Radio Free Blood – June 9 2015


  • i love to listen to the commentary but I just can’t deal with the punk rock. I am 50 and come home and just want to hear what’s happening and the music frankly is from my teenage years and I’ve grown up. I realize it’s his show and his likes but if he wants to reach a wider audience he should be considerate of some of us who simply want to hear commentary. Save the head banging music for the end and then all can enjoy Jack. I never know When the music ends and when you will talk or have A guest or callers. It’s time for me to find a more structured place to listen to so called real news and commentary. Any suggestions welcome and please no angry comments as i respect his need to do it his way. It’s just not my taste. I want calm. This is for teens and punks. If you want respect of your peers please let us know where we can go to relax while listening. Thanks .

    • Peers? I respect everyone than takes time to tune in. But you can find 1000 radio news shows that cater to you. I am 51 yrs old. I only really play FREEDOM, para-political and Truth music. so… I will note this feedback, and do what I can for ya. Cheers and BE BOLD!

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