Jack Blood Show – August 25 2014 (last TME show “raw and Uncut”)

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opens with satire….

*Our decision to cease putting out horrible audio (raw and uncut)



we’ll be back very soon! One way or another…………

Truly ~


Jack Blood Show – August 22 2014

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Jack Blood Show – August 21 2014 (Raw / Uncut) w/ Susanne Posel, and Robbie Martin

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———->OK – We lost this archive. Thanks to one of our great listeners, we found it! (The Prodigal archive..)

THE JACK BLOOD SHOW STARTS @ 1 HR AND 8 MIN (following John Stokes)

Susanne Posel (Hr 1) from Occupy Corporatism
Recounting his Fake Beheading video that fools the MSM:

Robbie Martin (Hr 2) from www.djrobbiemartin.com

and www.mediaroots.org

Jack Blood Show – August 20 2014

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Jack Blood Show – August 18 2014 Raw Uncut with Larry Pinkney

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Hr 2 : The “Pink Panther” joins us to discuss the Ferguson Mo situation. REAL Black Panther vs Fake ones….

Jack Blood Show – August 15 2014

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Jack Blood Show – August 13 2014 Raw Uncut w/ Bruce Wiseman

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Bruce is president of Citizens Commission on Human Rights


FDA Must Pull the Plug on Rotenberg Center Electroshocking Kids—UN Calls Use of Electroshock as Punishment Akin to Torture

Despite six children having died in its care, countless patient reports of abuse, FOX News showing a child writhing and screaming in agony as he is repeatedly shocked, and numerous lawsuits and damning governmental investigative reports, the facility now is in its fourth decade. But the frequency of continued complaints—both national and international—about the Judge Rotenberg Center’s [JRC] reward/punishment methods finally has prompted federal regulators to act—or, at least “think” about acting.

In April of this year, a special advisory panel of the FDA recommended a ban on the use of electrical stimulation devices (electroshock) for child behavior control or “aversive conditioning” at the JRC in Massachusetts. Despite the recommendations from the panel, the FDA has failed to act and pull the plug on the “treatment” used at JRC that literally has been called torture. During the April FDA public hearing on the JRC devices, nearly 20 advocacy and patient representative groups provided testimony, calling the products “unsafe,” “inhumane,” and a form of torture. Even the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, D.C., testified that “the use of noxious [harmful or injurious] electrical stimulants is inhumane.”

In 2013, Juan E. Mendez, the new United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, wrote that the rights of the students at JRC who have been subjected to “electric shock and physical means of restraints have been violated under the U.N. Convention against Torture and other international standards.”

Jack Blood Show – August 12 2014 Raw Uncut w/ Andrew Langer & Jon Gold

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Jack Blood Show – August 11 2014

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Jack Blood Show – August 6 2014 Raw Uncut with James Evan Pilato

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