Jack Blood Show – September 19 2014

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OPEN MIND / Open lines / Jack Blood Rewind……….


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Jack Blood Show – September 18 2014

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Hour One : Listeners check in on Scottish independence and breaking news


 Hour Two: 

 Michael Daugherty, is author of The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the US Government’s Surveillance and Overreach Into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business.

Jack Blood Show – September 16 2014 ( Gov Christie Whistle Blower Rep Lou Manzo )

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Louis Michael Manzo is the author of “RUTHLESS AMBITION – The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie”

Get it at www.TrineDay.com

Lou was a former State Congressman in NJ and was one of many targeted by the Christie, Rockefeller machine.

Jack Blood Show – September 15 2014 (ISIS Is Real? Aint Real?)

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Hour one: Patrick Poole reporting from PJMedia.com discussing how ISIS works for DC / “Incompetence Theories”
Debate gets slightly weird….

Hour two: Long Standing Iraqi peace activist Dr Dahlia Wasfi joins Jack to discuss what is REALLY happening in Iraq. What are the consequences to Iraqis. Her website is www.liberatethis.com

Bottom line is that Right and Left agree on at least one thing….. ISIS is a creation of US / UK / Israel

Jack Blood Show – September 11 2014 (13th Anniversary Show)

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Jack rewinds 13 years of 911 truth

Joined by Truth Artist ANTHONY FREDA

And Reporter Susanne Posel

Callers weigh in………

Jack Blood Show – September 10 2014 (Sept 11th Remembered w/ Scott Rickard, and James Pilato)

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Ex USAF / NSA Intelligence Officer Scott Rickard lays it all out demolishing the 911 “Official Story” (Hour One)

Regular guest, James Evan Pilato from Media Monarchy weighs in in hour two.

Callers thrown down….

Jack Blood Interviews James Corbett (9/11)

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For those who just want to get right to the straight truth about 911, and how its used against us… How it will be used again and why.

More on James Corbett @ www.corbettreport.com

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Jack Blood Show – September 9 2014

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Jack Blood Show – September 8 2014 (1st Show back on RBN)

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Test went well – MUCH better audio for y’all….


Homeland Security Bulletin: Islamic State Can Attack U.S. Overseas With ‘Little to No Warning’

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The Department of Homeland Security and FBI have put out a joint intelligence bulletin to all federal law enforcement that the Islamic State has the capability to mount attacks on U.S. targets overseas with “little to no warning.”

While the bulletin, obtained by TheBlaze, states that the FBI and DHS are unaware of any “specific, credible threats” against the U.S. homeland, they urge law enforcement to be vigilant about social media postings by Islamic State supporters within the U.S. calling for attacks against America.

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