Ron Paul w/ Jack Blood: Keep Pushing For A New 9/11 Investigation (1/17/07)

  Ron Paul on 9/11 conspiracy:… On January 17, 2007 when he anounced his exploratory committee, Ron paul appeared on the Alex Jones show (with jack Blood guest-hosting) and a caller asked the following. “CALLER: I want a complete, impartial, and totally independent investigation on the events of September 11, 2001 . I’m tired of this bogus garbage about […]

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The OKC-9/11 link the media and authorities willfully ignored (As reported by Jack Blood 2008) “Highjackers” were Alive and in OKC AFTER 911

  OKlahoma Gazette rehashes the OKC-9/11 connections in new cover story. – / By Andrew W. Griffin Red Dirt Report, editor Posted: September 9, 2011 OKLAHOMA CITY —  While readers in Central Oklahoma are reading Clifton Adcock’s rehashed, well-known Oklahoma-9/11 connections (high-flying antics at the Airman Flight School, Zacarias Moussaoui’s bumbling, etc.) there are other layers in this stinky […]

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Jack Blood’s Deadline Live with guest Doyel Shamley – The Life and Death of William Cooper

Jack Blood interviews Doyel Shamley on the murder of William Cooper. DEADLINE LIVE with Jack Blood is now in itâs 10th year of broadcasting. With several years of research and comprehensive information gathering, Jack has a serious understanding of how the Global Super Elite do their business, and can deliver a daily analysis of world events with satire and a […]

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