ISIS EXPOSED; Internet Support For Terrorists Provided By US State Department Via Two NGO’s

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2014.7.20 (AE) – The rebranded wing of Al Qaeda known as ISIS, or ISIL, has been receiving “internet anti tracking software” and “internet technical support” from the US State Department via two contracting NGO’s… the Institute For War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Freedom House.

This should be the biggest news story in the US, especially considering that Obama has now sent over 750 US troops back into Iraq, to supposedly “help” the Iraqi government “fight” the invading radical Sunni ISIS forces… but we now know that ISIS has been achieving their miraculously “sophisticated Social Media strategy” with direct help from the US government.

So the fact that the US State Department, headed by John Kerry, is helping the most radical Al Qaeda terrorists achieve internet anonymity, assisting them in using Social Media platforms to recruit new fighters, and assisting them in uploading radical messages, including ultra violent beheading videos to YouTube… well, this is a scandal of the highest order…


**WATCH AT 720P HD**




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REICH WATCH, E3; How Britain Secretly Wages War On Middle East & African Republics Via British Crowned Arab Monarchies & Their Proxy Terrorists

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(AE) – The war on the Middle East and Africa explained in 30 minutes… using history and maps… including a look at drone base locations and expanding wanton drone attacks…. ending with a brief overview of “British Israelism”, the White Supremacist, racist, anti Jewish, anti Christian, and anti Muslim, false ideology which is the driving force behind the fascist march toward One World Government (Universal Fascism), also known as the New World Order (NWO).

WAR ON TURKEY; Erdogan Makes Further Break With NATO, Bombs NATO’s Al Qaeda Terrorists Inside Syria, Visits Iranian ‘Brothers’

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(AE) – As soon as Erdogan stopped obeying the orders dictated to him by NATO’s Supreme Commander he was immediately subjected to Western orchestrated demonstrations, EU threats, Turkey’s EU membership blocked, a corruption probe, and most recently an economic attack on the Turkish Lira.

See my previous article here with a timeline of events showing Erdogan’s fall from NATO’s grace.

Considering that Turkey has the second largest army within NATO, and it appears NATO was previously pressuring Erdogan to perform some sort of invasion or incursion into Syrian territory, it’s likely we’ll see further scandals, coup attempts, or possibly another assassination attempt (see my previous article here on assassination attempt of November 2012).


See videos below…


2014.1.29 Turkish Military Launched An Aerial Strike Against ISIL Convoy Inside Syria (PressTV,


Turkish media say the country’s military has launched an aerial strike on a convoy of al-Qaeda-linked militants inside the Syrian territory.

The strike involved F-16 fighter jets that targeted several vehicles belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – known as the ISIL.  The attack occurred on Tuesday in northern Syria along the border with Turkey.  There have been reports of casualties.  The media say the Turkish troops opened fire on ISIL’s positions in northern Syria.  This after a mortar shell fired from Syria landed in Turkish territory during clashes between the ISIL and the Free Syrian Army.


2014.1.29 Khamenei Calls For Using All Potentialities To Deepen Bilateral Relations Between Iran & Turkey (Erdogan Visits Iran) (PressTV,


The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has called for using all existing potentialities to deepen bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei was speaking during a meeting with visiting Turkish Prime Minister Rajab Tayyip Erdogan.  The leader believes Tehran and Ankara should make proper use of the current opportunities.  He noted that brotherhood between Iran and Turkey has been matchless over centuries.  The Turkish prime minister said he considers Iran as Turkish officials’ second home.  Erdogan was also received by President Hassan Rouhani.  During the meeting, Rouhani said both Ankara and Tehran agree on the need to fight terrorism.  Erdogan said terrorist groups operating in the name of Islam have nothing to do with the religion.  The Turkish prime minister left Tehran after his meetings with Ayatollah Khamenei and President Rouhani.


2014.1.30 Uncertain Future For Turkey, Analysis Review (ECONOMIC WARFARE) (


Turkey was once hailed exemplar of the world’s high-growth economies.  Now, the country faces tough economic adjustments and a political system gripped by allegations of corruption and disregard for the rule of law.  FT’s Frederick Studemann asks Bill Park, of King’s College, and FT Europe editor Tony Barber whether prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan can retain control.


WAR ON SYRIA; Russia & US Play ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’, Victim Syria Manipulated Into Disarming While Under Foreign Invasion, HUGE MISTAKE

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John Kerry

 (AE) – Did we all enjoy the latest mind rape by our NSA compromised politicians and their well paid media whores?

The people were all lead to believe that the US was about to bomb Syria over a Chemical Weapons attack on civilians, without any proof, and that Russia, Iran, and even China, were readying to possibly defend Syria, and that the mass convergence of warships in the Mediterranean could lead to something resembling World War III… but this was all coordinated political theatre.

It turns out that September 9th’s sudden “Russian Deal” to have Syria agree to turn over all of its Chemical Weapons to the “International Community” has been in the works for weeks, yes weeks, and the US was entirely aware of this deal… therefore John Kerry’s so called “off the cuff comment” in London was a completely staged political stunt… also known as BULLSHIT.

As I stressed in my previous article here, Russia is an official “NATO Partner Country” and it’s playing its official opposition role for the media while at the same time it’s working behind the scenes with NATO to help manipulate, dismantle, and eventually destroy Syria.

After many contradictory statements as to whether Russia actually shipped the contracted S300 Missile Systems to Syria we finally have an answer… first we were told they had shipped, then they had not shipped, then they had partially shipped, now it’s been confirmed by Putin… THEY HAVE NOT BEEN DELIVERED.

Russia’s supposed “friend” Syria has been under siege for over two years by a brutal terrorist foreign invasion yet Putin’s excuse for not shipping the S300’s is that “we would not like to tip the balance of power in the region”… wow, what a wonderful “friend”.

NATO, the US, and the Gulf State Monarchies (also called Britain) are entirely responsible for the over 100,000 killed in Syria, including the deaths of men, women, and children with banned Chemical Weapons provided by them to their paid terrorist mercenaries called the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front.

So where is the international outrage for this “Moral Obscenity”???

So where are the calls for the immediate prosecution of these child killing criminals for their “War Crimes” in Libya and now in Syria???


2013.9.4 Putin Says Russia Could Support Strike On Syria (S300 Missile System Shipments Were Suspended) (,0,7578043,full.story


2013.6.4 Russian Contract For Delivery Of S300’s To Syria Yet To Be Fulfilled, Putin (



WAR ON SYRIA; US Supported Chemical Weapons Gas Attacks On Libya Civilians In Bani Walid, Then Blocked UN Resolution To Stop It, Kerry & Obama Are Liars

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September 7, 2013 (AE) – The multiple uses of Chemical Weapons in Syria have ALL been committed by NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorist mercenaries, also known as Al Qaeda… the estimated 100,000 killed and the 2 million refugees are entirely the fault of the very same people who are now grandstanding about the “crisis” they created.

The warmonger politicians like John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Obama, who claim to be so concerned about dead children in Syria, are the very people responsible for the death and destruction of the country in order to accomplish their ultimate admitted goal… REGIME CHANGE

As I said in my previous article here, John Kerry as Secretary Of State means war is on the horizon…

The grandstanding of John Kerry and Obama, with their claims of the non use of Chemical Weapons being a “100 Year Old Norm” is simply laughable, and completely inaccurate… it’s an absolute disgrace that the mainstream media hasn’t torn this easily debunkable lie apart with the many examples they could draw from.

So for those with no memory of less than one year ago, or for those who simple didn’t hear about it… NATO, the US, and the UN were all responsible for the use of Chemical Weapons on civilians in Libya in 2012… that would be the use of poison Nerve Gas and White Phosphorus on the town of Bani Walid for over three weeks, known as the “Siege Of Bani Walid”, which coincidentally began just after the Benghazi Attack, and some believe there was a link.  There was no outcry by the politicians and western media then, in fact, it simply was not reported on.

See the following videos and links for more information on the War Crimes committed during the “Siege Of Bani Walid”


[Reverse Chronological Order]


2012.10.27 Siege Of Bani Walid; Foreign Fighters, Phosphorus Bombs & Nerve Gas, RT Sources (Day 24) (



2012.10.26 Bani Walid WAR CRIMES Are IGNORED By US & UK As CHAOS & MASSACRES Continues  (RT, RTGlobalReport,


2012.10.24 Besieged Bani Walid; Who’s In Control? (3 Week Siege) (RT,


2012.10.23 US Blocks Russia’s Draft Statement In UN On Peaceful Resolution Of Bani Walid Violence (Libyan Town Under Siege For Weeks; UPDATED) (




2012.10.19 Chemical Weapons In Libya?, Bani Walid In 15th Day Of Siege (Annie Machon) (RT,


WAR ON SYRIA; Israeli Submarine Strike On Port Of Latakia, To Destroy Russian Anti Ship Missiles & Help Syrian Rebels Who Are Losing War

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(AE) – Here’s another example of Israel supporting the Syrian Rebels (ie, Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front, NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA)) while at the same time Israel claims they’re concerned about radical jihadist Al Qaeda and also claim “we not intervening in Syria’s bloody war”.  There are many examples of Israel’s support for Al Qaeda and Israeli troops operating inside of Syria… see my previous article here.

CNN’s Pentagon correspondent Barbara “5 Pointed Inverted” Starr appears to have got it wrong again… it was not an Israeli airstrike but rather an Israeli submarine missile strike on the port of Latakia on July 5.

This is Israel’s fourth unprovoked strike on Syria in the last 6 months… all clearly acts of war… just how many attacks will Israel be allowed before there is a justifiable retaliation, or war simple breaks out???

The UN’s peace loving “International Community” is predictably silent as usual.

See videos below…


2013.7.14 Military Strike On Latakia; Israel Mum Amid Renewed Media Speculation Over Russian Missiles In Syria (JewishNewsOne,


Britain’s The Sunday Times has reported that Israeli Dolphin-class submarines – not Israeli fighter jets – carried out the July 5 attack on a warehouse in Syria storing Russian-made anti-ship missiles.  The report followed and partially contradicted unnamed US officials, who days earlier anonymously informed US television networks that the Russian missiles were, in fact, destroyed by Israeli war planes.  Israeli officials have not confirmed or denied the reports, stating only that the Jewish state will act if advanced weaponry is transferred from President Assad’s army to Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.  During a visit to an army base last week, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon restated Israel’s approach to the Syrian conflict:  that it would not get involved except to stop weapons transfers.  Ya’alon said Israel had established ‘red lines’ when it comes to national interests, and the military was sticking to them.


2013.7.13 Israel Behind Mystery Attack On Syrian Port (RT,


US officials have revealed that explosions reported at a key Syrian port on July 5 were likely the result of an Israeli airstrike.  Three officials spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, referring to the pre dawn explosions in the city of Latakia as an Israeli operation which allegedly targeted Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles.


2013.7.12 Israel Believed Behind Recent Syria Strike By Barbara Starr (


A series of explosions on July 5 at a critical Syrian port was the result of airstrikes by Israeli warplanes, according to multiple U.S. officials.

Regional media widely reported the predawn explosions at Latakia, but no one had officially claimed responsibility.

Three U.S. officials told CNN the target of the airstrikes were Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles that Israel believes posed a threat to its naval forces.

The officials declined to be named because of the sensitive nature of the information.

So far, the Israeli government has also declined to comment to CNN.

Israel’s defense minister Moshe Yaalon denied involvement, according to one Israeli news site.

“It has been a long time that we are not intervening in Syria’s bloody war.  Red lines were presented and we maintain them,” said Yaalon, according to YNet News.  “There is an explosion here or an attack there, somewhere in the Middle East, most of the time they accuse us.”

Israeli and U.S. intelligence are also watching closely for additional shipments of Russian arms to Syria from Russian warships located off the coast.

The United States believes some supplies, including ammunition and small arms, have been unloaded in recent weeks.  So far, there has been no indication of heavy weapons or helicopters that the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad anticipates.

CNN has reported at least three previous Israeli airstrikes against Syrian targets in recent months in instances where it believed weapons were being transferred to Iranian backed Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon that could also threaten Israel.


WAR ON LEAKERS; Military Prosecutors Link Bradley Manning To Al Qaeda Via Adam Gadahn’s Use Of WikiLeaks Data In Video

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(AE) – Bradley Manning is being charged with “Espionage” and “Aiding The Enemy”, among other things, just because the Jewish American Al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn (AKA Adam Pearlman) used a video clip allegedly obtained from WikiLeaks???

This is very weak evidence, but prosecutors also claim they have evidence Osama Bin Laden was looking at WikiLeaks data too… completely laughable.


See video below…


2013.7.1 Manning’s Court Martial Details Al Qaeda’s Interest In WikiLeaks (RT,


On Monday, the fifth week of whistleblower Bradley Manning’s trial continued in Fort Meade, Maryland.  The prime focus of the court martial has been the 250,000 State Department diplomatic cables that the Army private handed over to WikiLeaks.  Prosecutors are arguing that al-Qaeda browses the Internet to gather intelligence and claim the soldier’s leaks aided the terrorist group.

RT’s Liz Wahl has more.


EXCLUSIVE; Turkey’s Erdogan Didn’t Follow NATO’s Orders To Attack Syria, Protests Are ‘Foreign Conspiracy’, EU Membership Blocked

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“They have thrown a shadow on Turkey’s image, stained Turkey’s international power.  Now they are trying to play the same game in Brazil… the game is the same, the symbols are the same, the banners are the same, Twitter and Facebook are being used the same way, and the international media reacts the same; they are being operated from the same centre.” – Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan


(AE) – The international media’s well coordinated about face on their previously lauded golden boy Erdogan was immediate, and very noticeable.  This lead me to review the timeline of some critical events leading up to Erdogan’s apparent fall from NATO’s grace…



  • 2013.5.11 Reyhanli Turkey Car Bombings (Syrian border, 51 killed, 140 injured, attempt is made to blame Syrian government, no proof) [1]
  • 2013.5.16 Erdogan & Obama Meeting In Washington DC (‘Assad must go’, but another likely topic is, why didn’t you take our Reyhanli “cue” and invade Syria?, ERDOGAN TAKES STAND OPPOSING CHEMICAL WEAPONS) [2]
  • 2013.5.27 Turkey’s Raid On Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front Members In Adana Turkey (2 Kg of chemical weapon “Sarin Gas” seized, group has links to the Reyhanli Turkey Car Bombings of 2013.5.11) [3] [4]
  • 2013.5.28 Turkey’s Protests Against Erdogan Begin (Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park sit in, one day after raid on Al Nusra Front found Sarin Gas, 12 days after Erdogan’s meeting with Obama) [5]
  • 2013.6.6 Erdogan Claims “Foreign Agents” & “Foreign Conspiracy” Behind Turkey Riots (Facebook, Twitter & Spies; even Russia’s media ridicules Erdogan for this claim [6], but it’s the exact same CIA backed blueprint used for “Operation Arab Spring”, The Revolution Business) [7]
  • 2013.6.22 Turkey’s EU Membership Talks Blocked By Germany & Netherlands (scheduled for 2013.6.26, postponed until 2013.10.x, excuse of “concerns over Turkey’s handling of anti government protests”) [8]
  • 2013.6.23 Erdogan Again Claims “Foreign Agents” & “Foreign Conspiracy” Behind Turkey Riots (same game being played on Brazil, same symbols, same banners, same international media) [9]


The timeline of events above leads me to speculate the following…

Erdogan missed his NATO cue to intervene in Syria after the devastating Reyhanli bombings, he was then summoned to Washington DC to explain himself to Obama, then during his Washington statement Erdogan publicly rejects the use of chemical weapons in Syria, 11 days later Erdogan raids Al Nusra Front’s cache of Sarin Gas at Adana Turkey, the following day protests begin in Turkey against Erdogan, this is clearly a threat, Erdogan even claims the protests are a “foreign conspiracy”, the protests continue, now further punishment has been provided by Germany and the Netherlands to block Turkey’s scheduled EU membership talks.

By saying this I am in no way supporting Erdogan, for he has made many great errors by participating in NATO’s covert war on Syria, and therefore alienating his own people. This is inexcusable, and the actions within Syria amount to war crimes, however, it must be noted that Erdogan appears to have limits, and the timeline indicates that he refused to participate in a large Sarin Gas attack inside Syria, and instead seized those chemical weapons, and likely prevented an attack that would have been blamed on the Syrian government in order to trigger Obama’s “Red Line”, which has now been trigger by very dubious means.


See sources and videos below…


[1] 2013.5.11 Turkey Claims Syrian Intelligence Behind Bombing On Border (Reyhanli) (RT,


Double car-bomb blasts have rocked a Turkish town near the country’s border with Syria. Dozens are dead and scores more injured following the attack.  No one has yet claimed responsibility for the bombings, but Turkey is focusing on Kurdish rebels or Syrian involvement.


[2] 2013.5.16 ‘Assad Must Go’ Says Turkey & The US (Erdogan & Obama Meeting In Washington DC) (Euronews,


A day of talks between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan were dominated by the civil war there but Obama refused to see US troops drawn into the conflict.

“There is no magic formula for dealing with the extraordinarily violent difficult situation like Syria,” said Obama. ” I reserve the option of taking additional steps both diplomatic and military.”

Prime Minister Erdogan was more forthright about his aims:

“Syria should not be an area controlled by terrorist groups.  The use of chemical weapon must be prevented.  Security for all the minorities must be provided.  These are the priorities.”

In the end both men stressed the strength of their relations over trade, terrorism and commercial interests. But they both also voiced intentions towards the Middle East with Erdogan going ahead with a visit to Gaza and Obama announcing a trip to the West Bank.


[3] 2013.5.30 Al Qaeda’s Jabhat Al Nusra Caught With Sarin Gas Inside Turkey (2013.5.27 Raid) (RT,


Turkish security forces found a 2-Kg cylinder with sarin gas after searching the homes of jihadist militants from al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) who were previously detained, Turkish media reports.  The gas was reportedly going to be used in a bomb.

The sarin gas was found in the homes of suspected Syrian Islamists detained in the southern provinces of Adana and Mersia following a search by Turkish police on Wednesday, reports say.  The gas was allegedly going to be used to carry out an attack in the southern Turkish city of Adana.

On Monday, Turkish special anti-terror forces arrested 12 suspected members of the Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda affiliated group which has been dubbed “the most aggressive and successful arm” of the “Syrian rebels”.  The group was designated a terrorist organization by the United States in December 2012.

Police also reportedly found a cache of weapons, documents and digital data which will be reviewed by police.

Following the searches, five of those detained were released following medical examinations at the Forensic Medicine Institution Adana.  Seven suspects remain in custody.  Turkish authorities are yet to comment on the arrests.


[4] 2013.5.31 Toxic Warfare; Rebels Caught With Sarin Gas Amid Syria Arms Supply Scandal (2013.5.27 Raid) (RT,


Suspected Syrian militants have reportedly been detained in Turkey with a cylinder of highly poisonous sarin gas found in their possession.  Those arrested are believed to be members of the Al- Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front.  Earlier this month, UN investigators voiced suspicion the nerve agent was being used by opposition fighters.  RT’s Middle East correspondent Paula Slier reports.


[5] 2013 Protests In Turkey (


[6] 2013.6.6 Twitter, Spies & Looters; Erdogan Blames ‘Foreign Agents’ For Turkey Riots (RT,


For a sixth night running in Turkey, it was more of the same.

Clashes leading to police unleashing their water cannons and tear gas on protesters.  A third fatality has been confirmed in the unrest, after a man died from head injuries in an Ankara hospital.  Activists want the police chiefs responsible for their violent tactics removed and urged officials to ban the use of tear gas.  Protesters also want all those that have been detained, released saying that could end the days of riots.  The Turkish Prime minister returns from a trip to North Africa later, and will be expected to do something about the public discontent which has seen demands for him to reverse all his policies.  But as RT’s Irina Galushko reports, Erdogan appears to be looking for scapegoats.


[7] 2012.8.14 PROOF The ‘Arab Spring’ Was Contrived; The Revolution Business (CANVAS, F. William Engdahl, Gene Sharp, Otpor, Revolution Training Software, Srdja Popovic) (


[8] 2013.6.22 Tension Between Germany & Turkey (EU Membership Talks Postponed) (Euronews,


Activists in Turkey have continued their presence in Istanbul’s Taksim square, holding a silent protest.

In Ankara, there more demonstrations against the police detention of activists.

Meanwhile their politicians thoughts are elsewhere after a potentially damaging fall out with Germany.

Both countries Foreign Ministries have summoned the others ambassador for talks.

Turkey has accused Angela Merkel of attacking it for political gain, after she criticised the country earlier in the week for its treatment of protestors.

Turkey’s European Union Affairs Minister, Egemen Bagis, warned Merkel not to interfere.

“As you know there are elections in September in Germany.  So, if Mrs Merkel is looking for domestic election material, that should not be Turkey.”  Bagis said, adding “If Mrs Merkel looks at what happened with Sarkozy, who massively exploited this situation before, she can clearly see the consequences.  The ones who mess with Turkey do not end up well.”

The accusations have angered the German government. Andreas Peschke, spokesman for the German Department of Foreign Affairs, said:

“These remarks were received with incomprehension here, it does not work that way, and that is why the Turkish ambassador was summoned.”

On Thursday, Germany, along with the Netherlands, blocked the next stage of talks for Turkey to join the EU.  The German government refused to say whether the decision was linked to the Turkish crackdown.


[9] 2013.6.23 Erdogan Says Activists ‘Playing Into Hands’ Of Turkey’s Enemies (Euronews,


A week of calm in Istanbul has come to an end after police clashed with protesters on Saturday night, using water canons to disperse them.

In Ankara, smoke grenades were used to clear people from the area.

On the streets, people chanted for the resignation of Prime Minister Erdogan.  Many threw red carnations at the lines of riot police forming around them.

Erdogan responded, saying protesters were playing into the hands of Turkey’s enemies:

“They have thrown a shadow on Turkey’s image, stained Turkey’s international power.  Now they are trying to play the same game in Brazil.”  Erdogan went on to add:  “The game is the same, the symbols are the same, the banners are the same, Twitter and Facebook are being used the same way, and the international media reacts the same; they are being operated from the same centre.”


EXCLUSIVE; Al Qaeda’s ‘Inspire’ Magazine Blamed For Boston & Woolwich ‘Self Radicalization’, PreCrime Passport Confiscations & Internet Fascism Begins

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(AE) – I’ve noticed the spin since the very beginning of the Boston Bombings… but with the recent Woolwich Attack “the play” has become more obvious.

Early on Peter King made sure he name dropped Al Qaeda’s internet magazine “Inspire” as the source for bomb building instructions before anyone even had a clue who was responsible for the Boston Bombings.  This hasty suggestion seemed odd, and Islamophobic, so I simply chalked it up to standard Peter King fodder.

These recent “terror attacks” are being used, or have been created, to project an idea, an idea that people within the US and Britain are becoming “self radicalized”, and this is being achieved through the internet from various sources, but spotlighted is Al Qaeda’s internet magazine “Inspire”.  My opinion is that this is a fake magazine created by the CIA, but I won’t detail the reasons here.

The fact that CNN repetitively mentioned this online source was “easy to find” and “could teach you how to build bombs” was hardly shy of a product placement ad.

I could write 20 pages breaking this all down, but it’s easier, and better, for you to see the evidence for yourself in the videos and text below… and these are only a few of many examples.

I’ll end this with the additional suggestion that the recent “3D Printable Gun” hype is VERY likely part of “the play”… that is, to make the internet into a dangerous wasteland of “self radicalizing” terrorists and shady rogue gun making “domestic terrorists”.


What will the solution to all this be???…… INTERNET REGULATIONS


See the following supporting evidence below… and my late addition of the last article fully supports my suspicions… go directly to the end if you don’t have time for the rest…




2013.4.16 Rep. Peter King Tells Steve Malzberg Saudi Man At Race Still A Suspect (NewsmaxTV,


On the Steve Malzberg Show today, Congressman Peter King, a member of the Homeland Security
Committee, says that despite contradicting reports, the fleeing Saudi man that was injured at the
Boston Marathon is not a suspect. [“Not” is a typo – Joel]



2013.4.26 UK To Confiscate Passports From ‘Suspected’ Terrorists, Criminals, Football Hooligans (


Al Qaeda’s internet magazine “Inspire” pushed UK citizens can now be stripped of their passports for “actual or suspected” activities declared to be “contrary to the public interest” without a legal procedure, Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May has announced.

But some experts disagree as to the origin of radical conversion to extremism.  The radicalization process is taking place in the UK and not overseas argues defense consultant, Moeen Raoof.

“They are being radicalized in their living groups up and down the country.  The television sets are informing the radicalization process,” Raoof told RT.  The consultant argues that domestic terrorists are “self radicalizing or radicalizing in peer groups.”

The Home Office will be able to make the decision to withdraw a passport without consulting Parliament or going through the legal system, as the issuing of foreign passports is a Royal Prerogative, a legacy power possessed by the monarchy, and by proxy, by the Cabinet.

Being a Royal Prerogative, the new policy comes into force immediately.




2013.4.27 ONLINE SELF RADICALIZATION! ‘The Internet Is A Place Where People Do Become Radicalized’ (MOXNEWS, CNN,




2013.5.23 ‘Lone Wolf Attack To Become Main Form Of Radicalism’ (RT,


One of the suspects in the murder of a UK soldier in East London has been identified as a 28-year-old Islam convert with Nigerian heritage, report UK press. Both suspects in the grisly attack were known to British security services.  Annie Machon, a former MI5 agent tells RT about the similarities between the attacks in Boston and London.



2013.5.26 UK Home Secretary Proposes Wider Snooping Powers In Light Of Woolwich Attack (


UK Home Secretary Theresa May said on Sunday that it is “essential” to grant intelligence agencies the capacity to access communications data, despite overwhelming opposition to the Draft Communications Data Bill, first published last year.

The bill – widely known as the ʻSnooperʼs Charterʼ– is making a comeback, alongside tighter controls on extremist groups, after a proposed stepping-up of Internet surveillance following the Woolwich murder.

This ʻsnooperʼs charterʼ would have given agencies, including police and intelligence services, access to information and data collection by Internet service providers, including details of individuals’ web browsing history, social media messages and internet gaming, storing them all for 12 months.

The setting up of a new group on Sunday was announced by UK Prime Minister David Cameronʼs office, stating that it would aim to fighting radicalism in schools and mosques, tighten checks on Internet material deemed inflammatory, and disrupt any “poisonous narrative” of hardline clerics, according to Reuters.

“It will assess the range of strategies to disrupt individuals who may be influential in fostering extremism.  It needs to confront those religious leaders who promote violence head on,” the office said in a statement, echoing Mayʼs claim that “thousands” are at risk of being radicalized through the dissemination of information deemed extremist.

May suggested measures such as the use of court orders to block some websites, using the justification that people are able to watch things online “that can lead to radicalization.”



WAR ON SYRIA; Israeli Vehicle Destroyed Inside Syria, Israel’s ‘Fears Of Al Qaeda’ Contradicts Their Support Of NATO’s FSA Terrorists

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(AE) – The following FOX News report, from four days ago, showing IDF troops inside Syrian territory, makes today’s destruction of an Israeli vehicle, once again inside Syrian territory, and heading towards the rebel held (ie, Al Qaeda terrorist held) village of Bir Ajam, just so much more interesting…


2013.5.17 Israel Prepares For War In The Golan Heights (FOX News, amazingnews3000,



2013.5.21 Syria & Israel In Exchange Of Fire (


Israeli and Syrian forces have exchanged fire across the ceasefire line in the occupied Golan Heights.

Israel returned fire after one of its military vehicles was hit by shots from Syria, Israel’s defence forces say. Media reports say no one was hurt.

Syria says it destroyed an Israeli vehicle which it says crossed the ceasefire line into territory its forces control.

Syria and Israel have traded fire a number of times in recent weeks.

The Israeli military said its troops “returned precise fire” after the vehicle was hit.

A statement from the Syrian army said it had “destroyed an Israeli vehicle with everything that it had in it”.  The statement said the vehicle was shot after it crossed the ceasefire line and headed towards the rebel-held village of Bir Ajam.

It warned that any attempts to violate its sovereignty would be “met with immediate and firm retaliation”.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has previously accused Israel of aiding the rebels, but has not provided substantive evidence.

Speaking after Tuesday’s incident, Israeli chief of staff Lt Gen Benny Gantz said Israel would not allow the Golan to become “a comfortable sphere for Assad to operate from”, warning the Syrian leader would “bear the consequences” if the situation deteriorated.

Heightened tension

Syrian gunfire has hit the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights in two previous incidents this week, without causing injury.  There have been sporadic exchanges of fire between the two sides in recent months.

The difference this time is that the Syrian regime, which did not comment on the previous reported incidents, have made a big issue of this one, and cast it in quite a different light, says the BBC’s Jim Muir in Beirut.

It has used the event to highlight what it calls the close co-operation between Israel and the Syrian rebels – whose wounded in that area are in fact reported to be being treated in Israeli medical facilities, he says.

By warning of an “immediate and firm” response to any future “breaches” it also hinted at the kind of regional flare-up that is increasingly worrying the international community as it sees the Syrian crisis deepening, our correspondent adds.

Tensions between Israel and Syria have soared this year, with Israel carrying out three air strikes on Syria to stop the transfer of advanced weapons to the militant Islamist movement Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Syrian shells have hit Israeli positions on the Golan Heights, though it is unclear whether they were aimed at rebels in border areas, and Israel has returned fire.

Syria and Israel have been in a state of war since 1948 but the border had been relatively calm in recent years.

Israel has occupied the Golan Heights since the 1967 war.  It annexed the territory in 1981, in a move that has not been recognised by the international community.


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