lawsuits against the estate of the [alleged] gunman’s mother. The lawsuits allege that Nancy Lanza incorrectly secured her legally owned Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, which her troubled adult son, Adam Lanza, [allegedly] used to kill 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, the Connecticut Post reported Friday. The lawsuits seek to collect on Nancy Lanza’s homeowner’s insurance, the Connecticut Post reported.


  • Well, we have the state of MA going before the whole world with their prosecution of the Boston bombing hoax. Seems to be working well for them.

  • Well some people were asking where were the lawsuits – so there you have it.

    • Yeah, I’m sure that fake victims parents would never sue the government owned estate of a dead woman who can’t even question them or counter their claims. Gee whiz, open shut case! How brainwashed are you people??

  • I don’t think the victims of the Boston Bombing and their families want to hear these conspiracy theories. I wish that these “truthers” would march with their little signs outside the courtroom so the families, friends and neighbors could get a shot at them.

    • Sounds like a shill comment if I’ve ever heard one…

      No one died and no one got hurt. Humans cant loose both legs and sit around “bleeding” out from 10 minutes without dying – it’s not possible. This incident has been dissected and proven to be fake without question. Anyone who actually believes that people died at Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing is an absolute fool and likely done zero research on either subject. I call it Mark Dice syndrome… it goes something like this: “I’m an expert in the Illuminati. Because I’m an expert, I know what they would do and what they wouldn’t. They have no problem killing people, so that’s what they did – they killed people. It doesn’t matter if ALL of the evidence proves that no one died or got injured at either event because I KNOW what the Illuminati would and wouldn’t do. Did I mention that I’m and expert in the Illuminati?”

  • Wow… It’s surprising that someone as intelligent as you would fall for the most ridiculous and obvious hoax in history. I’d recommend that you go watch the handful of available Sandy Hoax documentaries that have outright proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was a FEMA simulation event known as a “Capstone Event”. No one died – that’s a fact. I really can’t even imagine how anyone could watch those “parents” on camera and actually believe that they had just lost children. Usually when I see people claiming outright that children were killed, I know right away that they’ve either done no legitimate research on the subject or that cognitive dissonance and/or political correctness have kept them from accepting the reality of the subject. I hope you’ll look into the issue so that you can see first hand that it was coordinated FEMA simulation/drill.

    • We know some of the Victims families… Had known them for years prior to the shootings. You are missing a massive part of the puzzle which I have tried to put forth multiple times. You are being PLAYED! I call em as I see em. No one has to listen.

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