Jack Blood Show – October 28 2014 (Lori “Legit Gov” Price)

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Hour One: Jack discusses the possibilities and contradictions coming Pre-Verdict from Ferguson Mo. – Callers weigh in

Hour Two: Regular Contributor, Lori “Legit Gov” Price joins the show. Lori is the publisher of CGL / Citizens for Legitimate Government

Jack Blood Show – October 27 2014

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Today’s show we welcome “The Keeper of the Nixon flame,” Roger Stone. Stone has been a Washington Insider for the last 40 years and played a key role in the election of Republican presidents Nixon, Ronald Reagan and his book on Lyndon B. Johnson and the murder of John Kennedy was the second bestselling book during the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s murder. In addition to his books, Stone writes for the Daily Caller and the FOX opinion page. (NEW BOOK- HILLARY CLINTON WAS FIRED FROM THE 1974 NIXON IMPEACHMENT COMMITTEE FOR LEAKING AND LYING) ————— also: We have an eyewitness to the events leading up to the School shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School last Friday.

Jack Blood Show – October 24 2014 (Anthony Freda)

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Correction : The WA Leg wasn’t voting on 594 as Its a ballot initiative – though everything else / Bloomberg and Bill Gates is true. (Over 9 million war chest to push this anti gun initiative in Wash St.)

ALSO: I just so happen to have people in that town in WA – pretty sure now that the school shooting in WA wasn’t a false flag now. (2 separate sources that don’t know each other, say the same thing. One was witness. Both know the shooter and family)

Seems it was over a girl

Of course they will USE this to the max anyway

HOUR 2: Multi media TRUTH artist Anthony Freda joins us to discuss his BOYCOTT of the ground zero 911 memorial museum containing his art.

Jack Blood Show – October 23 2014

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Michael Herzog co hosts in Hour one.

Callers get in…………

Jack Blood Show – October 22 2014

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GUEST: Bryan Preston, is the Editor-At-Large of PJMedia.com.

BIO: Bryan Preston has been a leading conservative blogger and opinionator since founding his first blog in 2001. Bryan is a military veteran, worked for NASA, was a founding blogger and producer at Hot Air, was producer of the Laura Ingraham Show and, most recently before joining PJM, was Communications Director of the Republican Party of Texas.

“President Obama has appointed Ron Klain to become Ebola czar. Klain’s career is not in medicine, epidemiology, or any field related to disease control or prevention. Klain is a laywer, a K Street lobbyist, and a career Democrat party operative. Klain is not a doctor. He is a Democrat loyalist.

Not only was he involved in Al Gore’s 2000 election recount as Bridget reported, Klain was involved in the Obama administration’s Solyndra debacle.

In January 2012, ABC News reported that Klain, then Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, was right in the middle of the administration’s poor and controversial handling of Solyndra’s bankruptcy.

Senior White House officials knew in late October 2010 that government-backed Solyndra was planning to lay off nearly 20 percent of its workforce just prior to the congressional elections the next month, recently released e-mails show.

E-mails released by the White House last week showed that Heather Zichal, an energy aide to President Barack Obama, relayed the news about the Fremont-based solar firm’s planned layoffs to top White House officials, including Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

Later in the same story…

Obama visited Solyndra in May 2010, as e-mails showed his top advisers, including Jarrett and Klain, knew about Solyndra’s precarious financial condition. During his visit, Obama hailed Solyndra, telling factory workers, “The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra.”

READ: http://system01.catapultapps.com/s/954/3/1618463/1885/tatler/2014/10/17/obamas-new-ebola-czar-was-deeply-involved-in-solyndra-scandal/

WEBSITE: http://system01.catapultapps.com/s/954/3/1618463/1885/

Jack Blood Show – October 16 2014 (Ted Walter)

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Hour One – News updates
Hour Two – Jack welcomes Ted Walter, Executive Director of the NYC Ballot Initiative to investigate 911 / Building 7.

More info here:

Updates about the High-Rise Safety Initiative

Jack Blood Show – October 15 2014

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Jack Blood Show – October 13 2014

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Hour One : Columbus = Templars / Babylon
Hour two : Guest – Stephen Aaron Grey, author of Ant Farm: A Novel About What’s Bugging Society.



Ruled by the evil White cockroaches, on an oppressive plantation, Anton Indigo, Antrea Violet, and a thousand other ants escape to seek freedom on Ant Farm. When they arrive, although their lives are not utopian, the tiny insects find themselves with much more freedom and prosperity than ever before.

Can the ants maintain this positive new lifestyle? Or will some of the more power-hungry bugs prevail, and deteriorate the new society into the same nightmare from which they escaped in the first place?

A tribute to a George Orwell classic, and simultaneously a nod to those who pursue liberty across the globe, Stephen Aaron Grey’s Ant Farm addresses issues like the current global economic crisis, gun control, drug prohibition, measures towards national security and a host of others in its own unique way that is sure to attract attention as a new classic.


BIO: Stephen Aaron Grey is passionate about liberty. Having traveled the globe as an internationally acclaimed DJ (under the stage name ‘Freaky Flow’), he has come to recognize that freedom works, and control does not. A tribute to a George Orwell classic, and simultaneously a nod to those who pursue liberty across the globe, Grey’s Ant Farm expresses these ideas in a creative narrative that anyone can easily understand. With an academic history focused on world religions, to boot, Grey possesses an added cultural sensitivity, which contributes to the universal impact of the philosophies that he holds so dear. It’s no wonder that many are already calling Ant Farm a new classic.

TWITTER: @StephenAGrey

Jack Blood Show – October 8 2014

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Hour one: Judy Andreas, long time friend of the show…. Joins Jack to discuss The Sandy Hook Massacre. (Judy’s Grandson was a survivor) Folks get very upset…. Jack blows a tire

Hour two: Former Intel Officer Scott Rickard is back to discuss current Events…

Jack Blood Show – October 7 2014 (How we Roll…)

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Jack Rocks through the daily news propaganda……….

Liz Peek joins the show live in Hour 2

Liz Peek, is a columnist for FoxNews.com and TheFiscalTimes.com.

Discussion hits Globalization and what (if any) solution comes from helping India. Also – Pot vs NYT, politics as usual etc….. (hearing Jack debate Fox News is always fun!)

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