Vultures or Pigs?

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I get it – its a tough choice.

Vultures graze death. They pick clean the refuse. Stalk, and Feed off poverty.

Pigs on the other hand eat anything. Everything. Dead or alive. The same with Lobsters, shrimp, and catfish… Its maybe why they taste so good.

So many of my friends & family are with the vultures.
– The others… with the pigs.

@ Animal Farm.

Some animals are more equal than others.

And dont get me started on the lizards. Disrespectful of the recently departed; David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Even a broken reaper is right twice a day.

Populism is waning – like a wore out commercial. 80s Hair metal.
Vultures circle the pigs…

Corporatism is waxing – because voting with your money is a sin.
Pigs throw dead meat for the vultures.

Not Vultures, not pigs. Not Horses, mules, rats, roaches, poodles, or prey.
Not robots, not Soylent Green, not batteries, or guinea pigs. Not chicken, or egg, or grist, or clone.


Spores. We grow.


The NEW JACK Blood Show 2017 – Back to base

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By Jack Blood
June 7th 2017

Blood  Show Logo

As some of you may know, after 20 yrs on the airnet waves – I took a year off. The reason why was pretty simple. I was bored with endless election speculation and coverage.
In many ways this has not changed.

It was a great year! I wrote, recorded, and performed a whole lot of music.

But my passion is truth.

Always has been.

I am good at finding it – and so are the people I know.

And we need it now above all else.

Libertarians, progressives (yep), and “truthers” * We have fell’d in line of the state, the war / police / O’trumpa / GlobalCorp ™ powers that be.

– I found myself spending more and more time debunking social / news media. Asking myself who is crazier?
Without a bandwagon to climb on. Like you.

So about 1 month ago – I started doing some semi-private broadcasts….. DJ ing. Now that I have my chops back (Allegedly),
*** I have decided to take the radio show to the world. One more time.


Monday – June 12th 2017, Radiogun Jack Blood will return to the “web-waves”.

Officially back on the excellent AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO.

LIVE every Monday & Friday, 2 – 4 PM PDT / 5 – 7 PM EDT.
Also archived, and stream from Radio Free Blood channel at

Info always on Radio Free Blood FB page at Radio Free Blood. Please go like us there.

You can always listen from the HOME PAGE of Jack Blood – DeadlineLive.Info (We also have years of archives featuring celebrity guests and historical content. Always Free.)

AFR is the choice, not only because our most trusted friends run it, and because they are also here in Washington State (The New Hampshire of the West)… But because they have the tech to ensure that the listeners have all the new apps and options.

Top flight guests are already lining up for the Jack Blood Show, and we are super psyched to help them reach everyone.

We will be expanding to TV / video in the very near future.

News / Satire / Art / History / Politics / Culture Jamming…. The Jack Blood Show will most likely sound much as you remembered it.

To support us – please consider monthly donations of any kind to And always try to click our sponsors.

I greatly look forward to working with all of you! If it’s not fun – its work!

Yours Truly ~

Jack Blood

Call Him MR Trump – The Bizarre Ascension of a Mob Rule POTuS

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By Jack Blood
November 9th, 2016

Orange is the new Black? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Resistance was futile…

“ITS RIGGED” ~ Donald Trump

It was not so much an overwhelming vote. Slightly above average. This means that somewhere around 150,000,000 potential voters did not vote. Either because, they boycotted the election, or because they just do not care. I fell in the former column.

Regardless, history was made in the early hours of November 9th, 2016. By hook or crook, Mr Donald J Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the USA. 9/11 and 9. This will always be. No way to go back. We mush move ahead now. I for one am very happy its finally over. Though I’m sure we are mere days away from the next election. Always an election…

I wrote a small u in the title (POTuS) for united which, in my perfect scenario, represents what 55+ Million think they voted for. A “De Jure” Government, rather than a BIG U “De Facto” Government. (The former would be by law / constitution, while the latter by fact, or outside the law)
But the small u can also represent that idea that we have never been more divided as a country… Despite the change of tone by MR Trump geared to alleged reconciliation.
MR Trump can be counted on to exact vengeance on his perceived enemies.The mob that selected him are all in, laughing in their sleeves at those of us who doubted his prowess, and his potency… At those of us who have been split off from the herd. Banished into the wilderness.

In this air, those like myself should tread very lightly. We are surrounded by both those who blame us for the Trump victory, and those who aggressively co signed it.


I voted for Clinton….. In 1992, and I still feel responsible for outcome. You Trump voters may come to feel the same way.. Only time will tell.

Its easy to see what the issues were surrounding the narrow defeat of Ms Clinton.

1) Bernie progressives either did not vote, or voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. (Both of whom are now hated by anti Trumpers) I watched Ted Rall, Cindy Sheehan, Anthony Freda, and Stephen Lendman among other popular paleo liberal opinionists lead the charge against Hillary. They, along with me will be blamed. For what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, whether he was the real deal or just another gate-keeping shill… Its justifiable. Would the Bern have beat the Donald? We will never know. Ultimately, his Clinton endorsement #sellout failed. He will get nothing in return. In any case, it cost the Democrats the election.

2) Minorities did not have the same affection for Hillary Clinton as they did for the REAL first Black President. Even the shaming, and pleading by Obama did not solve this issue. They simply stayed home, or voted for Trump. Now they blame white America? “Make America White Again” is the ringing slogan.

3) Wikileaks won! Julian Assange is not a republican, or even a Trump fan. They wanted chAos…. They got it. At the very least, Mr Trump and team owe him. BIGLY!

4) Clinton’s extensive baggage was just too heavy to carry. The potential for a lame duck administration, rife with continual investigations, and accusations… Would have certainly stalled agendas. The Powers that be, constantly shifting in the cost benefit analysis winds of changing horses mid race, did just that. I certainly was effected by the rhetoric of Trump being an outsider, though I never consciously believed it. Winning the election proves that this notion was never true. If the uber elites were really worried, they’d have killed us all before letting him win. Those whom approve both candidates, and lord over gerrymandered elections, never lose.

5) He who hacks last hacks best . Them who fix elections best, win.

6) An estimated $2.5B was spent on the 2016 election by Clinton and Trump. 40% of that by Trump. This raises the question if money really owns politics. Jeb, was the first to suffer under this new paradigm. Also, Trump had no discernible ground game to register voters, or get folks to the polls. Apparently this is also passe.

7) Be careful what you wish for. As Wikileaks had shown, The DNC, Clinton, and the Mass media wanted Trump to be the nominee. The thinking was that he was the weakest, and therefore easiest to beat of all the potential nominees. Hindsight being 20/20… That was a losing idea. Would Clinton have beat any of the others? Its doubtful. Call it a hail Mary that was dropped in the end zone. Game over!

8) The FBI and Mr Comey have some ‘spainin to do. 11 (ahem) days to the election, he basically damned Hillary to defeat by announcing the FBI was re-opening an investigation into Mrs Clinton’s email. (Death by Weiner) The retreat from that just a few days pre election was buried under suspicion, and election gossip / propaganda. Many say he has Broken the Hatch Act by interfering with an election. He has a 10 year term, with 7 years left. And virtually NO friends anywhere. there is “bi-partisan agreement that he is a catastrophe”. While the next president would have the power to sack Mr Comey, it could prove difficult because of the potential political backlash.

9) The “bird dogging” and Soros style violent disruptions around the US, and at Trump rallies… Only further confirmed that a new paradigm was needed. Its also backfired.


In 2012 I predicted a Clinton vs Bush election in 2016. Using the theorem that a “change” must occur every 8 years now, I foresaw the GOP taking back the White House. I added, “Unless something crazy happens”. Something crazy just happened.

I also added that I as a person, as an activist, and as an American would do anything I could to stop a Bush v Clinton election. That all being said, I could not in good conscience support Mr Trump. There were many reasons for this, mostly it was because of the people he surrounded himself with. Namely Rudy “Ghouliani” – “the 911 Mayor” of NY at the time of Sept 11th 2001. Many expect Rudy to be named as head of Homeland Security, a post 911 expansion of Govt. is very likely under his guidence. The DHS – I believe should be smashed into a million pieces. Its amazing to have watch “911 Truthers” support such a thing.
Rudy will not increase our freedoms, he will continue to make them illegal. (Gov Chris Christie at DOJ / AG is just as frightening. It may be the end of legal marijuana as we have come to know it)

As a somewhat undocumented American, I have to assume that they will be coming for me. (I have not had valid ID since the 90s) In fact, I watched a Trump delegate say just that in the final days of the election. Call it E-Verify on steroids. Not a far cry from where we are now… No work lists, no rent lists, no travel lists… And as Mr Trump promised; if you are on these lists, you lose your 2nd Amendment right to own and possess a firearm. (Both Clinton. Obama, and Trump agreed on this) If a mistake is made, especially if its on purpose… It wont matter. Good luck getting off a list.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. But don’t let that get in the way of rearranging the deck chairs. The band is playing, and far be it from me to point out the impending disaster, and the lack of life boats.

Rand Paul won. That may bode well for those of us who still care about legalizing freedom. I still will never understand why ya’ll were SO hard on him. You certainly never held Trump to these standards. Ron Paul, people like myself, and many of you… MADE TRUMP POSSIBLE. He is in a sense our Frankenstein. A little gratitude, along with the IRE would be nice.
Rand Paul will be a good asset for President Trump these next four years. That is unless he is forced to go against his principles, which I believe he still possesses.

Amazingly, pretty much ALL of Trump’s former enemies also won. Ryan, McCain, Rubio… However some who pleged allience to him did not win. Go figure. NH Senator Kelly Ayotte (Who now regrets calling Trump a “role model”), AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was dedicated to rounding up Illegal Immigrants under a Trump Regime… Just to name a few. What gives?

Was this an Uprising or not?

More importantly, in Washington, the state in which I now reside, the REgressives (phony progressives) won out. Every initiative passed. The terror on all fronts continues its reign. Our leaders here are HELL BENT on robbing from the poor to give to Amazon et al. We are DOOMED – and there will be nothing the Trumps can do to stop it. In fact I think they will rather enjoy it. That is what we get, right?

Pot passed in several states. Unfortunately, as I allude to above… That is not something the Trump Admin will have to abide by. Before Obama unwittingly became our “Pot Prez”.. He raided the shit out of pot stores. I don’t see the Trump cops being too patient with us on this issue. They have vowed to restart the “War on Drugs”, and bring law and order. I expect they will keep this promise.

THUS: The baby Boomers are back! I think this may be very good for old ladies crossing the street. For those who have upper Middle cred. Or anyone with an inside track to the new Trump Admin. For a radical punk rocker that has little love or regard for the “Rule of Order” like me… Like US…. It could hurt. Just make sure you wear your seat belts. Drink moderately, and just say no.


Well, first off… I will not be coming back to radio, or be involved in any way as a critic of MR Trump. (After this article obviously) It will be hard, because its what I’ve done for the last 20 years, But.. Its not worth it. His fans are just too committed to deal with, and his power to punish critics, using the full spectrum force of government… Too great.

I let YOU the People decide my fate on Nov. 8th. I had already been making plans for a radio comeback with those who shall not now be named. I knew that many liberals, and all conservatives would have my back as I power checked Hillary Clinton for 4 years. You voted. I will remain retired for the forseeable future. You may hear me doing very few interviews with friends, but after any initial comments regarding the 2 years of election chaos, and what I write here… I will be very very quiet. Playing music will remain my outlet for expression. See my efforts: Fearporn and Dead On Cue. *Even better book us, play us, like us, and come see us.

Don’t call me a quitter. I put in 20 years… I just know an excerise in futility when I see it. I definitely don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of hypocrite, fake, moderate liberals as guests and allies these next several years. Ah… No thanks.


* The GOP winning both houses, the White (gold) House, and with 1 – 3 picks for the Supreme Court: There are no excuses. If you believe in what MR Trump was preaching… You should hold him accountable, and not go the route of the Obama fans. IE: Blame Bush and obstructionists for 4 – 8 years. If they do anything that is unconstitutional, I will expect you Trump supporters, AND “Rural America” to speak out. I WILL BE LISTENING!

* The next global financial collapse / correction was postponed due to election uncertainty, and daylight manipulation. Those in the know are getting out of markets rigged to fail. Its coming in 2017. Specifically bonds. Get out now! Military, and Security stocks will continue to do well. If you can in good conscience buy them. Oil will continue up, and this will both make Russia happy and China pissed off. By product is Nuevo Venezuela, and friends in South America will benefit.

Trump has been wishy washy on the Federal Reserve. I am betting he will be good with raising interest rates, and will likely be looking to replace Yellen when her term is up. For show. The rise in street interest rates (NOT discount rates) going up a point or two will contract money, domestically and abroad. This means recession, if not depression for many. House of Cards.

* Bye Cuba, Iran, anywhere “ISIS” might be etc…. Was nice knowing ya for the last few months Cuba. That vacation to Havana we planned is off, if we don’t go over the next 2 months.

* Bibi Netanyahu and Israel are celebrating with you Trump voters. Bibi calling Trump “A true friend.” They are meeting post haste. ‘I look forward to working with him to advance security,’ Israeli leader said. His Education Minister said it marked the end of idea of Palestinian state.

For the Palestinians… this cannot be good news.

PREPARE FOR THE RISE OF THE NEW LEFT…. Writes syndicated political satirist Ted Rall. And he NAILS IT.

Easy to predict, and one of the silver linings to the Trump victory!

War will suddenly not be peace and democracy again.”Civil Liberties” (we call them Constitutional Rights) will be defended again. Millions will line up at the malls and in the streets to protest a War President, and a Police State. We are happy to have you back, however the blatant hypocrisy you have demonstrated these last 8 years, will be hard for me to forgive.


Many believe that is a good thing. I will take the wait and see approach. What does Trump owe the mob? Not as much as he may owe the mafia. Violence is already breaking out here, and everywhere. (Sirens and Helicopters in our neighborhood as I write this…) Race division will be at an all time high.
Some say we have dodged a bullet on World War. I never really fell for that fear porn. However, it seems we will be plunged headlong in civil war, and chaos. I hope that I am wrong. It will take cooler heads from all sides to prevail.

Donald Trump has continued to surprised me these last 18 months. Maybe he will be the uniter this country needs, and not the divider he has been up to this point. The proof will be in the putting. I have no doubt that it wont be easy, if not impossible. It IS worth attempting. Bon Chance.

In the meantime, the best advice I can offer you is… Cover your head, and cover your ass. All bets are now off.

Israeli Commandos Rescue Wounded (ISIS) Terrorists in Syria

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by Stephen Lendman

Israel, like America, is a sworn enemy of peace and stability. Both nations partner in waging war on Syria.

Britain’s Daily MailOnline (MO) has video evidence of Israeli commandos rescuing ISIS and other terrorists in Syria – crossing the border virtually nightly under cover of darkness to accomplish their mission.

A previous article cited Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon admitting Israeli support for ISIS and other takfiri terrorists – deceptively calling them Syrian rebels, disingenuously claiming a humanitarian mission.

Over 2,000 wounded terrorists have been treated in Israeli hospitals, according to MO, aiding their recovery to return them to terrorizing Syrian communities.

In September 2014, a photo of Netanyahu and Ya’alon visiting terrorists in an Israeli hospital went viral online. Netanyahu was seen shaking a terrorist’s hand.

Israel and America are part of the problem, not the solution to restoring regional peace and stability. They prioritize endless conflicts, mass slaughter and destruction – responsible for ravaging one country after another, creating the greatest refugee crisis since WW II, as well as possibly provoking a possible US/Russian confrontation.

MO said it “gained unprecedented access to (Israel’s) secretive and hazardous operation, embedding with the commandos to obtain exclusive footage, and interviewing the medics who are obliged to treat Syrian militants, some of whom openly admit that they intend to kill Israelis.”

“Almost every night, Israeli troops run secret missions to save the lives of Syrian fighters, all of whom are sworn enemies of the Jewish state.”

MO quoted Israeli Lt. Col. Itzik Malka, Golan Brigade medical branch commander, saying “(m)y dream is that one day, the Red Cross will say, thanks guys. We’ll take it from here. You go back to your unit and take care of injured Israelis.”

“I am proud of what we are doing here, but it is a great burden. For every (jihadist hospitalized), there is one less bed for an Israeli. One day we will have to make a choice between an Israeli life and a Syrian one. When that happens it will be hard, but I have to say my first duty will be to Israelis.”

It’s unclear what arrangements Israel made with terrorist groups to rescue and treat their wounded fighters, said MO. All that’s known is they’re taken to Syrian/Israeli border areas, then picked up nightly by Israeli commandos for treatment.

“(L)ives of more than 2,000” fighters were saved. Israel is mostly tightlipped about its operation. It involves treating some civilians – to create the illusion of a humanitarian mission.

An unnamed Israeli spokesman lied, claiming it’s “a world leader in providing humanitarian assistance, both in the Middle East and around the world.”

While treating terrorists used by Washington as imperial foot soldiers, Israel intermittently bombs Syria and Gaza, along with brutalizing the entire Palestinian population.

It extrajudicially executes on average two Palestinians daily, injures thousands more, mass imprisons countless numbers for political reasons, treating them brutally under horrific gulag conditions.

Caring for wounded terrorists is for strategic, not humanitarian reasons – part of Israel’s war on Bashar al-Assad. According to Lt. Col. Malka, “(t)hey are desperate for our medical help.”

“They have no doctors, not even a vet. Once we treated a man who had been stitched up by a friend with a needle and thread. If they want our help to continue, they know they must stop anybody from attacking our soldiers and civilians.”

It’s a strategic relationship between otherwise sworn enemies – “a case of my enemy’s enemy is my friend,” according to one analyst. Israel struck a deal with the devil.

It’s main objective is defeating Assad, Hezbollah and Iran to achieve unchallenged regional control, partnered with Washington.



Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

France Goes To War Against Syria. Drops 20 Bombs On Raqqa As Revenge For #ParisTerrorAttacks

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French warplanes struck Islamic State militants in Syria on Sunday, a French government official said, two days after attackers linked to the terrorist group carried out a coordinated assault on Paris that killed 129 people.

India Times

Prior to the attack on Paris, France had been sparing in its strikes against targets in Syria


News reports in France said the airstrikes were focused on Raqqa, the city in northern Syria that is the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State.

The attackers in Friday’s terrorist assault in Paris communicated at some point beforehand with known members of the Islamic State in Syria, officials on both sides of the Atlantic say, adding evidence to the assertions that the radical group coordinated or helped carry out the attacks rather than simply inspired them.

President Francois Hollande of France has characterized the attacks as “an act of war” carried out by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. He provided no specific information, but the Islamic State released statements on Saturday claiming responsibility for the attacks, part of increasing indications that the group is becoming more capable of extending its reach far beyond its base in Syria and Iraq.

French fighter jets bombing Syria


“It is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad, with complicity from the inside, which the investigation will help establish,” Hollande said on Saturday. While the information made available so far about the links between the Islamic State and the Paris attackers was not definitive, it suggested at a minimum that the assailants had not acted totally on their own.


Describing the case for the group’s role, American and French officials said the attackers had operated with high levels of sophistication, beyond what would be expected of a plot in which the assailants were merely inspired to act by a radical group rather than trained or equipped by it. The attackers are believed to have communicated using encryption technology, according to European officials who had been briefed on the investigation but were not authorized to speak publicly. It was not clear whether the encryption was part of widely used communications tools, like WhatsApp, which the authorities have a hard time monitoring, or something more elaborate. Intelligence officials have been pressing for more leeway to counter the growing use of encryption.

France will continue strikes in Syria with aim of hitting ISIS, PM Manuel Valls says

ISIS control Iraq


The disciplined way some of the attackers handled themselves during the assault and evidence of some military-style training — for example, having one attacker continue shooting while another reloaded his weapon — also suggested that the plot involved considerable planning and input from an organized group, a French official said. Following the attacks, intelligence and law enforcement agencies reviewed intercepted communications and concluded that the attackers had been in touch with members of the Islamic State in Syria, American and French officials said. The Paris attack has forced a broad reassessment in the West of the Islamic State’s strategy and capabilities. The group has also claimed responsibility for the crash of a Russian charter plane carrying vacationers home from a resort in Egypt, killing all 224 people aboard.

On Sunday, President Obama met with other world leaders in Turkey, where containing and fighting the Islamic State was a major topic of conversation.

(Originally published in the Times of India)

Prior Knowledge: Previously Arrested French jihadist ‘instructed’ to attack concert / Iraq warned France of Attack

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The 4 prime indicators of a False Flag are 1) Prior Knowledge, 2) Stand Down, 3) Cover Up, and 4) Cui Bono (Who Benefits)
We KNOW that “ISIS” was created and funded by London, DC, Tel Aviv cabal…. Even as we knew that Al Qaeda was organized blowback from 1980’s Afghanistan, aka the Mujahideen, via National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski.   

France 24

A French national suspected of planning a terrorist attack in France after returning from the Islamic State group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa was arrested last month, officials said Friday.

The man admitted to police that he had been instructed to carry out an attack onFrench soil – “preferably” during a concert – but has denied that he had any intention of following through with the plan, according to a judicial source.

He was not immediately identified by police, but the source told AFP that he was a 29-year-old who had spent one week in Raqqa. He was arrested on August 11 at his home and charged with “criminal association in relation with a criminal terrorist enterprise”.

“This is one of those cases in which individuals want to carry out terrorist attacks,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters during a trip to the northern city of Roubaix on Friday.

The suspect did not have a police record and was unknown to French intelligence services before his trip to Syria, the judicial source said.

A handgun was reportedly found at his home during the arrest.

European cooperation

During questioning, the suspect told police he had spent one week in Raqqa – which became the Islamic State (IS) group’s de facto capital in northern Syria in mid-2013 – where he was injured during combat training.

Before returning to France, he received precise instructions about which route to take back to Paris and about carrying out an attack, the suspect allegedly told police after his arrest.

French police were tipped off to the former jihadist’s presence in France after the arrest of another suspect, on June 15 in Poland. The second man, a Moroccan national, was detained on a Spanish arrest warrant.

Suspected of spending time among IS militants in Syria, the Moroccan confessed he had not travelled to Europe alone – identifying the man now in French police custody.

French in Syria

The fear of Syrian blowback in France – namely, that French citizens who joined the ranks of the IS group could return home to stage terrorist attacks – has gripped the country since the deadly Charlie Hebdo shootings in January.

Cherif and Said Kouachi, the two men who gunned down 12 people at the satirical weekly, received combat training in Yemen under the auspices of al Qaeda.

The French government revealed this week that 1,880 French citizens or residents were directly involved in jihadist networks. It said 133 people had died while fighting, with 491 others still waging war abroad.

France started surveillance flights over IS group-held territory in Syria this month, saying reconnaissance was necessary to prevent future terrorist plans and to inform future air strikes on IS targets.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)

Date created : 2015-09-18


This has “limited hangout” written into the body. EG: It supports the official story, and hints at French “Incompetence” to act of intelligence. (same cover we saw post Sept 11th) 

Iraqi Intelligence Warned France of ISIS Attack Day Before Paris Assault

Iraqi intelligence sent dispatch saying “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” had ordered an attack on coalition countries fighting against them in Iraq and Syria, as well as on Iran and Russia.

Senior Iraqi intelligence officials warned coalition countries of imminent assaults by the Islamic State group just one day before last week’s deadly attacks in Paris killed 132 people, The Associated Press has learned.
Iraqi intelligence sent a dispatch saying the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had ordered an attack on coalition countries fighting against them in Iraq and Syria, as well as on Iran and Russia, “through bombings or assassinations or hostage taking in the coming days.”

The dispatch said the Iraqis had no specific details on when or where the attack would take place, and a senior French security official told the AP that French intelligence gets this kind of communication “all the time” and “every day.”
However, six senior Iraqi officials corroborated the information in the dispatch, a copy of which was obtained by the AP, and four of these intelligence officials said they also warned France specifically of a potential attack. Two officials told the AP that France was warned beforehand of details that French authorities have yet to make public.
Among them: that the Paris attacks appear to have been planned in Raqqa, Syria — the Islamic State’s de-facto capital — where the attackers were trained specifically for this operation and with the intention of sending them to France.

The officials also said a sleeper cell in France then met with the attackers after their training and helped them to execute the plan.
There were 24 people involved in the operation, they said: 19 attackers and five others in charge of logistics and planning.
The officials all spoke anonymously because they are not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.
The Islamic State group claimed responsibility on Saturday for the gun and bomb attacks on a stadium, a concert hall and Paris cafes that also wounded 350 people, 99 of them seriously. Seven of the attackers blew themselves up. Police have been searching intensively for accomplices.
Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, also told journalists in Vienna on Sunday that Iraqi intelligence agencies had obtained information that some countries would be targeted, including France, the United States and Iran, and had shared the intelligence with those countries.
Officials in the French presidential palace would not comment, and U.S. officials didn’t immediately comment when contacted by The AP.
Every night, the head of French counterintelligence goes to bed asking ‘why not today?’ the French security official said.
The Iraqi government has been sharing intelligence with various coalition nations since they launched their airstrike campaign against the Islamic State group last year. In September, the Iraqi government also announced that it was part of an intelligence-sharing quartet with Russia, Iran and Syria for the purposes of undermining the militant group’s ability to make further battlefield gains.
A third of Iraq and Syria are now part of the self-styled caliphate declared by the Islamic State group last year. U.S.-led coalitions in Iraq and Syria are providing aerial support to allied ground forces in both countries, and they are arming and training Iraqi forces. The U.S. said it is also sending as many as 50 special forces to northern Syria.

Also see: 

Israel protests Swedish FM’s comments allegedly linking it to Paris attacks

Official Palestinian paper publishes op-ed claiming Israel behind Paris attacks

The Swedish foreign minister has caused a stir in Jerusalem with statements she said in response to Friday night’s terror attacks in Paris.

In an interview with Swedish television network SVT2T, hours after the attacks on November 13, Margot Wallström said that “to counteract the radicalization we must go back to the situation such as the one in the Middle East of which not the least the Palestinians see that there is no future: we must either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence,” suggesting that the attacks were rooted in the frustration of Muslims in the Middle East.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted strongly Monday and released a statement in which it said, “The words of the Swedish foreign minister are shocking in their audacity. The Swedish Minister is systematically biased and one-sided against Israel, demonstrating hostility when she points to the connection between attacks in Paris and difficulties between Israel and the Palestinians.”

“Anyone who engages in a foolish attempt to create a link between the attacks of radical Islam and the difficulties between Israel and the Palestinians is deceiving himself, his people and the international public opinion,” the statement continued.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely responded to Wallström’s remarks saying, “The Foreign Minister’s words border on anti-Semitism, and the squalid manner in which it links the attacks in France and Israel is no less of a blood libel.”

Wallström condemned the attacks Saturday in an official statement posted to the Swedish Foreign Ministry website.

“Sweden condemns yesterday’s despicable terrorist attacks in Paris. They targeted and killed innocent citizens, and our thoughts go to the victims and their families. These acts of terrorism are an attack on democracy and our open societies,” the statement read.

“They must and will be met with resolve; terrorism must be opposed and those responsible must be called to account. We also need to tackle the underlying causes of terrorism, taking a long-term approach, and to strengthen our efforts against extremism and fanaticism. Together we must stand up for democracy and for humanistic values,” it continued.

Motti Kimchi/Ynet
“Tzipi Hotovely”

It is not the first occasion that Wallström’s words have angered Israeli officials. An October tweet from Wallström about the wave of terror in Israel also drew criticism from Jerusalem.

“Escalating violence in Jerusalem. Attacks against civilians unacceptable. Bring perpetrators to justice. Leaders must act responsibly,” Wallstrom wrote.

Israeli diplomats were unhappy that Wallstrom failed to mention that the victims were Israeli. A diplomatic source in Jerusalem said: “It is most regrettable that the Swedish foreign minister is unwilling to state in a clear and unequivocal way that the terrorists are Palestinian, and that the victims are Israeli. We wish that her messages would be much clearer and correspond to the reality of the situation.”

Relations between Israel and Sweden hit a low point in January when Wallström said that Israel had angered close allies with its harsh response to her country’s decision to recognize a Palestinian state in October last year.

“It is unacceptable how they have been talking about us and everybody else,” the foreign minister said.

“It has not only irritated us, but the Americans and everyone who has anything to do with them right now.”

Wallströn also said in the interview that Sweden supports Israel, Palestine and peace, but was sharply critical of Israel’s policies. “Israel has been extremely aggressive,” she said.

Official Palestinian paper publishes op-ed claiming Israel behind Paris attacks

An opinion piece published Sunday in an official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper blamed Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency for the deadly terror attacks that rocked Paris on Friday night.

The article in the daily al-Hayat al-Jadida paper suggested that Israel played a part in orchestrating the attacks in order to undermine new European moves promoting a two-state solution as well as the labeling of produce from Israeli West Bank settlements.

“It is not a coincidence that human blood was exploded in Paris at the same time that certain European sanctions are beginning to be implemented against settlement products, and while France leads Europe in advising the [UN] Security Council that will implement the two-state solution, Palestine and Israel — which the Israelis see as a warning of sudden danger coming from the direction of Europe, where the Zionist, occupying, settling endeavor was born…” reads the opinion piece.

“The wise and correct thing is to look for who benefits. In short: They need to search the last place reached by the octopus arms of the Mossad… It is clear that its ‘Mossad’ will burn Beirut and Paris in order to achieve [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s goals. He, who challenged the master of the White House, hides in his soul enough evil to burn the world,” it continues.

The op-ed was translated by Palestinian Media Watch, a media monitoring group.

Philippe Huguen (AFP)

Philippe Huguen (AFP)
“A woman lays flowers during a minute’s silence in Lille, tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks, on November 16, 2015”

The worst terror attack in French history has stunned the capital, less than 11 months after jihadists struck satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket, killing 17.

France was to observe a minute’s silence at midday (1100 GMT), which the European Union has called on all member states to respect. In the United States, the Stars and Stripes will fly at half-mast at the White House until sunset Thursday.

President Francois Hollande will observe the silence at the Sorbonne University, in recognition of the large toll of young people among the 129 dead. Another 352 were injured, scores of them seriously.

French warplanes pounded Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold Sunday in the nation’s first retaliation against the jihadists.

The raid destroyed an IS command post, a recruitment center, a munitions depot and a “terrorist” training camp in Raqa, the defense ministry said.

The operation was coordinated with US forces by a dozen aircraft which took off from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, it said.

Hollande has denounced the Paris attacks as an “act of war” and vowed to hit back against IS “without mercy”.

Attack in France – State Sponsored Terror, But Which State?

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Stinks of NATO / US involvement… 

By Tony Caralucci

New Eastern Outlook

Reports indicate an unprecedented terrorist attack has unfolded in France, with over 150 dead, many more injured and reports still trickling in regarding the full-scale of the violence. The  BBC in its report, “Paris attacks: Bataclan and other assaults leave many dead,” stated:

France has declared a national state of emergency and tightened borders after at least 120 people were killed in a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris. 

Eighty people were reported killed after gunmen burst into the Bataclan concert hall and took dozens hostage. 

The siege ended when security forces stormed the building. 

People were shot dead at bars and restaurants at five other sites in Paris. Eight attackers are reported to have been killed.

The BBC has also released a graphic indicating at least 5 separate locations where the attacks unfolded, while other media organizations have reported that both bombs and small arms were employed, including military rifles.

How Did France’s Expanding Surveillance State Miss This? 

On a scale significantly larger than the previous Paris terror attack carried out against several targets across the capital in January of this year ending in the death of 12, the Western media is already assigning blame to the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL) or those “inspired” by ISIS.

It was in the wake of the January attacks that France expanded its already towering surveillance state. The Guardian in an article titled, “France passes new surveillance law in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack,” reported:

The new law will allow authorities to spy on the digital and mobile phone communications of anyone linked to a “terrorist” inquiry without prior authorisation from a judge. It forces internet service providers and phone companies to give up data upon request.

Intelligence services will have the right to place cameras and recording devices in private homes and install so-called keylogger devices that record every key stroke on a targeted computer in real time. The authorities will be able to keep recordings for a month and metadata for five years.

One of the most contentious elements of the bill is that it allows intelligence services to vacuum up metadata, which would then be subject to analysis for potentially suspicious behaviour. The metadata would be anonymous, but intelligence agents could follow up with a request to an independent panel for deeper surveillance that could yield the identity of users.

Despite having allegedly lacked these capabilities before the “Charlie Hebo attack,” it would be revealed shortly after that indeed, French security agencies were extensively familiar with the attackers years beforehand – letting the suspects “drop from their radars” just 6 months before the attack occurred, precisely the amount of time generally required for planning and executing such an attack.

08paris10-articleLarge-v2Slate Magazine would report in their article, “The Details of Paris Suspect Cherif Kouachi’s 2008 Terrorism Conviction,” that:

Kouachi was arrested in January 2005, accused of planning to join jihadists in Iraq. He was said to have fallen under the sway of Farid Benyettou, a young “self-taught preacher” who advocated violence, but had not actually yet traveled to Iraq or committed any acts of terror. Lawyers at the time said he had not received weapons training and “had begun having second thoughts,” going so far as to express “relief” that he’d been apprehended.

CNN would report in an article titled, “France tells U.S. Paris suspect trained with al Qaeda in Yemen,” that:

Western intelligence officials are scrambling to learn more about possible travel of the two Paris terror attack suspects, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, with new information suggesting one of the brothers recently spent time in Yemen associating with al Qaeda in that country, U.S. officials briefed on the matter told CNN. Additional information from a French source close to the French security services puts one of the brothers in Syria.

The Wall Street Journal would reveal in an article titled, “Overburdened French Dropped Surveillance of Brothers,” that:

The U.S. provided France with intelligence showing that the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo massacre received training in Yemen in 2011, prompting French authorities to begin monitoring the two brothers, according to U.S. officials. But that surveillance of Said and Chérif Kouachi came to an end last spring, U.S. officials said, after several years of monitoring turned up nothing suspicious.

It is abundantly clear that the “Charlie Hebo attack” suspects were dangerous terrorists, tracked by the government because of this fact, but inexplicably allowed to continue on with their activities until they inevitably carried out a deadly act of terrorism on French soil – an act of terrorism quickly exploited to ramrod through unpopular security bills and further perpetuate France’s unpopular role in America’s various extraterritorial military adventures abroad, including the West’s proxy war in Syria.Those involved in this most recent attack will also likely be revealed to have been tracked by French security agencies long before the attacks – this is because the attacks will, by necessity, need to be linked to the Syrian conflict to justify the recent appearance of France’s largest warship, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, off the coast of Syria, and the much larger Western military intervention needed in order to save a proxy war that has been all but lost by the West.

State Sponsorship – But Which State? Gladio Extra 

As the refugee crisis expanded in Europe, it was warned that it would be purposefully manipulated to create maximum hysteria to justify more direct military intervention in the West’s losing proxy war in Syria.

In a previous report titled, “Can Pan-European Hysteria Save NATO’s Syrian War?,” it was warned that:

What is taking form is a controlled strategy of tension, where far-right groups are being arrayed against the migrants and their European supporters, to create hysteria and eventually violence that will be leveraged by those who orchestrated it. 

Permissive immigration policies and self-imposed quotas ensured a virtual tidal wave of migrants coming into Europe, while long-cultivated racist and xenophobic political groups – holdovers from NATO’s notorious “Gladio” Cold War stay-behind networks – attempted to create backlash and hysteria in the streets regarding a migrant “invasion.”

All that was left to complete the equation was an incredible act of galvanizing violence that would create the long-absent public support the West needed to justify further meddling in Syria – public support that the narratives of “helping freedom fighters,” recycled lies regarding “weapons of mass destruction,” and tales of “barrel bombs” failed to generate.

Among the targets in this most recent attack was a football stadium hosting a French-German match attended by French President François Hollande himself – which is particularly important to note since foreknowledge of Hollande’s location would have required significant planning and preparations. The choice of attacking a football stadium is also significant, considering that undoubtedly the primary demographic attending the football match would have been those most vocally opposed to the expanding refugee crisis. In other words, it was an attack designed specifically to provoke French public opinion into supporting action.

The scale of the attack is that of a military operation. It would have required a large group of well trained militants, well armed and funded, with experience in planning and executing coordinated military operations, moving large amounts of weapons clandestinely, experts in the use of weapons and explosives, as well as possessing intelligence capabilities used to somehow circumvent France’s increasingly colossal surveillance capabilities.

2342342333Like the terrorists and their supply lines pouring out of NATO-territory into Syria itself, clearly with immense state sponsorship behind them, those involved in the most recent attacks in Paris are also clearly the recipients of state-sponsored funding and training.

While France will undoubtedly try to use this attack to justify further intervention in Syria to topple the government in Damascus, it was most likely France’s own allies in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and even Paris itself who were directly or indirectly involved in the training, arming, and funding of those who spilled blood on Parisian streets this week.

Conveniently, the French flagship, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was just sent to Syria’s coast last week. It is now poised to take part in any expanded military campaign predicated on the attacks that just unfolded in Paris.

The first and most important question in examining any great crime is “cui bono?” or to whose benefit? Attacking Paris, and in particular a football match full of nationalists already increasingly violent and hysterical seems to only benefit a government seeking further justification to wage wider war abroad – a war it is currently losing and a war it currently lacks wide public support to continue fighting. It now, all so conveniently, has the support it was looking for.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazineNew Eastern Outlook”.

A Question For Veterans (Are you Fighting for Sovereignty and Freedom? Or for “GlobalCorp”?)

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Below is text and PROOF that our military has been usurped by a diabolical cabal of Globalists Hell Bent on destroying the uSA.

 Art by Anthony Freda

Art by Anthony Freda

 by Keith Johnson


I would like to thank every veteran for their commitment and for their service.

I would also like to pose a question for the veterans. Why did you serve? What did you fight for?

The reason I am asking is because we are facing a monumental onslaught against our sovereignty and our liberty. The enemy is not foreign or domestic; it is foreign AND domestic.

The means of warfare is not conventional. It is subversive.

I am referring to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that is close to becoming reality and the International Tribunal of Climate Justice that is being established at the scheduled United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, November 30 – December 11 . The schedule and reports can be viewed here.

The text for the climate and trade treaties have been recently released. The TPP has had a lot of attention and most people have heard of it. I would strongly urge everybody to do research into this text. There are many concerns related to intellectual property rights, internet control, and an unelected tribunal appointed by multinational corporations to oversee trade compliance. This tribunal will have authority over a country’s laws. The law of the United States of America is the Constitution.

Even the establishment friendly Huffington Post admits the newly revealed treaty is “critics’ worst fears”. That headline scares me because I have read some of the worst fears.

Assistant Professor Blayne Haggart of Brock University wrote about the TPP. His article can be viewed here.

The Climate Treaty is less familiar. The debate on anthropogenic climate change aside, the nefarious attempt at an international governing body with authority over sovereign nations is unacceptable. As if this was not bad enough to oppose the treaty, it is a massive financial burden on developed countries. This is revealed in the text recently released. The text can be viewed here.It seems the brackets give the text a multiple choice template.

[Developing country Parties are eligible for support in the implementation of this Article][Developed country Parties shall provide developing country Parties, taking into account the need of those that are particularly vulnerable, with long-term, scaled-up, predictable, new and additional finance, technology and capacity-building, consistent with relevant provisions of the Convention, to implement urgent, short-, medium- and long-term adaptation actions, plans, programmes and projects at the local, national, subregional and regional levels, in and across different economic and social sectors and ecosystems][Developed countries [shall][should] transfer technology, in particular for early warning systems through United Nations mechanisms, in order to make it accessible for all].

Here is where we come in!

[Public funds, distinct from Official Development Assistance, will be the main source of financing, noting that sources may include a wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral as well as additional sources.] 5. [Parties recognize the importance of the Green Climate Fund and other multilateral mechanisms for] The mobilization of climate finance [that] [shall][should][other] be scaled up [in a predictable and transparent manner] [from USD 100 billion per year] from 2020.] 5bis. [The provision and mobilization of financial resources by developed country Parties and other developed Parties included in Annex II shall represent a progression beyond their previous efforts, and financial resources shall be scaled up from a floor of US$100 billion per year from 2020, including a clear burden-sharing formula among them, and in line with needs and priorities identified by developing country Parties in the context of contributing to the achievement of the objective (Article 2/XX) of this Agreement.

Did you see the ‘floor’ of the cost proposed? climate finance [that] [shall][should][other] be scaled up [in a predictable and transparent manner] [from USD 100 billion per year.

Who is going to oversee such a prodigious sum of money? An entity you and I do not get to vote for or against.

The Financial Mechanism established by Article 11 of the Convention, including [the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Facility for] its operating entities shall serve as the financial mechanism of this Agreement.

Not only is this international welfare, it, like the TPP oversees intellectual property rights and transfer of technology!

.…developed country Parties shall provide financial resources to address barriers created by policies and intellectual property rights (IPRs) and facilitate access to and the deployment of technology, including, inter alia, by utilising the Financial Mechanism and/or establishing a funding window under the GCF to meet the full costs of IPRs of environmentally sound technologies, know-how and such ADP 2-11 – Draft agreement and draft decision on workstreams 1 and 2 15 of 34 technologies will be provided to developing country Parties,free of cost, in order to enhance their actions to address the adverse effect of climate change.

Here is where the massive gathering of all information is applied. Read this next section carefully!

Developed country Parties shall report information related to their actions and provision of support to developing countries in accordance with the provisions of the Convention and relevant decisions of the COP mutatis mutandis under the Agreement, in their national communications, biennial reports and annual inventory reports. All of that information will be verified through a robust technical review process followed by a multilateral assessment process, and result in a conclusion with consequences for compliance;

a robust technical review process followed by a multilateral assessment process, and result in a conclusion with consequences for compliance

Consequences for compliance? Are you wondering what that means? Well, page 19 will tell us more.

An International Tribunal of Climate Justice as [A] [compliance mechanism] is hereby established to address cases of non-compliance of the commitments of developed country Parties on mitigation, adaptation, [provision of] finance, technology development and transfer [and][,] capacity-building[,] and transparency of action and support, including through the development of an indicative list of consequences, taking into account the cause, type, degree and frequency of non-compliance.

The TPP and the UN Climate Treaty are gross violations of national sovereignty and liberty. These agreements are an affront to the God given rights recognized, but, not given by, the Constitution. An overpowering, European authoritarian regime that gave us no representation but taxed us heavily, led to the American revolution. American soldiers have fought for centuries to keep the freedom that we established when we defeated the British Empire.

So, I ask the veterans, is this what you fought for? Is this what the sacrifice was for? Whether it be physical, mental, financial, family, or all of the above, every veteran made a sacrifice to keep their oath. Despite Hillary Clinton’s feeble attempt to convince us otherwise, the Federal government failed to keep our commitment to care for the veterans. Over300,000 vets died waiting for help. Now the politicians are allowing everything that they fought for disappear with the stroke of a pen and a self congratulating ceremony.

The veterans are appreciated and I thank you again for your service. However, your service is not over. Instead of foreign combatants you now face corporate lawyers. Instead of bullets, you must avoid treaties and agreements meant to undermine our plight. The battlefield is here and the stakes are high. The urge for world domination hasn’t gone away. It has changed tactics. This time you are not out fighting for us; we ask you to fight with us.

If you know the facts, share them. If you don’t know them, please, learn them. Our country has been kicking tyranny’s ass for over 200 years. Let us not lose the war against evil by treaty. The lives of fallen veterans would be in vain. We will not allow that to happen.

Happy Veteran’s Day. Enjoy it; you have earned it.

Tomorrow we have work to do

2.6 billion pounds of Monsanto’s Roundup sprayed on America’s farmland

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(NaturalNews – Phil Pepin) A shocking statistic was found in a report from the U.S. Geological Survey, a study of pesticide and herbicide use from 1992 to 2012. During the two decades, an estimated 2.6 billion pounds of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide was used on America’s agricultural land. It’s been the primary herbicide used with genetically engineered crops since mid-1990s when Monsanto introduced their “Roundup Ready” corn and soybeans.

A time-lapse video with a map of United States, used in the Environmental Working Group (EWG) article “2.6 Billion Pounds of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Sprayed on U.S. Farmland in Past Two Decades,” shows the dramatic spread of the use of Roundup.

This is very troubling considering the mounting evidence of serious health risks associated with exposure to glyphosate. A Huffington Post article from April 2013 covered a study that showed a wide range of health risks possibly linked to Roundup. The list included various cancers, Parkinson’s and infertility.

The EWG time-lapse video shows that Roundup use is especially heavy in the Midwest. I checked to see if there was any evidence of higher rates of cancer in that region. According to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, “breast cancer incidence rates are highest in the Northeast, followed by the Midwest and the South. But death rates from breast cancer are highest in the Midwest.”

A June 2015 Reuters article stated that “personal injury law firms around the United States are lining up plaintiffs for what they say could be ‘mass tort’ actions against agrichemical giant Monsanto Co that claim the company’s Roundup herbicide has caused cancer in farm workers and others exposed to the chemical.”

Though glyphosate use in America is massive, other parts of the world are banning it.

An August 2015 article in The Guardian stated, “Retail outlets across Europe are taking glyphosate – the main ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup – off their shelves, despite government officials declaring it safe to use.”

In June 2015, a Natural News article reported that France banned the sale of glyphosate.

As independent news sources have widely reported, our federal government has an incestuous relationship with Monsanto, so I don’t expect any legislation restricting glyphosate use in the near future.


Phil Pepin
Host of Pursuit of Freedom
Airs Wednesdays 12:00pm EST

Learn more:


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Monsanto et al. Mislead Public Using Every Trick in the Book

GMO scarecrow in cornfield. Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Gareth Williams / Flickr, David Prasad / Flickr

With a debate raging over whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe, it seems reasonable that people would look toward the media, academia and scientists for answers. But major biotech companies like Monsanto, Bayer and Dow know this, too, and seem to be engaged in an effort to rig the results.

GMOs are produced by recombinant DNA technology. How it works sounds like science fiction, or something out of a horror movie. Imagine: Genes from an insecticide are inserted into the genome of the corn plant, thus producing a crop that resists insects. The insecticide is made from the protein of a bacteria closely related to anthrax, and it works by making the guts of the insect explode.

Critics, such as the Center for Food Safety, say that GMOs are insufficiently tested and may be dangerous. There are high-profile campaigns in three Western states to label GMOs as such, so that consumers can know what they are buying and eating. At the same time, food businesses have been scrambling to ban, or remove, the warning labels.

Are GMOs dangerous? For answers to such questions, we normally turn to reputable scientists associated with reputable universities. Surely we can trust them to give us objective information. Or can we? It turns out that biotech heavyweights like Monsanto, Bayer et al have been paying reputable people from reputable institutions to swing the debate in their favor.

A treasure trove of emails — obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by a US non-profit and acquired by The New York Times —reveals that academia is infested with professors who are paid to vigorously promote GMOs on behalf of the biotech industry, which also includes trade associations such as CropLife America.

And some academics have even sabotaged the efforts of others to publish facts that contradict the claims of these professorial shills for GMOs.

“We are all bad-ass shills for the truth. It’s a pleasure shilling with you.” Or, as Folta himself put it: “I’m glad to sign on to whatever you like, or write whatever you like.”

But to learn how deep the problem goes, you would need to find the links to those emails, and dig through layer upon layer of them.

Of course, if you don’t have time for that, you always can rely on The New York Times to give you the low-down on Big Food’s propaganda efforts. Or can you? The Times — whose motto is “All The News That’s Fit to Print” — has published a curiously tame and seriously incomplete version of what is buried in those emails.


On the front page of the September 6 copy of The New York Times, appears “Food Industry Enlisted Academics in GMO Lobbying War, Emails Show”, by Eric Lipton. The emails themselves are presented in the electronic version of the paper in a sidebar.

1At first sight, the Lipton article is impressive. He exposes a number of individuals from various institutions, but focuses mainly on Kevin Folta — Chair of the Department of Horticulture at the University of Florida.

Folta secretly took expenses, and $25,000 of unrestricted money, from Monsanto to promote GMO crops. And Lipton reports a damning quote showing Folta’s close relationship with Monsanto, something he had previously denied:

“I am grateful for this opportunity and promise a solid return on the investment,” Folta wrote after receiving the $25,000 check.

Lipton also mentions Folta’s participation, with other academics, in a website run by the biotech industry, GMO Answers. A PR firm hired by the industry provided questions from the public, such as, “Do GMOs cause cancer?”

But, as Lipton reports, Ketchum, the PR firm, did more than provide the questions — it also provided answers which Folta used nearly verbatim.


In the scientific community, none of this was exactly news. The basic facts had already been revealed in a leading scientific journal, Nature, by Keith Kloor, who also had access to the emails.

It is odd that this was first reported by Kloor, a pro-biotech journalist who works for a pro-biotech publisher. Or perhaps not so odd, given that Kloor went on to state that the emails “do not suggest scientific misconduct or wrongdoing by Folta” — even after Folta was on record as denying he had received any biotech funding.

Not disclosing such funding is definitely considered scientific misconduct. So why did Kloor rush to exonerate him?

Was Kloor’s story a pre-emptive strike to defuse the issue of wider biotech corruption of academia? Was Lipton’s?


The damning emails originally came to light earlier this year, when a newly-formed activist group called US Right to Know (USRTK) set in motion Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests directed at 14 (now 43) prominent public-university scientists. These academics were suspected of working with (and being paid by) the biotech industry and/or its PR intermediaries. (The emails released via FOIA — reputedly totalling in the tens of thousands — are the source of Kloor’s and Lipton’s highly selective reporting.)

One might think that if these 43 scientists had nothing to hide, such a request would have generated little attention outside academia.

read the rest at WHO WHAT WHY

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