Post Drill Shooting Confirmed at Fort Hood Army Base (Updates)

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I have CONFIRMED that this posting below was legit.  In fact the phone message says they are recruiting for an upcoming “Military Training Exercise” Gadsden or Gaston? Alabama NEXT. – Jack Blood

From KILLeen Craigslist – up 22 days before the shooting

CL >killeen-temple >all jobs >government jobs


Role Players for Military mock simulated disaster (Ft Hood)

compensation: $100 per day
Government contractor is seeking individuals to act as role players to participate in a ” mass casualty exercise ” on the FT Hood military installation. Role players will participate in an exercise that will replicate civilians in the area that have been injured during a disaster that is used in the scenario. Role players will be medically treated during this exercise at numerous locations on Ft Hood. The objective of this exercise is to train and assess medical units with regards to civilians that have been injured during a disaster.We are seeking individuals to take part in this exercise on March 17, 18 & 19 Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and legal to work in the United States. You will be paid upon completion of the exercise on the last day of work. Please contact Michael Boyd at (xxx)294-0526. An appointment will be set up to meet and further information will be given.
Also: THIS is a separate Drill from Sept. 12th Last Year / 2013 (what good are these drill then? – It may cause the Troops at Ft Hood et al,,, To drop their guard thinking that everything is a “drill”)
Fort Hood conducts mass casualty training


Multiple people have been injured and the search for the gunman is underway after a shooting at the Fort Hood Army post Wednesday afternoon.

Reports of an active shooter triggered a lockdown at Fort Hood with local sheriff’s deputies and the FBI immediately responding to the threat.

A U.S. Army official at Fort Hood confirms that a shooting has occurred at the base, though the number of people injured and the severity of their injuries has not been confirmed.

NBC News reports as many as eight people may be injured and that there may be two people responsible for the shooting.  One of those is believed to be “down” while the second is at-large.

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The Fort Hood military installation in Texas is locked down after a shooting that left at least four people dead and injured an unknown number, according to authorities.

Four people were killed, according to government officials. It’s unclear at this moment if the four dead includes the shooter, who officials have confirmed was killed, but that number is believed to include the shooter.

Fort Hood, which remained locked down at 8 p.m., reported that there were multiple injuries after the shooting. However, Fort Hood officials said the number of people injured had not been confirmed.

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UPDATE: 4 Dead, Including Gunman...

ID'd As Ivan Lopez...
'Mental Health Issues, Was Being Treated'... 'Depression, Anxiety'...
Prescribed Ambien...

Connection between violence and SSRI medication emerges yet again...

Shooter angry at Army over refusal to let him attend mom's funeral...
FACEBOOK Page Tribute To Heavy Metal Band... (Our friends SLIPKNOT)
GOP REP: Troops should be armed on base...
EPIDEMIC: At Least 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day...
Stress Disorder...

8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off Chile; Tsunami Strikes Coast

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An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 has struck off the coast of Chile, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

A tsunami warning was issued following the quake, which was centered 49 miles west-northwest of Iquique, Chile, and was 6.21 miles deep, the USGS said.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said a 6-foot tsunami that hit Pisagua, Chile, at 8:04 p.m. ET. No damage assessment has been made at this time.

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Evacuations as Peru volcano rumbles to life

Lima (AFP) – A volcano in Peru that has not blown its top in four decades spewed more ash skyward on Tuesday, after authorities evacuated villagers to avoid Ubinas’s wrath.

The volcano in southwestern Peru blasted back to life causing about 60 villagers from Querapi, near its base, to be relocated Saturday, Ubinas town mayor Pascual Coaquira said.

“We are readying a shelter for refugees from the blasts,” he added Tuesday, noting that the whole Moquegua region was on alert.

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CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

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A report by the Senate Intelligence Committee concludes that the CIA misled the government and the public about aspects of its brutal interrogation program for years — concealing details about the severity of its methods, overstating the significance of plots and prisoners, and taking credit for critical pieces of intelligence that detainees had in fact surrendered before they were subjected to harsh techniques.

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Students protest ‘war criminal’ Cheney at American University

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More than two dozen students protested a talk by former Vice President Dick Cheney at American University, and a handful of them called him a “war criminal” as they stormed out.

video from the March 27 event shows students walking out on Cheney, and one can be heard yelling, “Walk out on war criminals.” The speech was hosted by The Kennedy Political Union. The school’s newspaper, The Eagle, reported that Cheney denied that his actions while in office amounted to war crimes.

Cheney was one of the most vocal supporters of the George W. Bush administration policies after September 11, including waterboarding, placing detainees in stress positions, and other practices that are sometimes referred to as “enhanced interrogation” tactics.

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North Korea Threatens A ‘New Kind Of Nuclear Test’

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North Korea threatened on Sunday to conduct what it called “a new form of nuclear test”, raising the level of rhetoric after members of the United Nations Security Council condemned the North’s recent ballistic missile launch.

“It is absolutely intolerable that the U.N. Security Council, turning a blind eye to the U.S. madcap nuclear war exercises, ‘denounced’ the Korean People’s Army (KPA)’s self-defensive rocket launching drills and called them a ‘violation of resolutions’ and a ‘threat to international peace and security’ and is set to take an ‘appropriate step’,” the North’s foreign ministry said in a statement on the official KCNA news agency.

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Wealthy Child Rapist Given Probation As Judge Felt He Would ‘Not Do Well’ in Jail

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The heir to the du Pont fortune pled guilty in 2009 to charges of raping his three-year old daughter, but never spent time in jail

Newly released documents reveal that in 2009 a Delaware judge sentenced a wealthy heir to probation after he admitted he had raped his 3-year old daughter, saying the rich white man would “not do well” in prison.

Robert H. Richards IV, one of the heirs to the du Pont fortune, admitted in June 2008 that he had raped his 3-year old daughter, Delaware Online reports. The girl told her grandmother about the 2005 alleged abuse, and said that her father had said it was “our little secret” but that she didn’t want “my daddy touching me anymore.” Richards was originally charged with two counts of second-degree rape, but accepted a last-minute plea deal on fourth-degree rape charges, a class C violent felony that usually comes with over two years of jail time. Prosecutors sought only probation, and Judge Jan Jurden agreed, sentencing him to an 8-year prison sentence but commuting all the prison time in favor of probation.

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Philly Artist Fights City Hall Over Eminent Domain Abuse

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Philadelphia’s James Dupree is an accomplished artist whose work has appeared in museum all over the world, including his hometown’s Philadelphia Museum of Art and African American Museum.

In 2005, Dupree bought a dilapidated warehouse in the City of Brotherly Love’s Mantua neighborhood and worked to turn it into a studio that hosts his personal workshop, art classes, and even visitors through Airbnb.

That’s all being threatened by the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA), a local government agency that is supposed to revitalize distressed neighborhoods.

PRA made plans with Aquinas Realty Partners to convert the block that Dupree’s studio is on into a multi-use area with retail shops and a high-end grocery store. PRA designated the studio as blighted and moved to take it via eminent domain, the government’s right to seize property for public use. It planned to give the property to the private developer Aquinas. Part of the eminent domain process is that dispossessed property owners must be offered fair and just compensation. PRA offered Dupree $640,000 for his property even though the estimated market value is $2.2 million.

Taking private property and then giving it to a developer constitutes abuse of eminent domain, says Institute for Justice senior attorney Scott Bullock. “A grocery store is like any other private business,” he explains. “It is about as far away from a public use as one could imagine.” Historically, eminent domain was used to build things such as roads, public schools, and hospitals. Increasingly, though, it’s being used by governments to give favored developers sweetheart deals.

Bullock was the lead counsel in the 2005 Supreme Court case Kelo v. New London, which involved a municipal government in Connecticut seizing property and giving it to a private developer to build a hotel complex. The high court ruled that it was constitutional as long as the government said they were trying to increase tax revenues. The Kelo decision was highly controversial and led many states and municipalities to pass tighter restrictions on the use of eminent domain.

Ironically, the inefficiency of municipal bureaucracy may give Dupree his best chance of winning his case. When PRA classified Dupree’s property as blighted, it ended up condemning only two of the three addresses his property sits on.

Dupree has begun an online petition and has taken PRA to court. A decision is expected later this year.

About 5 minutes.

Brazil looks to ban Monsanto’s Roundup, other toxicity risks

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Brazil’s public prosecutor wants to suspend use of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s pervasive herbicide Roundup. A recent study suggested glyphosate may be linked to a fatal kidney disease that has affected poor farming regions worldwide.

The Prosecutor General’s office is also pursuing bans on the herbicide 2,4-D and seven other active herbicide ingredients in addition to glyphosate: methyl parathion, lactofem, phorate, carbofuran, abamectin, tiram, and paraquat, GMWatch reported.

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Russia’s freight trains full of tanks roll into Crimea

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Residents in Crimea have captured on video Russia’s military progression into the area.

As Russia’s prime minister promised to pour funds into the newly annexed peninsula during a surprise visit to Crimea today, videos have been posted online showing trains loaded with Russian equipment travelling west towards the Crimean capital Simferopol.

The videos, posted earlier this month, appear to show tanks, vehicles and other military equipment as they are transported on flatbed freight trains.

Meanwhile, Russia is withdrawing a motorised infantry battalion from a region near Ukraine’s eastern border, the Russian Defence Ministry was quoted as saying by state news agencies today.
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Vladimir Putin ‘wants to regain Finland’ for Russia, adviser says

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After annexing Crimea and with troops massed on the border of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will not stop trying to expand Russia until he has “conquered” Belarus, the Baltic states and Finland, one of his closest former advisers has said.

According to Andrej Illarionov, the President’s chief economic adviser from 2000 to 2005, Mr Putin seeks to create “historical justice” with a return to the days of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and the Soviet Union under Stalin.

Speaking to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Mr Illarionov warned that Russia will argue that the granting of independence to Finland in 1917 was an act of “treason against national interests”.

“Putin’s view is that he protects what belongs to him and his predecessors,” Mr Illarionov said.

“Parts of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States and Finland are states where Putin claims to have ownership.

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