Best of Jack Blood about 911 Truth …. speeches and interviews over 13 years

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interesting, riveting at times, to hear two 9-11 survivors/heroes recount the grizzly details of that horrible event.

Jack Blood of interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and whistle-blower. This is an insider expose of the AIG / Kroll spook company, their ties to 9/11 and their new financial 9/11.

In an unprecedented interview, Austin-based investigative journalist and radio talk show host Jack Blood interviews the now deceased Tim Russert. Jack Blood asks Mr. Russert about his famous “Skull & Bones” questioning of both George W. bush and John Kerry. Jack also asks the TOUGH questions about 9/11 and the response is unexpected. MUST LISTEN!!

(IndyInAsia and) Jack Blood Interviews Japanese Senator Yukihisa Fujita on September 11 2009 on the premiere of Winning The War on Consciousness. Special Edited One Hour version. Special Guest Callers: (911 hero)William Rodriguez And (911 Surviving family member) Manny Badillo

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We are joined by Richard Gage, founding member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth This organization is the direct answer to all those who criticized the “Truth” movement for not have experts to counter NIST, and Popular Mechanics debunking teams. This organization has just surpassed over 1000 experts casting serious doubt on the “official” version of events on Sept 11th 2001. Share THIS!

A two-day non-partisan truth conference with speakers, movie clips & music discussing our current state of affairs and how we got here. From 9/11, the “wars on terror” and the private, not public, Federal Reserve to the undermining of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
via Patriot Acts 1 & 2, to connecting the dots between different events that go unreported (or under-reported), as a whole, in our mainstream media. Calling on left & right truth-seekers to find common ground and work together to help revive our country! Come learn what many do not know, but what many are waking up to. Knowledge is power.

Jack Blood speaks at the 9/11 Accountability Conference in Chandler, Arizona; Feb 23-25, 2007.

After over a year of investigations, my sources are ready to speak out publicly on one on of the most important Sept 11th puzzle pieces ever to come my way.

It seems that Mohamed Atta and at least 4 other 9/11 (alleged) hijackers were in Oklahoma City just before 9/11/2001.
My sources accidentally ran into several witnesses while investigating leads in the OKC Bombing case.

What did they find?

According to eyewitnesses (none of whom knew each other) Atta and the boys were in OKC just 3 days before 9/11.


My sources (who will remain nameless until today’s radio broadcast) also have credit card receipts from an Atta and crew drinking session at a local OKC bar, where they nearly got in a brawl with 2 other patrons.
The CC numbers used by Atta seem to show that the Cards were GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZED!

It gets better….

This could be the most damning evidence to date that the alleged hijackers
of 911 were indeed intelligence assets and NOT “terrorists”

It gets better….

Jack Blood Interviews J. Michael Springmann, former chief of the visa section at the U.S. Embassy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Explained in various interviews with European and Canadian media, that he rejected hundreds of suspicious visa applications in the late 90s, but the C.I.A. officers overruled him and ordered the visas to be issued. Springmann protested to the State Department, the Office of Diplomatic Security, the F.B.I., the Justice Department and congressional committees, but was told to shut up. Springmann observed that 15 of the 19 people who allegedly flew airplanes into buildings in the United States got their visas from the same CIA-dominated consulate in Jeddah. It all continued until FBI CIA VISA september 11 consulate embassy Mid 2001.


Jack Blood Recalls the Nick Berg Beheading Hoax (on Corbett Report)

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Interview 936 – Jack Blood Recalls the Nick Berg Beheading Hoax

09/10/20140 Comments

As the latest ISIS beheading video hoaxes continue to be exposed, we cast our minds back to the Nick Berg beheading video of 10 years ago. Jack Blood of did his own original reporting into where that video originated from and as a result became the target of surveillance and death threats. We recall that incident and reflect on the significance of these videos, their propaganda value, and the potential for a future false flag terror attack.


Direct link HERE

Jack Blood Interviews James Corbett (9/11)

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For those who just want to get right to the straight truth about 911, and how its used against us… How it will be used again and why.

More on James Corbett @

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The Jack Blood Show – 2014 Bilderberg breakdown w/ Daniel Estulin

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Daniel Estulin is a best selling author and a world renowned expert on the Bilderberg group.
He shares inside info, and some history of the world’s most infamous secretive eilte meeting, in Copenhagen DK.

More info on this years Conf: Bilderberg at 60: inside the world’s most secretive conference (Participants List)

Check Daniel’s Books!

Daniel’s Website

Robbie Martin Joins Jack Blood to Discuss the Media Firestorm Surrounding his Sister Abby, WW3, Freemasonry, and His Music

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The biggest story on the Web this week was Abby Martin speaking out against Russian aggression on “Russia Today America”

Abby’s TV show “Breaking the Set” is one of a kind. We applaud her for taking a stand!

However this controversy has raised many questions by those patronizing the Alternative media. Robbie Martin was kind enough to answer all of our questions (and yours)

The conversation then turns to Robbie’s Music, his record label, his satire of Freemasonry, and politics du jour.

Robbie’s news site is Media Roots where he does a regular podcast.


Robbie’s band is Fluorescent Grey

His record Label is at

John Lennon – We Love You! – Jack Blood and Friends lay out the Assassination Conspiracy

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John Lennon VS The Illuminati

Sean Lennon believes the US Govt (or forces employed by the Govt) killed his Dad:

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Jack Blood on the James Corbett Show – 911 anniversary meaning and conclusions

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This week marks the 11th anniversary of the events of 9/11, and joining us to mark this milestone is Jack Blood of In this hard-hitting and frank discussion, James and Jack break down the meaning of 9/11 truth, the state of the truth movement, the successes we’ve had in getting people to question their government and what we can learn from our mistakes.


full podcast HERE


Jack Blood Interviews Ruby Ridge Survivor Randy Weaver 2009

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Broadcasted June 25, 2009. Jack Blood talks to Ruby Ridge Survivor Randy Weaver about the upcoming trial of Ed and Elaine Brown and other topics.

John Young (Cryptome) and Jack Blood Debunk WikiLeaks

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From awhile back – Now that Wikileaks has become bigger than ever, we thought we should bring it back.


Find more videos like this on 12160

“Mental Health”, Gun CONTROL and the NRA stand-down (understanding HR 2640) Jack Blood Vs the NRA (audio)

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This was passed by both houses and signed into law by George W Bush. We ( were able to get both the McCain and Obama campaigns on the record in 2007 – they BOTH supported the legislation.


9-26-2007 Jack Blood confronts NRA spokeswoman Rachel Parsons
29:00 – 4 years ago
This Jack Blood interview is from September 2007.
The HR 2640 bill has actually passed by the House and the Senate and has yet to be signed by Bush at this time. It most likely WILL BE SIGNED if we don’t take action. Watch this video uploaded in January of 2008 for the latest information on this: or go to for updates. In this interview with the NRA from last year on 9-26-2007, Jack blood defends his community and the constitution by exposing the NRA backing HR 2640 Carolyn McCarthy / Chucky Schumer anti gun bill. Do all of you NRA members suddenly support these two rabid, anti gun congress critters? I didn’t think so! Drop your NRA membership As Soon As Possible in protest and tell them why you’re doing it. Listen to Rachel Parsons of the NRA try to explain the anti gun actions of the group as Jack Blood and Ron from New York grill her repeatedly over the multiple anti second amendment actions of the National Rifle Association. Jack Blood then goes on to explain the history of National Rifle Association backed gun control with Ron from New York, a retired NYPD officer.

Please spread this link to all of the gun people you know – if they are in the NRA their money is being used against them and the constitution.

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