Duck Dynasty, the Fed and the NDAA

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Until last week I didn’t know anything about Duck Dynasty. I really couldn’t have cared less about those people, their business or their antics. Apparently, however, enough of my fellow human beings find them entertaining enough to make it worth A&E’s time and effort to produce a show based on their lives. Now, suddenly, I know way too much about them. Now, suddenly, I feel like someone has grabbed me by the neck and shouted in my face “These people are important! What’s happening to them is important! Pay attention to them!” All this because some old dude with a ratty looking beard expressed an opinion that to him a woman’s vagina is more appealing than a man’s anus, an opinion I happen to agree with, by the way. Read more

The Spirit of Christmas, the Nature of Humankind

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Christmas, for me, is a beautiful time of year. It’s not the pretty lights and the shiny decorations that make it beautiful, although they are quite pleasant to the senses. It’s not nature’s show of ice and snow that make it beautiful. Although such scenes make nice postcards to look at, dealing with them in real life is annoying to me and can actually be quite hazardous. It’s not the clear air and the twinkling stars in the night sky that make it beautiful, although I do enjoy contemplating them I prefer the longer warm days to the longer cold nights. What makes Christmas beautiful to me is the spirit that’s in the air. Not the spirit of commercialism, but the genuine spirit of giving and caring that comes from the heart. Read more

Central Banks and the Enslavement of Mankind

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There is a saying that he who has the gold makes the rules. Indeed, throughout the history of mankind it has been shown that wealth is power. Why do you suppose that is? The answer to that question appears to be obvious. If you have money, many people will do what you want them to do simply to obtain that money. This is true whether you own a business and try to provide something costumers will pay for, or you work for a business and provide labor, or you sell sexual favors to lonely people. The answer should be obvious, and yet there exists sinister subtleties that allow for crafty conmen to take control of large swaths of governments and economies in this world. You see, there is evil afoot in this world, and I’m not talking about insignificant evil such as individuals doing drugs or having sex with strangers, I’m talking about industrial sized evil, evil on the scale of the holocaust, evil against all humanity, evil so subtle and pervasive that to many it doesn’t seem like evil at all. Read more

The Biggest Bullies, Big Central Banks and Their Big Central Governments

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I’ve been seeing a lot on bullying lately in the news and on social networking sites. It seems that no one really seems to like bullying much and everyone loves to see the little guy stand up to the bully. And yet there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to those who stand up to the biggest bullies of all. There seems to be some kind of cognitive dissonance that takes place when someone feels the bully is doing the bullying for your own good, or for the right reasons. I don’t think bullying is ever good, no matter the reasons one might dream up for engaging in the practice. No matter how well intentioned, the ends never justifies the means when the means is immoral, and an immoral means always taints and corrupts a moral intention. Read more

Should Doctors be Arrested for Non-compliance?

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“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”
Nancy Pelosi on The Affordable Care Act.

There are many misconceptions about The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. The first is that it is a law. The second is that it is a tax. It is really neither, but it is both. It is a strange hybrid between the two. In short, it is an odd creature that has never really been seen before. Perhaps the best explanations for what Obamacare is, or is not, can be found here. Read more

New Illinois Law to Centralize Health Care

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My eldest daughter works as a billing specialist for a doctor here in Chicago. Her job more or less requires that she familiarize herself with the laws regulating doctors and the insurance industry. Unlike the layman who simply wants to see a doctor when illness strikes and be able to afford the treatments offered in order to get well again, she has to get into the guts of a system that requires 1500+ page tomes trying to determine the cost for treating every malady imaginable. As such, she has been studying a proposed new law, The State Health Care Innovation Plan, or SHCIP, that the Illinois legislature will soon be voting on. It is 200+ pages or so long, and what she has read concerned her so that she gave me the first 8 pages to read to ask me what I thought of it. Read more

The Law: Spirit and Letter, Enforcers and Corruption

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Here’s something not too many people know. Back in the mid 1980s, I was accepted to a couple of graduate school law programs. I never really told anyone because I decided I didn’t want to go. Or rather I told myself that life had decided for me and that I couldn’t afford to go. There have been times in my life when I have wondered how things would have turned out for me had I gone. Perhaps my life would have been better, perhaps not. I wonder if I would have let knowledge of the law corrupt me, as it seems to have done to so many others. I wonder if I would have let knowledge of this secretive and highly influential language taint my world view, or if I would have somehow managed to remain true to my morals and principles despite subjecting myself to the poisonous rot that passes itself off as law these days. Read more

Is the Liberty Movement Delaying a Syrian Conflict?

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So, a war looms with Syria and I find myself having the same conversations with so called progressives about why we shouldn’t attack Syria as I had ten years ago with so called conservatives as to why we shouldn’t attack Iraq. I would have never guessed that progressives and conservatives were so alike. They like to think of themselves as different parts of the political spectrum, but when it comes to war it appears they are both equally easy to lie to and fool. War is ok as long as it’s their side that’s promulgating it. It’s ok as long as it’s their respectables with their suits and ties making the case and telling the lies. Read more

What Does it Mean to Wake Up When Life is Just a Dream?

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These days, I hear more and more about how people are waking up. I even write about it. When I write about “waking up” I’m trying to convey the concept of becoming aware of hidden reasons for why reality is the way it is. I’m trying to get people to look behind the illusions and the curtains and discover the truth to the manipulations that are really going on. But what if there is more to even that truth than meets the eye? What if even the manipulators are being manipulated? What if those who are creating the illusions are merely an illusion in and of themselves? What if we are stepping out of one cave only to find ourselves in another? The possibilities are mind boggling. Read more

Obama’s Tyranny Against the Media

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Back in 1987 I graduated from a night school course in digital electronics from the DeVry Institute of Technology which had a campus in Lombard, IL at the time. While attending night school in the two years prior I had a chance to talk with a couple of technicians who worked for AT&T at the time. They were continuing their education which was being paid for by their company because technology back at the time was in a state of flux and they needed to keep up with the latest as AT&T was transitioning from old relay style switches to digital circuitry. Seems they’re always transitioning from something to something newer. Read more

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