GOP takes a Dive: Todd Akin Claims Breastmilk Cures Homosexuality

Putting this in the Satire section as its impossible to believe this guy could even say this crap…. Regardless – Akin seems to be a creation of some Obama friendly Psy Op.   Daily Current Missouri U.S. senate candidate Todd Akin has stoked more outrage today by claiming that male homosexuality is a disease and that the medical establishment has found the cure. […]

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Juice News: A News Hope – Julian Assange vs Rupert Murdoch

Juice Rap News presents the new bulletin of “news show for the internet nation”. Robert Foster talks about rebel journalists who dare to challenge the establishment’s grip on information. No reliable media at a time of corporate wars. The people of Earth are misinformed as “speakers of truth are censored and imprisoned”. Special guests of the episode are WikiLeaks founder […]

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