Suspect charged with bomb threat at White House

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Washington — A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after police say he made a bomb threat outside the White House.

D.C. police spokesman Araz Alali says the man approached an officer at the White House gates Wednesday morning and warned that a bomb would detonate in a truck parked nearby.

Surrounding streets and the entrance to a nearby Metro rail station were shut down as the Secret Service inspected the vehicle for explosives.

From The Detroit News:

Is the US Navy deploying the HAARP platform SBX-1 to hit North Korea with earthquakes?

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The US Navy is reportedly deploying the huge Sea-based X-band radar to the Korean Peninsula what suggests that North Korea could be hit by a massive HAARP-made earthquake anytime soon


X-Band radar: is it a conspiracy THEORY, or is it direct EVIDENCE?

HAARP Exposed – Check out this CBC (the Canadian state-funded broadcasting network) coverage of HAARP –

More at –

Did US secret weapons cause Japan’s earthquake and tsunami???

“Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. An Auckland University professor seconded to the Army set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945. Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.”
– From article in the New Zealand Herald (New Zealand’s leading newspaper), 9/25/1999

A declassified government report (96 MB file) featured in the newspaper article below shows that a tsunami bomb was created as a potential weapon during WWII in a program code-named Project Seal. There is little doubt that this tsunami weapon was further developed and refined over the ensuing decades, though all documents related to current developments of the project are almost certainly still classified. Though it may seem far-fetched to imagine military involvement, these documents and reports raise serious questions about the recent tsunami in Japan and the December 26, 2004 tsunami in Indonesia.

The many layers of intense secrecy both in the government and military result in very few people being aware of the gruesome capabilities for death and destruction that have been developed over the years. Were it not for the below article in New Zealand’s leading newspaper, the public would never have known that a tsunami bomb had been created many decades ago. No one denies that highly destructive weapons are being developed in secret by the militaries of the world. What the public doesn’t know is what these weapons are, and what they are being used for. All of this is generally classified for reasons of “national security.”

Sadly, the rubric of “national security” has all to often been used for secret political and economic gains which clearly do not benefit the public. Operation Northwoods, uncovered by ABC News in the year 2000, showed that the top Pentagon generals were willing to foment terrorism and sacrifice innocent civilians in order to provoke a war with Cuba in the early 1960s. Credible researchers into the government’s HAARP program are convinced that this technology which manipulates our ionosphere is being used for military means and can even cause natural disasters like earthquakes. Because of this, we have to ask the hard questions.

It is unprecedented in recorded history for two major tidal waves to occur less than seven years apart. See brief descriptions of the 10 most destructive tsunamis in recorded history at this link. For four intriguing theories on what might have caused the Japanese earthquake (including one which predicted the date), click here. Theory two seems ridiculous, but the other three are worth considering. The fourth theory is based on HAARP and has some good information about that possibility.


Tsunami bomb NZ’s devastating war secret

Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal.

An Auckland University professor seconded to the Army set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945.

Professor Thomas Leech’s work was considered so significant that United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the war it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb.

Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

North Korean video shows imagined attack on Washington

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Seoul, South Korea (CNN) — A new North Korean propaganda video shows images of what appears to be an imagined missile attack on U.S. government buildings in Washington, including the White House and the Capitol.

The roughly 4-minute video was posted Monday on the YouTube channel of the North Korean government website Uriminzokkiri.

It carries a montage of clips of different weapons, including artillery guns firing and large missiles on display at military parades.

Just before the three-minute mark, it cuts to footage of the White House in an electronic sight’s crosshairs, and then a simulated explosion of the Capitol’s dome.

At the same time, the voice narrating the video says, “The White House has been captured in the view of our long-range missile, and the capital of war is within the range of our atomic bomb.”

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Book – How the FBI Helps Terrorists Succeed

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Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has claimed many victories in the war on terror.

Each time a domestic terror suspect is arrested, the public is told that another horrific plot has been averted.

But after combing through thousands of pages of court documents, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson came to a different conclusion — that most of the men arrested could never have done what they were accused of if the FBI hadn’t given them the tools to do so.

In his new book, “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism,” Aaronson argues that the U.S. government is responsible for “hatching and financing more terrorist plots in the United States than any other group.” He spoke to Heather Maher.

You began your research by asking whether the FBI is “busting terrorist plots — or leading them?” What did you find out?

Trevor Aaronson: The FBI is looking for what they term “a lone wolf terrorist,” which is someone holed up in an apartment somewhere who sympathizes with Al-Qaeda but may lack the specific means to do that. And so the FBI uses sting operations to [find] these people — these people who may want to commit an act of terrorism, are right on that line from moving from sympathizer to operator — and then through these sting operations, lure them out and get them involved in a terrorism plot that they’re ultimately prosecuted for.

But what I found is that of these cases, we can point to a handful of real, dangerous terrorists, like Faisal Shahzad, who came close to bombing [New York’s] Times Square, or Najibullah Zazi, who came close to bombing the New York City subway system. But so many more of them, more than 150 people, were these men who were caught in sting operations who never had the means and, in some cases, never had the idea for the terrorism plot, and it was the FBI that provided them with everything — the bomb, the transportation, everything they needed to move forward in a terrorism plot that on their own, they never would have been able to do. And certainly evidence suggests that in most of these cases, they never had any specific connections to terrorism. So it’s really hard to believe that they ever would have had or acquired the means to commit some sort of act of terrorism.

How do these FBI sting operations go down?

Aaronson: In a terrorism sting operation, the FBI informant or undercover agent poses as an Al-Qaeda operative or an operative of another terrorist group and says to the target, “You know, I have what you need if you want to move forward on a terrorist plot. I can provide the bomb, I can provide the transportation, everything you need I can give you.” And when they move forward in that plot, when they get the bomb together, and they put it in a car, and they drive it to a location and the target of the sting operation dials the cell phone that he believes is going to detonate the bomb and kill dozens of people, he’s then arrested. And so in sting operations, essentially the government becomes part of the plot and then ultimately prosecutes the target of the sting operation based on his involvement in that plot, the actions that he took as part of that plot.

You write that key to these sting operations are informants who find terror sympathizers and bring them to the FBI’s attention. Who are these informants and what’s in it for them?   ​​Aaronson: The FBI has an unprecedented number of informants — there’s a total of 15,000 informants. And they are paid — in some cases handsomely; $100,000 in some cases, $400,000 in a case in California – they are paid to find people who are interested in committing an act of terrorism, people who are espousing some sort of violence, who say they want to commit some sort of violent act, but may not have the means to do that, and it’s their job to target them and to get them involved in these sting operations.

But the problem I found in a lot of these cases is that there’s a real question of whether the informant is actually a worse criminal than the target of the sting operation could ever be. In these sting operations, the FBI has used drug dealers frequently as informants, they’ve used an accused murderer, in a Seattle case; they’ve used a child molester — people who are just odious in every way. And they also have a direct incentive to find terrorists and see them prosecuted because they can make so much money as informants.

So when they enter mosques and they look for people who are interested in committing acts of terrorism, they know there’s a lot of money riding on it for them to find that person. And as a result of that, what they’re ultimately finding in most of these cases are people on the fringes of society who are economically desperate, in some cases mentally ill, and these are people who are easily susceptible to a strong-willed informant.

Full Article

Grand Central Terminal ‘Bomb Scare’ Reroutes Trains, Fires Up Twitter

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GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority shut down service of its shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central on Sunday night, and briefly had 4, 5 and 6 trains bypassing the station after a bomb scare halted activity to the transit hub, according to MTA officials.

The NYPD would not comment on whether or not there had been a bomb threat in the station, and referred all inquiries to the MTA.

Initially a spokesman for the MetroNorth Railroad, which handles railroad operations at the station, said: “This is an NYPD investigation,” adding, “there is nothing wrong at Grand Central Terminal, which is what the MTA handles.”

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Whistleblower fired for revealing cops threatened Obama while protecting him

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A Richmond police officer who reported fellow cops for allegedly threatening President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has been fired from his job on the force.

WTVR on Wednesday confirmed that the officer, who did not wish to be named, had been called to police headquarters where he was terminated on Tuesday.

The officer blew the whistle on a 20-year department veteran and other members of the Richmond force after they made inappropriate comments while providing protection to the president and first lady.

“There was an officer providing exterior security to the president on that day on the phone with the supervisor,” the whistleblower explained to WTVR last May. “The supervisor said to that particular officer, ‘you’re down there right? So, you can take a couple of shots, you might have to kill yourself, but you can take a couple of shots.’”

He said that the supervisor made those comments to a sharpshooter on the day of the president’s visit to Richmond.

And “another officer in the background started talking and he said, ‘yeah, somebody should plant a bomb underneath the stage while they’re on there and blow it up,’” the source said.
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The Jack Blood Show – February 18 2013

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MONDAY 2.18.13 (Mattress Sale Day / “Presidents Day 2013) – Jack Blood gives the true meaning of “President’s Day” – how that equates to State’s Rights…. Various stream of Consciousness news interpretations, and a couple of politically incorrect jokes. FBI stops its own bomb plot on Oaktown’s B of A (an admitted false flag to frame anti government – pro freedom – activists) and the Monday news you are not hearing anywhere else – all framed in a surrealistic painting. SUPPORT THE JACK BLOOD SHOW ARCHIVES BY DONATING TODAY at the Chip in — OR by writing to – Don’t be the guy or grrl that is responsible for the show going away!

FBI Plot to Blow Up Bank in Oakland — Stopped by FBI (Feb ’13) / Plan was a False Flag to frame Anti Govt Activists!

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Reminiscent of the NY Federal Reserve Plot in 2012!

Yet another terrorist plot put in motion by FBI is stopped by FBI just in time for FBI to take credit.

Oakland Bank Bomb Plot Suspect May Get Mental Health Evaluation

(Remember that THIS WAS THE FBI’S IDEA!!!!!!!)

FBI: Calif. Man Hoped to Incite ‘Civil War’ by Framing ‘Anti-Government’ Right-Wing Groups for Terror Attack

Deranged O’Bomba Supporter? Or just another willing DUPE with a 66 IQ?

Matthew Aaron Llaneza Charged in Bomb Plot, Wanted to Frame Anti Goverment Right Wing Groups

Credit: AP

Federal agents arrested 28-year-old California native Matthew Aaron Llaneza on Friday after he allegedly attempted to detonate what he thought was a car bomb outside a Bank of America in Oakland, according to the FBI. Llaneza, a Taliban sympathizer, plotted to blame the attack on right-wing, anti-government groups in a bid to incite a “civil war.”

“Llaneza’s arrest was the culmination of an undercover operation during which he was closely monitored by the FBI’s South Bay Joint Terrorism Task Force. Unbeknownst to Llaneza, the explosive device that he allegedly attempted to use had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement and posed no threat to the public. Llaneza was charged this morning by criminal complaint with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction against property used in an activity that affects interstate or foreign commerce,” according to an FBI press release.

Prior to his arrest, Llaneza met with a man he thought was connected with the Taliban and the mujahidin in Afghanistan — though he was actually an undercover FBI agent. The terrorist suspect suggested carrying out an attack against a bank in the San Francisco Bay Area using a car bomb. He planned to carry out the false flag attack and make it appear as if “the responsible party was an umbrella organization for a loose collection of anti-government militias and their sympathizers.”

“Llaneza’s stated goal was to trigger a governmental crackdown, which he expected would trigger a right-wing counter-response against the government followed by, he hoped, civil war,” the FBI release states.

(* Josh Tolly in this you tube keeps calling the suspect Adam Lanaza – which would be weird… His name is: Matthew Llaneza )


Dan Rather CBS – FBI Involvement in 1993 WTC Bombing

High school student sends letter to Obama over drone assassinations

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Alec will be appearing on the Jack Blood Show Tomorrow (Friday) 2.8.13

Alec Scheer February 7, 2013
We Are 1776 dot org

President Obama,

It is my understanding, throughout the duration of your Presidency, that you have persistently authorized drone strikes on innocent Middle Eastern civilians who were supposedly working for, or somehow affiliated with Al-Qaeda. As a further matter, you have gone so far as to publicly announce – in accordance to your Administration’s white paper concerning the legalities and justifications concerning your drone policy, which was leaked to NBC – that you have the authority to drone bomb any American citizen.

The Hill wrote, “In the document, the Justice Department concludes that a lethal strike against a senior operational leader of al Qaeda — or an affiliated terrorist group — can occur if a three-part test is met: that a high-level American intelligence official has determined the individual poses an imminent threat, that capture is infeasible, and that the strike is conducted according to the laws of war governing use of force.”

The key phrase here is:

“Or an affiliated terrorist group.”

This is chilling. It is jaw-dropping, rather. Why? It’s simple. According to multiple documents – such as the FBI’s “Project Megiddo” document from the late 1990’s and the FBI’s and BJA’s “Communities Against Terrorism” documents – we, the American people, are considered “an affiliated terrorist group.”

It is also interesting to note the hypocrisy which you have entangled yourself in. You have made it clear, upon the reauthorization of the NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022 on December 31, 2011, with this leaked white paper concerning drone bombings, and with your countless public appearances regarding terrorism, that anyone who is affiliated – or somehow deemed a terrorist – shall be denied their Constitutional rights. However, have you ever noticed the glowing hypocrisy here? Your administration has openly aided the Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria (Reuters, Daily Mail, etc.) firearms.

Aren’t these the very people you’re against? Aren’t these the very people by which you have used to justify the killings of countless innocent civilians?

From what I have seen, and with respect to the policies/actions mentioned above, you and your Administration should be considered a “rogue” group which aids the terrorist faction Al-Qaeda. If you can’t consider yourself that, then – at the very least – you need to consider yourself “an affiliated terrorist group”. With that said, it seems as though you need to indefinitely detain or drone bomb yourself, right? After all, you do meet the requirements for such actions. Now, of course, this is hypothetical. I wish no harm to you or any of your bureaucrats. However, I am using this to exemplify your hypocrisy.

Moreover, it is my understanding that you have gone so far as to justify the killing of 16 year old American citizen, for being a suspected Al-Qaeda operative, by having your Press Secretary come out and say it was moral and just. Whatever the case may be, Anwar Awlaki – the 16 year old whom you killed – was denied due process of law, a jury trial, and was not given the opportunity to defend his case in front of a jury of his peers.

I am a 16 year old high school student myself. Am I next? After all, I am considered an affiliated terrorist group because I support the Constitution and Ron Paul. Will you slaughter me, like you did Awlaki?

Mr. Obama, you will have an uprising on your hands if you do not change your antics. I am not calling for an uprisingnor do I support one – but I am warning you that a plethora of Americans are growing angry over your policies.

On behalf of the large group of concerned American citizens and from a concerned American high school student,

Alec Scheer,

Founder of We Are 1776

Netanyahu Tells America It’s Now Or Never

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Netanyahu has drawn a line in the sand, only this time, it’s for the U.S.

According to a Maariv report, when speaking to a visiting delegation from the American Jewish Committee, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was simply not strong enough to force a halt to Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. In order to halt the program, Bibi said, the U.S. would have to strike, and they must do so this year.


“The sanctions are only likely to stop Iran if there is a credible (military) threat over their head … and in order for it to be a credible threat, you need to mean it, meaning that if the sanctions don’t work – and they haven’t until now – you will use it,” he said.

He followed this up by saying that 2013 would be the last year America could effectively put an end to Iran’s nuclear program. If not, they would get their hands on enriched uranium and build a bomb in “a short time” according to Netanyahu.

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