Senate Approves Alliance of Government and Drug Corporations

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Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The US Senate gave their approval to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in conjunction with certain pharmaceutical corporations, for a $6.4 billion “agreement fee” in the new Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, S. 3187 (FDASI).

Drug manufacturers like Eli Lily & Co, Pfizer Inc, AstraZeneca Plc, and Medtronic Inc will provide regulatory reviews of new medical treatments and healthcare devices. The FDASI extends through to 2017.

The FDASI allocates “use fees” to the FDA as payment for “safety and efficiency reviews”.

The House of Representatives are scheduled to vote on the FDASI next week. And it is anticipated that the bill will be signed into law by Obama in early fall.

The FDASI is part of Obama’s program to use the US government and drug makers together to discover new ways to use old drugs; as well as find new pharmaceutical answers to new diseases.

The focus of this collaboration will identify new uses for drugs that have already been approved by FDA. There may be need for new human trials, putting the general public at a health risk. Engaging in experimental trials to classify specific compounds to be utilized for unintended purposes is highly dangerous.

Drug manufacturers and medical device makers are anxious to work with the US government. This will mean their treatments will be reviewed and approved faster than they currently are. The FDASI specifies that certain measures be taken to expedite the approval of medical treatments under the guise of “life-threatening” or rush monitoring devices to mitigate drug shortages.

The FDASI quite simply ensures more profits for drug corporations.

Senators Tom Harkin and Mike Enzi believe that the FDASI reflects a “kind of cooperation that we see all too rarely in Washington”, referring to the newfound relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the US government.

The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, signed by President Obama in 2010 allowed generic companies to manufacture complex biologic drugs. These companies paid a fee to the FDA, funding their own right to further manipulate the medical industry without regard for public safety.

Senators Michael Bennet and Richard Burr would have the American public believe that FDASI will give the FDA more authority to “police drugs from manufacturing to distribution to pharmacies”. However, that is exactly the responsibility of the FDA as a regulatory agency designed to ensure public health and safety.

Why would Congress have to give the FDA authority to do its job?

Of course, FDASI benefits the drug corporations by forming a financial relationship with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and the US government.

Lobbyist groups for corporations like Pfizer Inc have been pressuring Congress to support their over-reaching endeavors.

Senator John McCain voted against the FDASI, wanting to empower foreign drug manufacturers from Canada by importing their drugs to America. McCain said: “Somebody tell me why we can’t tell the struggling family they can use their own money to purchase safe drugs from a Canadian pharmacy at sometimes 50 percent less.”

The pharmaceutical companies have designated over $80 billion over 10 years to support Obama’s new health regulations and protection against the allowance of importation. Since the drug makers are willing to line Obama’s pockets, they get to decide how the language and allowances of US laws.

Johnson and Johnson was given permission to distribute their drug Doxil after the FDA allowed unapproved drugs from India to be used to replenish drugs in short supply in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The FDA admits to importing foreign drugs (that are not regulated or do not fit standards in America) when pharmaceuticals are in short supply in the US.

The FDASI also requires dietary supplement makers register their products with the FDA; including a list of ingredients.

Currently, the vitamin industries, by order of the Codex Alimentarius (CA) are being attacked by the US government to justify the forced outlawing of natural medicine.

The CA is a creation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The CA seeks to enforce international standards and codes on nations.

By controlling the means of medicine production, transportation and distribution, the CA will ensure the standards set forth by the UN are the basis for all national legislation.

Obama signed Executive Order (EO), Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council in 2010.

Through this EO, Obama empowered the CA to enact the UN’s plan for global governance over healthcare standards.

The National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council was created to assist Obama in destroying the alternative health industry by order of the UN.

While the Obama administration seeks to wipe out the natural medicine industry, the US government is pouring money and resources into the genetic engineering of pharmaceuticals to combat disease.

When natural remedies are completely outlawed, the general public will be forced to take drugs rather than heal naturally through diet and vitamins.

The medical agenda is clear.

The relationship created between the US government and the drug corporations has laid the foundation for medical tyranny.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page .



Flawed Pharma Study Demonizing Vitamins and Minerals Debunked

Goldman Sachs Tied to the Sordid World of the Monied Elite

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Goldman Sachs Tied to the Sordid World of the Monied Elite

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

If anyone ever doubted that Goldman Sachs could get any sleazier than the reputation the institution has garnered over the last few years, recent discoveries regarding the major bank’s ties to underage prostitution have served to aid in sullying the name even further.
Earlier this month, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times revealed in his article, “Financiers and Sex Trafficking,” that Goldman Sachs was a 16% stakeholder in one of the biggest public sex trafficking forums in the United States –
I say “public sex trafficking forums” because Backpage is obviously publicly accessible, while more hardcore and illegal activities are clearly hidden from the view of the general citizen. This is because many of the patrons of such operations tend to be the very wealthy in addition to the average run-of-the-mill sexual deviant living in his basement who might be more likely to consult Backpage for its services.
For those unfamiliar with the story, Backpage is a website that provides ads for “escort services” all across the United States and in most metropolitan cities. Of course, many of these ads are placed and answered by consenting adults. However, it is also true that there is a great deal of evidence to show that Backpage plays a role in trafficking minors and women coerced into prostitution.
Interestingly enough, Backpage is owned by Village Voice Media (VVM), which also owns the Village Voice, SF Weekly, and LA Weekly. VVM is also the company where Goldman Sachs held about 16% of stock. Not only that, but Scott L. Lebovitz, who was a Goldman Sachs managing director who Goldman claims stepped down in 2010, sat on the Village Voice Media board for years.


These reports triggered a cascade of protests from members of the anti-trafficking and religious communities, as well as calls from U.S. Senators for Village Voice Media to shut down the Backpage website.

After the New York Times’ expose, Goldman Sachs sold their holdings in Village Voice Media and, by and large, the bank has once again escaped large-scale criticism. Yet the revelation that the bank would maintain such holdings in VVM with the knowledge that Backpage has been engaging in under-age prostitution and coerced-sex workers does lift the veil slightly to the underworld of sex trafficking.
Of course, it should be noted that the issue at hand is not prostitution. Clearly, an adult should have the right to use their own body as they see fit. The issue is the trafficking of children, minors, or women who are forced or coerced into the industry.
Yet the connection to VVM is not the only connection to sex slavery that Goldman Sachs has kept. In 2010, when DynCorp was being bought out by Cerberus, it was Goldman Sachs that acted as a financial adviser and facilitated the transaction between the two companies.

For those who are unaware, it was revealed in 2003 that DynCorp was involved in the trafficking of young women and children as sex slaves, all while maintaining the U.S. Government contract to administer the smallpox vaccine. Then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was actually grilled about this incident by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in 2005.

DynCorp was once again shown to have connections to child sex slavery when, in 2009, it was found that the corporation was providing “dancing boys” to Afghan police.
Back in 1999, it was revealed that DynCorp was found to be involved in the operation of a child sex slavery ring in Bosnia. The Corporation was engaged in the pimping and raping of girls as young as 12 years old from countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania.
Although the connections that Goldman holds to either VVM or DynCorp are not direct in the same sense of the private military giant and Backpage themselves, we can see slight hints of the hidden world of child sex slavery that reaches far into the upper reaches of society. Now and then, we are given brief glimpses into the black hole where thousands of children disappear every year to be abused and tortured not just by the pedophile on the street corner, but by the world’s wealthiest elite.
From cases like that of Hollie Greig, to those related to former President George H.W. Bush, there is the constant trend of the monied elite and their obsession with the sexual abuse of children. It is imperative that whistleblowers and journalists continue to expose these activities.

Read other articles by Brandon Turbeville here.  

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of three books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, and Five Sense Solutions. Turbeville has published over one hundred articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at activistpost (at)

Head Of Jewish Defence League UK Supports Anders Breivik, Says Victims ‘Not Innocent’

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Brit Dee, Contributor
Activist Post

Roberta Moore, who was intimately connected to the anti-Muslim English Defence League (EDL) and continues to run their Jewish Division’s Facebook page, has expressed her support for Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik – and described his teenage victims as being “not innocent”.

In a post made on April 17th to the Jewish Defence League UK Blogger site, believed to be run by Moore and supported by comments posted in her name on Facebook, she describes the Norwegian court as a “kangaroo court”, asks whether a “man like Breivik in a case such as this surely deserves a better trial than that?”, refers to the “Leftist slander constantly being thrown to undermine him and his views”, and defends him against charges of child murder by parroting Breivik’s defence that his victims were young adults, attending an “indoctrination camp”, and who were “not innocent”. A comment attributed to Moore states

I hold the same amount of sympathy for the (sic) those on Utoya as I would if somebody committed this act on a Hitler Youth camp in the 1940’s, or were they just ‘children’ as well?

Such offensive comments will no doubt prove awkward for the EDL, who have recently been attempting to change their image as a group of thuggish racists, by repeatedly stating that they stand firmly against violence and extremism.

Whilst Moore claimed to have left the EDL in June last year, she was until then closely connected to the group’s leadership and inner circle, with whom she apparently maintained contact after her departure. She even reportedly helped EDL leader Stephen Lennon (a.k.a. “Tommy Robinson”) attend an EDL demonstration in September last year – from which he had been banned, resulting in his arrest for breach of bail conditions – by smuggling him in dressed as a rabbi.

1942 Blueprints For World Government Document Revealed

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We have no Idea how authentic any of this is… Seems good though. Passing it along anyway.

One world and not the globalist world
Andrew Puhanic, Contributor

Activist Post

The Campaign for World Government (A Globalist backed institution) created a manifesto in 1942 for how a World Government is to be formed.

Written by Rosika Schwimmer (born on September 11, 1877, a self-labeled socialist) and Lola Maverick Lloyd (self-proclaimed pioneer of the movement for world government), with the aid of the Globalists, tried to establish World Government in response to the failures of the League of Nations.

In 1937, both Rosika Schwimmer and Lola Maverick Lloyd formed the Campaign for World Government in order to achieve a society that is free of borders, centralized and controlled by the most powerful and elite “experts”.

There is no doubt that the Globalists are actively seeking to introduce World Government and we now have evidence of what could be described as the first written record of how the Globalists are planning to introduce World Government.

Blueprints for World Government – Immediate Action

The main lines of this blueprint for governmental or unofficial action to organize the world were drawn in 1924. We revised our work and published the present pamphlet in 1937. This is the fourth edition. Believing government initiation of world union to be at present not only hopeless but even undesirable, we wish to emphasize the part of our plan designed for unofficial action. Immediate action along unofficial lines is imperative.
We have seen our globe in no time turned into one armed camp. We can transform it as quickly into a fit home for the human family. Self-made governments in exile have for military purposes been grouped with the greater powers into the “United Nations”. As the first step in peaceful achievement of world union, we urge the immediate creation of the self-made Provisional World Government to take all the unofficial action recommended in our original plan. Its world-wide announcement must include an appeal to all people to lay down their arms and prepare to participate in creating the new world order.

The only chance of creating the long-overdue federalized world government, all inclusive, non-military and democratic in its structure, is to stop this war before either belligerent is exhausted. Men and women of supreme integrity and imaginative daring must rise and lead mankind into their new safe road. Good plans have long been ready.

Internationally controlled demarcation lines must be established between the hostile forces, immobilizing them. They can cooperate in local reconstruction work until world organization has reached the stage where its own federal commissions can supervise their systematic demobilization and immediate absorption into planned creative work on a global scale.

The Provisional World Government in continuous session with full publicity shall draw up the World Constitution. Simultaneously it shall be prepared to assume the impartial administration of scientifically planned emergency relief of starving populations. It shall also receive complaints, accusations and claims against individuals, groups and nations for proper preparations and submission to courts to be established under the World Constitution.

If we fail, the war leaders will carry on to the exhaustion of one or both sides. After exhaustion will follow chaos, revolution, dictatorship and recurring global war until the human family destroys itself.

The prerequisite of Provisional World Government is headquarters and a fund of millions to begin unofficially on world organization, the only hopeful basis for immediate cessation of hostilities and a warless future.

There must exist men and women able to provide the means who sincerely and passionately desire world peace.

The life of mankind is at stake.

Lola Maverick Lloyd and osika Schwimmer
November 11, 1942

The Plan

The following outline for international action is addressed to all those who agree that we must stop theorizing about peace and put the best existing theories into practice. It offers an answer to the question, “How can we start practical action to establish world peace now?” It presents the preliminary steps necessary for a representative World Convention to draft the best possible constitution for an all-inclusive, non-military, democratic Federation of Nations.

Plan for Governmental Action

The President of the United States or in other countries the comparable governmental authority shall invite a small group of experts in voting methods to formulate the best practical method for the democratic election in all countries alike of delegates to a World Constitutional Convention. The Committee of Experts shall meet not later than four weeks after appointment and at the earliest possible moment make their recommendations simultaneously to the governments and the public, using the most effective channels of communication to reach all the people.

Congress or the parliaments at the same time that they adopt the report of the Committee of Experts shall legislate to start the recommended machinery for the organization of the World Constitutional Convention. Not later than three months after the law is passed delegates to the Constitutional Convention shall be nationally elected.

No member or departmental head of the military or naval forces or of the national governments of any nation shall be eligible in any capacity whatsoever for participation in the preparation or the proceedings of the World Constitutional Convention.

As soon as at least six nations have elected and officially appointed their delegates to the World Constitutional Convention, the delegates shall assemble and open their sessions without delay; the delegates from the other countries to join them as soon as elected.

The convention shall meet in the country which first invites it.

If Governments Do Not Act

If neither the President of the United States nor any other government acts, organizations or individuals shall raise the necessary funds and invite a small group of experts in voting methods to formulate the best practical method for the democratic election in all countries alike of delegates to a World Constitutional Convention. The unofficial Committee of Experts shall be regulated as to time of meeting and other duties by the rules given above for the official Committee of Experts except that they shall prepare two plans for the World Constitutional Convention, one for governmental action, if at that stage governments are ready to act, and the other to be used if government are not ready to act.

In case world organization must continue unofficially, international-minded individuals shall be chosen as delegates by the method recommended by the unofficial Committee of Experts. The delegates shall meet and function as an unofficial World Constitutional Convention. They shall draft a complete Constitution regulating the federal life of the human family in a superstructure where the states are free to develop independently, their national sovereignty being unlimited except where their interdependence requires federal regulation.

The duty of the Convention is to draw up a detailed plan for the political, economic, and social cooperation of all the nations. It shall also propose a place for the permanent location of the world parliament and an equitable division of its expenses. Within one year it shall simultaneously publish its plan and present it to all the governments of the world.

The World Constitution shall first be urged on all governments for adoption. After one year, if no government has agreed to initiate the recommended steps, unofficial steps must be taken by the people to inaugurate the all-inclusive, non-military, democratic Federation of Nations.

Tentative Plan for the Federation of Nations

In order to clarify and offer our demands in such a shape that they can serve as a basis of discussion for the World Constitutional Convention, we submit the following outline of the Federation of Nations:

The individual development of member states is left to their own decision except where it may conflict with world welfare. The world government must control the international relations between states. This situation will be similar to that between the states and the federal government in the United States of America, or that between the cantons and the federal government of Switzerland.

All the sixty-four states of the world are to be admitted immediately and unconditionally. There shall be but one class of membership.

The Federation of Nations must be a democratic league controlled by direct representation of the peoples and not by governments and bureaucracies.

To achieve the direct representation of the peoples to the Federation of Nations all states shall adopt for the election of their delegates the voting system recommended by the Committee of Experts on voting methods.

The organs of the Federation of Nations shall be a World Parliament, an Executive Board, and a Permanent Secretary.

Each state shall elect ten delegates and ten alternates to the World Parliament for a term of ten years. They shall be subject to recall by their own electorate.

The votes of the delegates in the World Parliament shall be counted individually and not by nations. Delegates from any state may differ among themselves on any issue and will find similar differences in other delegations. Every important group in a nation can be represented among its ten delegates, and will find like-minded groups from other nations in the World Parliament, where divisions will consequently occur along lines of opinion, not lines of geography. No unanimous vote on any question shall be required from a national delegation.

The delegates shall organize the World Parliament and elect a president, a vice-president, an executive board and all the necessary commissions, employing the voting system recommended by the Committee of Experts. Temporary or permanent vacancies shall be filled by the originally elected alternates.

The World Parliament shall be in session the first three months of every year. Sessions may be prolonged or reassembled by vote of the delegates to the World Parliament.

All sessions of the World Parliament must be public, and an official summary of its proceedings must be furnished daily to the press.

The Executive Board and the Permanent Secretary shall carry on the business of the World Parliament and shall reside permanently at its sear. For administrative purposes regional headquarters shall be established on all continents. Regional secretaries shall be chosen by the World Parliament. These continental offices will have direct communication – telegraph, telephone and wireless – and a central broadcasting station will be operated.

The commissions will be entitled to employ experts and any other help necessary to the extent of the appropriations voted them by the World Parliament

While every delegate shall have the right to use his own language in Parliament, for the auxiliary world language we recommend English, as it is already used as auxiliary language by a larger number of people than any other language.

While every nation, race or religion is free to use its traditional reckoning of time, we recommend that the World Parliament count its official time from that year in which world unity shall be attained. The consummation of world unification, the most important date in history, will be the point from which an adult world will reckon time.

Federal Commissions to Be Organized – I. Economic

A) Commission to plan industrial, agricultural, technical, engineering, scientific and other work extensive enough to absorb the millions liberated by the abandonment of the war system and also to take care of all the unemployed of the world. The abolition of armies, navies, air fleets, armaments and munition factories in all the states of the world will release for this vast reemployment scheme the scrapped war material and enormous sums heretofore provided in open and concealed war budgets.

B) Commission to plan the regulation of the world’s production of raw materials and the control of its distribution according to the needs of all nations, thus removing the excuse for forcible conquest of territory and for continued existence of empires, colonies, mandates.

C) Commission to plan the abolition of all tariffs and customs and the establishment of free trade between all nations and to act as Arbitration Board in trade disputes between member states.

D) Commission on transportation and communication for international control of traffic between states by railways and waterways, by automobile transportation and aviation, and of the postal, telegraph, telephone and radio services.

E) Commission to plan the regulation of world finance and to evolve a uniform monetary system.

II. Legal

F) Commission to prepare the code of international laws and to plan executive machinery for their administration and courts for their adjudication.

G) Commission on international relations for reorganizing the existing machinery (Diplomacy) of political contact and intercourse between nations.

H) Commission to plan and set up national arbitration bodies for the settlement of internal disputes which may cause civil war, and to set up a federal body to which national arbitration cases may be appealed.

I) Commission to plan and carry out the elimination of capital punishment in all states, and to set up institutions in which criminals formerly subject to capital punishment shall be incarcerated for scientific study and treatment.

III. Population Questions

J) Commission for solving population problems by planned relief of overpopulated regions and thus removing an excuse of aggressive militarists for wars of conquest.

  1. By transfer of population to undeveloped territories and under-populated regions, migration never to be compulsory but induced by making the under-populated regions and undeveloped territories offer better opportunities.
  2. By legalization of birth-control.

K) Commission on world citizenship to regulate the rights and duties of citizens of the Federation of Nations. In addition to equal world citizenship each human being shall have the rights and duties of a citizen of the nation where he resides.

IV. Miscellaneous

L) Commission on education to plan educational opportunities for all children. Textbooks and other materials for education shall be based on unbiased facts, and history shall be taught from the world point of view, emphasizing the moral, economic, scientific and artistic contributions to mankind’s progress and happiness by all nations, races, classes, creeds and both sexes.

M) Health commission for scientific and practical research into all hygienic problems and for planning adequate health service.

N) Commission to prepare international legislation to safeguard historically truthful presentation of news by the press, screen and radio and to protect the honor of nations and individuals through national and international Press-Juries, Courts of Honor and similar forums.

Other commissions shall be organized by the World Parliament as needed.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of choosing at every stage of procedure the right personnel. We must not repeat the mistake of the Hague Conferences and the Disarmament Conference of 1932 where high international aims were frustrated by delegates who lacked the world viewpoint. Only international-minded men and women can be trusted to reorganize human society on a safe basis.

To view the original document, click here

Note: If document link does not work, please send us an e-mail at activistpost (at) and we will send you the PDF directly.

Andrew Puhanic is the founder of The Globalist Report, a website designed to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and understand world events and how they affect you. The Globalists, and those who support world government, can only be halted when their plans for world domination are made public.  You can contact Andrew directly at Andrew @ The Globalist Report.

French Murder Suspect Tracked By Intelligence Services “For Years”

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Brit Dee, Contributing Writer
Activist Post
The man suspected of involvement in a string of murders in France, named as 24-year-old Mohammed Merah, has been on the radar of the intelligence services “for years”, French interior minister Claude Guéant has admitted.
Police are currently surrounding a house in the Cote Pavee district of Toulouse, negotiating with a man they believe was involved in Monday’s murder of four Jews, including three young children, and the earlier killing of three Muslim paratroopers.
AFP reports how Guéant has told journalists that:

France’s domestic intelligence agency had tracked the suspect ‘for years’…He had for several years been tracked by the DCRI and its agents in Toulouse, but there was never anything to suggest that he was preparing a criminal act.

The suspect is said to have spent time on the Afghan/Pakistan border, even being arrested in Kandahar, and has reportedly stated during the standoff with police that “he belongs to al-Qaeda.”

With the suspect still holed up, it is too early to reach any conclusions about the case, but the fact that Merah’s monitoring by the intelligence services has been admitted could later prove to be very important.
How is it possible that they did not know anything about his alleged plans — especially when he had access to several weapons and it has also been reported that unsecured emails were carelessly sent to one victim:

from the suspect’s brother’s IP addess…used to set up an appointment to inspect the bike, an appointment at which the paratrooper was subsequently killed, the source said.

In Sarkozy’s election year, with France, the West and Israel in need of fresh justification for their military involvement in Muslim countries, this is clearly an important story — which Resistance Radio will be following as it develops.
UPDATE: It is being reported that Merah escaped from prison in Afghanistan in 2008 following a mass Taliban breakout.

This article first appeared at Resistance Radio 

NYPD officer thrown in psych ward by superiors after revealing systemic corruption

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Welcome to the USSA officer… Tell the truth – go to the Gulags.


Officer Schoolcraft Image

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Adrian Schoolcraft of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) 81st precinct in Brooklyn noticed some disturbing trends within the department and in response to his brave move to step forward, his superiors had him thrown in a psychiatric ward.

Schoolcraft realized that there was a pattern of the victims of crimes being caught up in bureaucratic hurdles which he thinks were deliberately put in place in order to make it harder to report serious crimes.

He then did his job and reported multiple incidents to investigators in 2009.

According to the Village Voice, in October of 2009 Schoolcraft met with NYPD investigators for some three hours, during which he detailed over 12 cases of manipulation of crime reports in his district.

Three weeks after this meeting, which was supposed to have been kept secret from his supervisors for obvious reasons, he was targeted.

Schoolcraft’s precinct commander and a deputy chief both ordered him to be forcibly removed from his apartment and locked up in the psychiatric ward of Jamaica Hospital for six days.

This is not the first time Schoolcraft has stood up to corrupt practices at the NYPD.
In the past, Schoolcraft released two years worth of recorded roll calls at NYPD precincts.

These recordings led to an award winning series in the Village Voice revealing widespread incompetence and corruption in the department.

The details of Schoolcraft’s imprisonment in the psychiatric ward were just recently revealed in a 95 page report.

This report vindicated Schoolcraft, who was been suspended with no pay for over two years, simply for seeking justice and actually doing his job.

Schoolcraft has filed a lawsuit and the NYPD has allegedly been attempting to keep the report under wraps since it was completed some two years ago.

This is understandable since it would seriously tarnish the department’s reputation.

The Village Voice reports that NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly ordered an investigation into the claims made by Schoolcraft, resulting in the report being completed by June of 2010.

Since that time, the department has attempted to keep it secret, according to the Village Voice.

The report, obtained by the Village Voice, shows that the NYPD actually confirmed the allegations made by Schoolcraft, yet they went after him with a vengeance anyways.

They report that “at the same time that police officials were attacking Schoolcraft’s credibility, refusing to pay him, and serving him with administrative charges, the NYPD was sitting on a document that thoroughly vindicated his claims.”

The complaints made by Officer Schoolcraft focused mostly on the NYPD’s alleged practice of manipulating crime statistics to give a false impression of effectiveness.

“Officers were told to arrest people who were doing little more than standing on the street, but they were also encouraged to disregard actual victims of serious crimes who wanted to file reports,” according to the Village Voice.

Of course, the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg and NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly have both denied all of the allegations.

However, the newly released 95 page report appears to confirm the allegations, contrary to the many claims made by Schoolcraft’s supervisors.

Individuals who investigated Schoolcraft’s claims concluded that “an atmosphere was created discouraging members of the command to accurately report index crimes.”

This is not the first time the NYPD has been associated with corrupt practices, indeed, last year there was a large scandal surrounding allegations of planting drugs on suspects and manufacturing charges.

Schoolcraft’s courage in the face of systematic corruption is nothing short of commendable and hopefully he will no longer be the target of harassment simply for actually doing his job.

At least there are some police officers out there who are actually working to protect and serve, not give a false sense of security and collect revenue for the government.

Hopefully Schoolcraft is reinstated with all back pay and perhaps even promoted or at least recognized for his brave actions and his active fight for justice.

The Law Office of Jon L. Norinsberg and Cohen & Fitch, LLP have filed a lawsuit on Schoolcraft’s behalf against the City of New York and high ranking members of the NYPD and have launched an official website devoted to their efforts. I encourage you to support his struggle however you can.

 This article first appeared at Read other contributed articles by Madison Ruppert here.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. He is available for podcast and radio interviews. Madison also now has his own radio show on Orion Talk Radio from 8 pm — 10 pm Pacific, which you can find HERE.  If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at

Sorry Bill Gates: GMO Crops Proven to be Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

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Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Monsanto shareholder Bill Gates has argued that GMOs are the solution to world hunger, going as far as to say that they are actually needed to fight worldwide starvation. Unfortunately for Gates, who back in 2010 bought 500,000 shares of the company he is now promoting in mainstream media as the solution to the world’s problems, a team of 900 scientists have found that GMO crops are actually not effective at fighting world hunger. In fact, the massive team found that Monsanto’s seeds, which have lead to thousands of farmer suicides due to excessive costs and failure to yield crops, were outperformed by traditional “agro-ecological” farming practices.

Funded by the World Bank and United Nations, an organization was created known as the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD). Consisting of 900 scientists and researchers, they set out to examine the complex issue of world hunger. While the issue of world hunger may be quite complex, their results were not.

Quite plainly, the group found that genetically modified crops were not a meaningful solution to the problem. In other words, the expert team showed through rigorous analysis and repeated study that the claims made by Bill Gates are completely inaccurate.

Perhaps what is most compelling, though, is the fact that Bill Gates was fully aware of these findings before going on air to inform the public that GMOs are the solution to world hunger.
The same GMOs that have been linked to organ damage, mutated insects, and a host of other issues. 

Bill Gates Knew of These Findings Beforehand

The findings of the IAASTD regarding the ineffectiveness of GMO crops were published on April 15, 2008. That is long before Bill Gates’ address to the public in late January of this year. Did Monsanto stockholder Gates ignore this information, or does he believe the 900 scientists to be incorrect?

Perhaps the evidence generated from the expert team is not enough. In that case, then Gates should look no farther than the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Another massive research organization, the Union of Concerned Scientists also examined the true yield of GMO crops, only to find that the altered crops do not produce increased yields over the long run — despite their excessive cost and extreme danger to health and environment. The lack of scientific support behind the GMO crops was so startling to the Union that they documented all the details in a 2009 report entitled ”Failure to Yield.”

GMO crops are not only ineffective at fighting world hunger, but are a genuine threat to public health. Even if they were effective at feeding more individuals than traditional farming practices, would they really want to consume it?

Bill Gates appears to have the interests of massive corporations in mind when perpetuating the myth that GMOs are the answer to fighting starvation.
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  1. Monsanto Investor Bill Gates Says GMO Crops Needed to Fight Starvation
  2. GMO Crops Continually Banned Around the World in Display of Health Freedom
  3. How the Bill Gates Foundation is Genetically Manipulating Nature and Devastating Our Health
  4. Bill Gates Foundation Buys 500,000 Shares of Monsanto
  5. Bill Gates Foundation Funds Experimental Insect Repellent
  6. How Biotech Corporations and GMO Crops are Threatening the Environment and Humankind Alike

This article first appeared at Natural Society, an excellent resource for health news and vaccine information.