U.S. military “assets” on high alert as Ukraine troops trade gunfire with pro-Russian “militants”

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US MILITARY ASSETS  in the Black Sea are on high alert amid reports Ukraine troops traded gunfire Tuesday with pro-Russian militants.

A journalist with Associated Press reported intense gunfire at an airport in eastern Ukraine after the government sent in army troops to retake control from militiamen loyal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The mayor of Kramatorsk told the Associated Press that Ukrainian troops have now occupied the military airport and are blocking its entrance.

The action comes a day after the revelation a Russian fighter jetted buzzed a U.S.S. destroyer multiple times over the Black Sea.

Russia declared Ukraine on the brink of civil war, and Kiev said an “anti-terrorist operation” against pro-Moscow separatists was under way, with troops and armored personnel carriers seen near a flashpoint eastern town.

Twenty-four hours after an Ukrainian ultimatum expired for the rebels to lay down their arms, witnesses however saw no signs yet that Ukraine’s forces were about to storm state buildings in the Russian-speaking east that armed militants have occupied.

Interim President Oleksander Turchinov insisted the operation had started in the eastern Donetsk region, although it would happen in stages and “in a considered way.”

“It will be conducted step by step, responsibly, cautiously,” he said. “The aim of these actions is to protect the citizens of Ukraine, to stop terror, to stop criminality, to stop attempts to tear Ukraine to pieces.”

The pro-Russian mayor of Slaviansk claimed Tuesday that a Ukrainian military convoy including troops and armored vehicles had now surrounded the town, Russian state news agency ITAR-Tass reported.

“If they try to move in, we will have to stop them,” the acting mayor said, according to the news agency.

Amidst the deepest East-West crisis since the Cold War, Mr. Putin and President Obama spoke by phone Monday and called on each other to do all in their power to avoid further bloodshed.

The standoff has raised fears that Moscow might turn off gas supplies to Kiev, disrupting flows to the European Union. Russian exporter Gazprom promised it would remain a reliable supplier to the EU, but German energy company RWE began deliveries to Ukraine on Tuesday – reversing the usual east-west flow in one central European pipeline.

— This article is based in part on wire service reports.

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BUSTED: NATO’s ‘Russian troop build-up’ satellite images show 2013 DRILLS

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The images, some of them colored and some black and white, appear to show multiple Russian tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and a “special forces brigade” with locations and dates added to them. The dates marked range from March 22 to March 27, 2014.


NATO’s ‘Russian troop build-up’ satellite images show 2013 drills

10 Apr 2014 The satellite images released by NATO that allegedly show a current build-up of Russian troops near Ukrainian border were taken in August 2013 amid military drills, a source in the General Staff of the Russian Army has said. NATO’s top military commander in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, on Wednesday claimed that there is evidence of what he says are 40,000 Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, tweeting a link to satellite images. There is one problem, though: the images were taken some eight months before the stated date, the source said. “These shots, which were distributed by NATO, show Russian Armed Forces units of the Southern Military District, which in the summer of last year were taking part in various drills, including near the Ukrainian border,” the General Staff official told RIA Novosti.

UK, USociopaths dying to start World War III: UK Typhoons will patrol the skies over the Baltic –Nato is increasing its numbers of aircraft in the region from four to 12

12 Apr 2014 Four fully armed RAF Typhoon jets are to patrol the skies over the Baltic in a dramatic show of strength intended to warn Russian President Vladimir Putin against mounting an invasion. The sorties will begin next month, with UK pilots under orders to respond forcefully to any violations of the airspace of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The four Typhoons will be based at Siauliai in Lithuania where they will join a detachment of four Polish MiG-29s. The Danish Air Force is providing four F-16 aircraft.

Ukraine on brink of civil war after blood was spilt in east – Yanukovich

13 Apr 2014 Ukraine is a foot in the door to civil war, ousted President Viktor Yanukovich said in his address from Rostov-on-Don, where he has been residing for over a month after fleeing Kiev amid protests. “Blood was spilt today,” Yanukovich told journalists referring to the events in the eastern city of Slavyansk. “Now our country finds itself in a totally new situation – with one foot in the door of a civil war. The Kiev junta has issued a criminal order to use armed forces and the army against the protesters.” Part of the responsibility for dragging the country into domestic war lays on the US, which brutally interfere in the situation and to point out what to do, Yanukovich said. The ousted president declared that CIA director John Brennan visited Ukraine and it was after the meeting that the coup-imposed authorities in Kiev ordered a military operation in the country’s east.

Kiev to launch ‘full-scale’ military op as massive protests grip eastern Ukraine

13 Apr 2014 Thousands of pro-autonomy demonstrators rallied across eastern Ukraine, with the coup-imposed president in Kiev threatening to use military against the activists if they don’t clear the seized government buildings by Monday morning. Over 10,000 people have taken part in protests in different town and villages of the Donetsk Region in Ukraine, the local administration said. In the region’s capital, Donetsk, the local government headquarters still remain under the anti-Maidan activists’ control.

Armed men seize police department in east Ukraine: minister

12 Apr 2014 Armed men have seized a police department in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slaviansk, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on Saturday, the latest public building to be taken over in the east as Pro-Russian protesters stand off against Kiev. “Armed men in camouflage uniforms seized the police department in Slaviansk. The response will be very tough because there is a difference between protesters and terrorists,” Avakov wrote, via social media. A local police spokesman told Reuters the men had not made any demands, but did not give any details on their identity.

Russians warned if they go abroad, US secret services might snatch them

11 Apr 2014 Russia’s Foreign Ministry is warning that Russians should refrain from traveling abroad because they could be entrapped by US secret services who are actively “hunting” for Russians to persecute in punishment for Moscow’s recent annexation reunification of Crimea, according to an official notice published on the Ministry’s website. It says the US, which “unreasonably” refuses to accept the reunification of Russia and Crimea, is seeking revenge by “trying to make a routine practice of ‘hunting’ for Russian citizens in third countries with the goal of extraditing them to the US, where they will be convicted [and jailed] on what are usually doubtful charges.” And it adds that “justice in America” is biased against Russians, who can be “kidnapped” [think CIA and extraordinary rendition] and taken to the US without even notifying Russian consular officials about what is happening.

Still cannot find Flight 370? … Then Go back to Highjacking Angle

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Flight MH370 co-pilot tried to make mid-flight phone call, report claims
12 Apr 2014 The co-pilot of the missing Malaysian airliner MH370 tried to make a mid-flight call from his mobile phone just before the plane vanished from radar screens, according to Malaysian newspaper reports. The call ended abruptly possibly “because the aircraft was fast moving away from the [telecommunications] tower,” the New Straits Times quoted a source as saying. However, the Malaysian daily also quoted another source saying that while Fariq Abdul Hamid’s “line was reattached”, there was no certainty that a call was made from the Boeing 777 which vanished on 8 March.
MH370 ‘hijacked and in Afghanistan’: Russian intelligence source claims all passengers and crew are alive but held hostage –Unknown terrorists are said to have taken control of the missing plane and forced it to land near Kandahar

13 Apr 2014 A Russian newspaper has claimed that Flight MH370 was hijacked by “unknown terrorists” and flown to Afghanistan, where the crew and passengers are now being held hostage. The extraordinary comments, attributed to a Russian intelligence source, appeared in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. The source told the paper: “Flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines missing on March 8 with 239 passengers was hijacked.”

Inside the FBI’s secret relationship with US elite assassination team

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Inside the FBI’s secret relationship with US elite assassination team, JSOC –FBI agents were regularly involved in shootings, sometimes fighting side by side with the military – James Davis, FBI’s legal attaché 10 Apr 2014 …FBI officials have become more willing to discuss a little-known alliance between the bureau and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) that allowed agents to participate in hundreds of raids in Iraq and Afghanistan. The FBI’s presence on the far edge of military operations was not universally embraced, according to current and former officials familiar with the bureau’s role. As agents found themselves in firefights, some in the bureau expressed uneasiness about a domestic law enforcement agency stationing its personnel on battlefields.
FBI secretly worked in Iraq, Afghanistan: Report 12 Apr 2014 The Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have secretly worked with American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in hundreds of operations, according to a new report. The FBI formed an alliance with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and deployed its agents in hundreds of raids in Iraq and Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported on Friday. JSOC took advantage of the agency’s ability to utilize digital media to identify suspects… The agents who participated in these military raids by JSOC, described by retired General Barry McCaffrey as the “most dangerous people on the face of the earth,” and came from the FBI’s Hostage and Rescue Team (HRT).

Hitler Mystery: DNA Casts Doubt on Suicide Story

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New tests show that a skull long thought to be Adolf Hitler‘s is not the Nazi dictator’s, casting doubt on the long-held notion that he committed suicide in his bunker as Allied forces closed in on him, according to scientists.

Scientists at the University of Connecticut analyzed DNA from the bullet-pierced skull that was secretly preserved for decades by Soviet intelligence forces and determined it was from a woman around 40 years old, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. The results of the testing were also reported in a History Channel documentary, “Hitler’s Escape.”

“The bone seemed very thin; male bone tends to be more robust,” said UConn archaeologist Nick Bellantoni. “And the sutures where the skull plates come together seemed to correspond to someone under 40.”

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Russia Didn’t Share All Details on Boston Bombing Suspect, Report Says

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WASHINGTON — The Russian government declined to provide the F.B.I. with information about one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects that would most likely have led to more extensive scrutiny of him at least two years before the attack, according to an inspector general’s report.

Russian officials had told the F.B.I. in 2011 that the suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, “was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer” and that Mr. Tsarnaev “had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country’s region to join unspecified underground groups.”

But after an initial investigation by the F.B.I., the Russians declined several requests for additional information about Mr. Tsarnaev, according to the report, a review of how intelligence and law enforcement agencies could have thwarted the bombing.

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Angry mob attacks Ebola treatment centre in Guinea (Accused of Bringing in Disease)

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Allegedly – a Global Epidemic of Ebola has broken out. MSF and Doctors without Borders have had their share of controversies over the decades.  They are always in the middle of major conflicts, with “Diplomatic Immunity”.  They are directly plugged in to the UN World Health Organisation, and connected to Israel via earliest director Rony Brauman.

Médecins Sans Frontières was created in 1971, in the aftermath of the Biafra secession.  The organization actively provides health care and medical training to populations in about 70 countries, and frequently insists on political responsibility in conflict zones such as Chechnya and Kosovo. December 1979, after the Soviet army had invaded Afghanistan, field missions were immediately set up to provide medical aid to the mujahideen.

A doctor displays collected samples of the Ebola virus at the Centre for Disease Control in Entebbe, southwest of Uganda’s capital KampalaReuters


CONAKRY (Reuters) – An angry crowd attacked a treatment center in Guinea on Friday where staff from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF / Doctors without Borders) were working to contain an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, forcing it to shut down, a spokesman for the medical charity said.

“We have evacuated all our staff and closed the treatment center,” Sam Taylor told Reuters, adding that the attackers in Macenta had accused MSF of bringing the disease to the southeastern town.

“We have the full support of the local leaders and we’re working with the authorities to try and resolve this problem as quickly as possible so we can start treating people again,” he said, declining to give further details of the incident.

Over 90 people have died in Guinea and Liberia as a result of the outbreak of the disease in the impoverished region.

MSF has warned that the lack of available health services may result in an epidemic.

The latest outbreak started in Guinea two months ago; there are also suspected cases in Sierra Leone has since reported suspected cases, while Liberia’s government has confirmed the presence of the Ebola virus.

Gambia placed two people in quarantine while Senegal closed its border with Guinea because of the outbreak.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that a man was infected in a laboratory with Ebola, fuelling fears that the Guinea outbreak of the deadly virus could be orchestrated.

WHO Fact sheet °103, updated in March 2014, says:

“People are infectious as long as their blood and secretions contain the virus. Ebola virus was isolated from semen 61 days after onset of illness in a man who was infected in a laboratory.s


In Guinea, some people clearly believe they are the victims of a biological assault. The Telegraph reports that angry crowds attacked an Ebola treatment centre in Guinea, accusing staff from Medecins sans Frontieres  (MSF) of bringing the deadly disease to the town.


The Handelszeitung notes that the US Military has been conducting research on the Ebola virus. Also, a company belonging to Glaxo Smith Kline is engaged in developing an Ebola vaccine.

This begs the question as to whether the man was  infected with Ebola in a GSK or US bioweapons research laboratory and also whether he was the only one infected?


MSF — accused by angry crowds of bringing the Ebola — is currently conducting a mass vaccination campaign in Guinea.


Five hundred thousand children have been vaccinated ostensibly against measles even though MSF admits that a mass measles vaccination campaign in Chad brought no decrease in the disease.


How the CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign Endangers Us All


MH370 Malaysia Airlines: Anwar Ibrahim says government purposefully concealing information

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Malaysia’s government is deliberately concealing information that would help to explain what happened to missing Flight MH370, the country’s opposition leader has claimed.

In a wide-ranging interview that cast doubt on the official investigation into the disappearance of the plane, Anwar Ibrahim said the country’s “sophisticated” radar system would have identified it after it changed course and crossed back over Malaysia.

Mr Anwar, who personally knew the pilot of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that went missing in the early hours of March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, called for an international committee to take over the Malaysian-led operation because “the integrity of the whole nation is at stake”.

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8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off Chile; Tsunami Strikes Coast

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An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 has struck off the coast of Chile, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

A tsunami warning was issued following the quake, which was centered 49 miles west-northwest of Iquique, Chile, and was 6.21 miles deep, the USGS said.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said a 6-foot tsunami that hit Pisagua, Chile, at 8:04 p.m. ET. No damage assessment has been made at this time.

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Evacuations as Peru volcano rumbles to life

Lima (AFP) – A volcano in Peru that has not blown its top in four decades spewed more ash skyward on Tuesday, after authorities evacuated villagers to avoid Ubinas’s wrath.

The volcano in southwestern Peru blasted back to life causing about 60 villagers from Querapi, near its base, to be relocated Saturday, Ubinas town mayor Pascual Coaquira said.

“We are readying a shelter for refugees from the blasts,” he added Tuesday, noting that the whole Moquegua region was on alert.

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North Korea Threatens A ‘New Kind Of Nuclear Test’

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North Korea threatened on Sunday to conduct what it called “a new form of nuclear test”, raising the level of rhetoric after members of the United Nations Security Council condemned the North’s recent ballistic missile launch.

“It is absolutely intolerable that the U.N. Security Council, turning a blind eye to the U.S. madcap nuclear war exercises, ‘denounced’ the Korean People’s Army (KPA)’s self-defensive rocket launching drills and called them a ‘violation of resolutions’ and a ‘threat to international peace and security’ and is set to take an ‘appropriate step’,” the North’s foreign ministry said in a statement on the official KCNA news agency.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/north-korea-threatens-nuclear-test-2014-3#ixzz2xa7y59Rs

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