Jack Blood + “SuperMario” on Ft Hood, Flight 370, and the Drug War

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Jack is joined by long time contributor to Deadlinelive.info “Super Mario” (find the wealth of his articles here – use our site search…)

Tons of info almost went out live – fortunately we taped on our end.


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20th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s Death – Jack Blood EXCLUSIVE with Sub Pop Founder Bruce Pavitt: Experiencing Grunge, Kurt’s Death, Politics, and the Music Biz 2014

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Anecdotes and rare conversation you only hear on THE JACK BLOOD SHOW!

On this auspicious anniversary, Jack Blood interviews Bruce Pavitt – a co-founder of Seattle’s  Sub Pop Records…. The label that discovered Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney (among others) .

Bruce has a newish book out that is a MUST HAVE for Nirvana / “grunge” fans.

Bruce drops a few bombshells regarding Kurt’s “suicide”, a new investigation… One that we know know was suppressed again…. and how he lost heavy on the popping of the 2008 Financial meltdown.

We also get into “Change we can Believe in” (ahem) and how the music business has changed for the worse, and the better.

Get the book HERE: www.experiencingnirvana.com




GET The Book in Electronic Form @ Kindle

The 8 Days

Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989, is an epic grunge micro-history that covers a crucial eight-day period in the touring lives of early Nirvana, Tad and Mudhoney. From Nirvana’s temporary breakup in Rome to their pivotal performance at Sub Pop’s LameFest UK showcase in London, Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt, through words and photos, provides an intimate look into events that helped kindle a world-wide cultural phenomenon.

Sub Pop Co-Founder Revisits 1989 Rome Trip With Kurt Cobain

Bruce Pavitt’s new e-book recalls a more innocent, but no less fragile, future star


Also mentioned – THIS new Sub Pop we LOVE…. METZ


Robbie Martin Joins Jack Blood to Discuss the Media Firestorm Surrounding his Sister Abby, WW3, Freemasonry, and His Music

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The biggest story on the Web this week was Abby Martin speaking out against Russian aggression on “Russia Today America”

Abby’s TV show “Breaking the Set” is one of a kind. We applaud her for taking a stand!

However this controversy has raised many questions by those patronizing the Alternative media. Robbie Martin was kind enough to answer all of our questions (and yours)

The conversation then turns to Robbie’s Music, his record label, his satire of Freemasonry, and politics du jour.

Robbie’s news site is Media Roots where he does a regular podcast.


Robbie’s band is Fluorescent Grey

His record Label is at www.recordlabelrecords.org

JB Show Exclusive: Fired NM Police Chief Shane Harger breaks his Silence! Tells of Corruption, Drug Cover Ups, Murder, and How he will go forward as an Honest Cop

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Thanks to our roving producer Greg Knight for all of his work making this happen!

This show will BLOW YOUR MIND! You will want to share this with all of your friends etc..

Never before have you heard a Police Officer be this candid.  Chief Shane Harger pulls no punches!

Shane Harger – an example for ALL police everywhere!

In this 60 min interview with Jack Blood, Chief Harger discusses the incident with a (fired / rehired) TSA officer that started a media storm which ended with Harger being fired, along with his entire staff, from the NM Tourist town of Jemez Springs.  ALSO: How this was payback for enforcing the laws the rest of us have to follow on the towns elite.

The controversy all began when Chief Harger was on the way to Las Vegas to attend the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” (CSPOA) Convention 28 January 2014  (This after he signed a document promising to honor the US Constitution while performing his duties as a Peace Officer. )

The chief also talks about Drug dealing and smuggling cover ups in New Mexico, corrupt police using checkpoints to harass citizens, and the murder he walked into when (allegedly) a fellow cop had just killed his own wife… as well as how his fellow officers destroyed evidence, and covered up that murder.

More info on this case HERE: Update: TSA Harasses Police Chief – Placed On Administrative Leave – Told To Disband Entire Police Department




Ukraine and the Shadow of War – James Corbett on The Jack Blood Show

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download

James and Jack join forces on The Jack Blood Show to discuss the latest from Ukraine, from foreign intervention to the specter of war. We also discuss the terror attack in Kunming, China, and the worries on the economic horizon.

Gaza Watcher / Activist Eva Bartlett w/ Jack Blood

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March 1st 2014

Renowned Activist and speaker Eva Bartlett joins Jack Blood to discuss what she and others witnessed while stationed in Gaza for several years.

Is the Control of American foreign policy by the Israeli lobby, media, and finance, too much for the Palestinians to overcome? What atrocities are being committed in our name? How do we stop them? How is it that the people of Gaza are not bitter?

Short BIO:

In the past few months I’ve been giving talks on Gaza, in eastern Canada and Western Can and the US.

I’ve also done talks in Ontario, this year and in years past.

I’ll be touring the US in February and March, giving talks from Chicago to NY to DC to LA.

If you have contacts anywhere in the States who would be interested in hosting me for a talk, or who have contacts in media to interview me on Gaza, please do share this email.

I’m a Canadian activist and freelance journalist. Since Nov 2008, I’ve spent cumulatively 3 years in Gaza, volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement and documenting the various facets of life under siege.

During the 2008/9 Israeli attacks, I accompanied Palestinian medics in Northern Gaza, documenting who the victims were, including victims of White Phosphorous attacks and other war crimes. A medic I worked with was killed by a flechette bomb fired directly as his ambulance (see here).  A media building I was in was shelled repeatedly (see here). Another medic I was accompanying came under Israeli sniper fire during “cease-fire hours” (see here).  My photos and some videos here, and archived posts from Dec 2008 and Jan 2009.

During the Nov 2012 attacks, I documented from a central Gaza Strip hospital (see here).Our work in the ISM comprised accompanying farmers in the border regions, coming under heavy Israeli fire (see compilation video here and my blog posts and reporting here). Likewise, for a period we were able to accompany fishers at sea, coming under intense Israeli navy machine gun fire, water cannoning and shelling.I wrote mainly for Inter Press Services, but also for the New Internationalist, various independent media, Russia Today and was re-published on Al Jazeera.Regarding my talk, it outlines the different Israeli policies on Palestinians in Gaza, including preventing farmers from farming and enforcing this restriction through lethal means, same for fishers, and the layered aspects of the blockade/siege on Gaza, including: electricity, exports, sanitation, water, medicines and medical care, education, and manufactured poverty. I also discuss the 2008/9 Israeli attacks on Gaza the Nov 2012 Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Recently, Gaza has entered one of the worst (Israeli siege-manufactured) humanitarian crises on earth. The Israeli war planes continue to bomb and kill civilians throughout Gaza, and Israel is threatening yet another war on Gaza

Here is some feedback from folks who have attended my talks:


Eve’s Website HERE

Eva’s Writing is also HERE

Eva Bartlett in the field


Jack Blood welcomes Daniel Estulin – From Bilderberg to “TransEvolution” (everything you are not supposed to know etc)

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In all of the years that Daniel has been coming on the Jack Blood Show – As good as he has done… He has never brought it like THIS! The discussion ranges from “Promis” macro AI software engaging every computer function in the world, and making bets…. To, Nano-tech and Bio tech. Are we the last generation of humans? Is there anything we can do to stop the complete control of the entire human race? The answer is YES! Must listen and a must Share.

Daniel with Bilderberg researcher, and fan, Fidel Castro

Daniel Estulin’s newest book is:

TransEvolution – The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction

get yours at Trine Day books

Arguing that the race to better humankind is about to go to a new dimension as a result of a nanotechnological revolution, this enthralling read purports that the depth of progress and technological development is such that people in the very near future may no longer be fully human. TransEvolution discusses the transition from human to someone—or something—new and different and the increasing trend of implementing prosthetics, organ implants, bionic eyes, hearing aids, and other technological augmentations. Humans are capable of doing things they never imagined would be possible 20 years ago, and the rapid growth of this trend is nowhere near its end. But do the benefits of these advancements come with a price? Is humanity in danger because of this domination of science and technology? Bestselling author Daniel Estulin describes his vision of the future in which he believes the elite will employ their Promethean plans.

Daniel Estulin is an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of Deconstructing Wikileaks, The Octopus Deception, Shadow Masters, and The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.
Author’s website: DanielEstulin.com

Blood / Corbett book club: “This Is What We Do”

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Jack Blood of Deadlinelive.info joins us for this month’s edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order, where we discuss Tom Hansen’s 2013 novel, This Is What We Do. We talk about the themes raised in the book, including the idea of a global leaderless revolution. We also discuss the role of violence in revolution and why such a revolution hasn’t taken place yet.

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).



Tom Hansen on the Jack Blood podcast



Next month: Leap of Faith.

The Jack Blood show w/ guest Max Bliss (Chemtrail Hunting / The Big picture)

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This edition of The Jack Blood Show was recorded LIVE on Friday February 7th, 2014.

The initial 40 minutes lays down the groundwork for past aerosol spraying on an unsuspecting populace, Human Guinea Pig science, and the future justification of the global Military spraying programs. Evidence therein is documented and in the bank.

Chemtrail Hunter, and Activist Max Bliss joins the show from France, where he has been documenting the spraying program in Europe.

More INFO on Max Bliss HERE:

The R.E.A.L. Institute -Max Bliss – YouTube

FaceBook – Max Bliss

By the end of this broadcast you will have a basic understanding about what we can PROVE about experimental Govt. / world order aerosol spraying in the past….

And you will have also have gained an understanding of the “trans-humanist” future we are doomed to inherit if we do not stop it.


Update: TSA Harasses Police Chief – Placed On Administrative Leave – Told To Disband Entire Police Department (UPDATED)

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We covered this on today’s broadcast – THE JACK BLOOD SHOW (Jan 31 2014) Exclusive interview with Chief Harger

Listen here – hr 2

UPDATE: Apparently Harger knew about a cop killing his (not Harger’s) wife and was not about to hold the THIN BLUE LINE pat story – The Levi Chavez Case: From the Beginning

(Official Story) Police chief name change leads to TSA confrontation

UPDATE: We have results from the CC meeting – will announce today. We also now know the name of the TSA agent whom started all of this: Gil Guaderrama

Seems he had trouble in the past too: FIRED BY BORDER PATROL IN 2000High-ranking border official fired for unspecified reasons

Shane Harger, Police Chief, Jemez Springs, NM – Ordered To Disband Village Police Department – Because He Attended the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) Convention
28 January 2014, 23:21 CST

Updated 29 January 2014 at 221:54 CST

By Vincent Finelli


Police Chief Shane Harger of the Jemez Springs, NM Police Department was placed on administrative leave and ordered to disband his police department today.

Harger returned from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention on Monday, January 27, 2014 with a sense of knowing that, he as well as 38 other peace officers, shared the commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies both foreign and domestic. He and the other 38 men and women signed the Resolution of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (see below).

The following morning, Harger was informed by Sheriff Douglas C. Wood of Sandoval County, New Mexico, that Harger was to dismantle the Jamez Springs Police Department.

Jemez Springs, NM is a tourist destination. With a population of 252, the police department enjoys ten part-time officers and volunteers with many working about 8 hours per month.

The story unfolds: Traveling by commercial airlines from Albuquerque, NM to LasVegas,NV, Harger was asked by TSA to show his credentials. Minutes later a man flashed a badge claiming to be a federal agent (agency unknown) also demanding to see Harger’s credentials.

Harger was told that he was a person of interest, and the federal agent wanted to know where he was going and why. Bear in mind, no one is required to provide this information under these circumstances.

Harger said that the federal agent told him that the he, the federal agent, was paid to be suspicious of everyone.

Harger informed the federal agent that he was traveling to attend the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention in LasVegas.

Harger was detained for thirty-five minutes – his detention was video recorded but not made available to Harger.

Link to Vincent Finelli’s radio broadcast of January 29, 2014 describing the event: http://archives2014.gcnlive.com/Archives2014/jan14/USAPrepares/0129141.mp3


Link to Sam Bushman’s radio broadcast of January 29, 2014 describing the event:


Harger was eventually released from detention and was allowed to board the airplane.

No charges were filed against Harger.

I met Chief Harger at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention and was interested in the events of his travel. He agreed to be on the air with me on www.USAPrepares.com to tell the story of his detention as a person of interest who was attending a Constitutional Sheriffs convention. But before going live on global radio, Harger was fired as well as the rest of the police department.

Despite having received a meritorious commendation from the Mayor of Jemez Springs on January 22, 2014, it seems that no one in the village government is willing to come to the assistance of Harger. It appears that Harger’s stance to defend and uphold the Constitution has put him and his entire department of ten part-time and volunteers out of business.

Harger has received no reprimands, no correspondence of wrong doing, and nothing indicating that any of his actions were not in accordance with the law.

Harger stated to me that his department was ordered by Sandoval County, NM, Sheriff Douglas C. Wood to disband because of Harger’s political affiliations, specifically the CSPOA headed by founder Sheriff Richard Mack. I called the Sheriff’s Office to discuss this with Sheriff Wood, but was directed to his secretary’s voice mail. Here is the public number that I called – 505-867-7526.

I was at the convention and I never saw nor heard anyone say nor do anything that was a violation of any law. The CSPOA convention was an assembly of peace-loving Americans who just wanted to uphold their oath of office, that being to support and defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for all of us, We The People.

Chief of Police, Shane Harger is standing up to defend We The People, I trust that you will stand up to defend and support him. Anything less is unacceptable.

Vincent Finelli

Shane Harger










Shane Harger, Chief of Police, Jemez Springs, NM


January 28, 2014 |

For Immediate Release – Resolution Of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association January 24, 2014


Of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

January 24, 2014

Please print this document and present it to your sheriff for signature and then mail the original:

CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association | PO Box 567 | Higley | AZ | 85236

email: azdmack@gmail.com
Phone: 480-840-9091


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