Ted Nugent: Arrest Eric Holder If You Want To Stop Gun Trafficking. CNN

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In His CNN appearance Ted Nugent says you want to stop gun trafficking, arrest Eric Holder. Ted Nugent appeared on CNN with Erin Burnett Thursday night to discuss the latest gun control legislation that passed its first hurdle in the Senate earlier in the day. While he agreed with some of the principles in the bill when it comes to keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, the gun rights advocate and rocker called it a “feel-good measure” and said he “doesn’t trust the government” to handle the task.

Georgia Man Killed by Police in Hostage Stand Off

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All over the news in ATL – This took about an hour to wrap up. We do NOT endorse any action that harms our Firemen! BUT, could this have been handled without killing a man that had an obvious stress blowout? YES!

Firefighter hostage situation ends with suspect’s death


Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Breaking: Explosions Heard in Neighborhood Where Firefighters Held Hostage –Police: The man who held firefighters hostage is dead after authorities stormed the home in an Atlanta suburb. –One police officer wounded, but wounds not life-threatening —Gunman holds 4 firefighters hostage in Georgia home 10 Apr 2013 A gunman barricaded himself in a home in suburban Atlanta and was holding four firefighters hostage Wednesday afternoon, authorities in northeast Georgia said. Five firefighters responded to a medical call in Suwanee and were eventually taken hostage by an unidentified suspect inside the house, Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Edwin Ritter said. The gunman released one of the firefighters from the house to move a fire truck. A SWAT team and negotiator had made contact with the suspect Wednesday evening. Ritter said the immediate area around the house has been evacuated and residents were not being allowed into the neighborhood. (CNN, Fox News)

How Korean War Might Play Out (Video – According to CNN)

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Of course all of this is Pure speculation (ahem Theory).If there IS a war, or a preemptive attack by the West using overwhelming force… N. Korea could go down like Iraq (who also talked a big game before being easily taken out.) Our money is on an exotic weapon causing a catastrophe, which cripples the nation…. w/ No to little retaliatory response. CNN and the Fear mongering PTB have others theories below. For what its worth.


CNN’s Tom Foreman and retired General James Marks map out potential strategies if North Korea attacks South Korea. OK. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/


Letters from John Lennon’s killer to be sold

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(CNN) — In his time as a New York City police officer, Stephen Spiro says that it only happened to him once.

Typically, the people he arrested wanted nothing to do with him.

But then, few things about the case of Mark David Chapman were typical.

Chapman, the man convicted of killing former Beatle John Lennon, wrote Spiro, his arresting officer, four letters.

In the letters, Chapman repeatedly tells Spiro to read “The Catcher in the Rye,” saying the book would explain much of what happened the night of the murder, December 8, 1980.

He expresses an ease with the officer, saying he hoped they could be friends, that he thought Spiro was a great policeman, and that he had felt close to him ever since his arrest.

Chillingly, Chapman also wrote that others “could — and would — have served the same purpose” as Lennon.

The four letters are expected to go on sale Monday on the Moments in Time website, which sells rare autographs and historical documents.

Spiro says they represent the only time someone he arrested wrote him letters.

“They’ve been in my possession for 30 years, and I’m 66 years old, and I’m saying, you know, what am I going to do with these things? So I figured I’d sell them,” he told CNN.

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What the President and the DOD do not want you to know about Alabama Bunker Standoff

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Is Posse Comitatus Dead? US Troops on US Streets

What of ‘Posse Comitatus‘?

Alabama hostage rescue under direct authority of Defense Secretary Leon PanettaAlabama hostage rescue: why some secrets will remain in the bunker 05 Feb 2013 While more will surely be told about the ordeal in Alabama, which ended Monday with a late afternoon raid that saved 5-year-old Ethan but ended in the death of Jimmy Lee Dykes, it’s also clear that parts of the operation will remain shrouded in secrecy, given that it involved America’s most expert paramilitary counter-terrorism units collaborating with US special operations forces, under the direct authority of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. “This all rings of a unique covert operation,” says Randall Rogan, a crisis communications expert at Wake Forest University who has been following the story closely, adding the multiagency involvement is “atypical, quite honestly, for…what, after all, is not a significant terrorist event.” “There may be some general overview and general description of what happened, but there won’t be full, complete disclosure,” he says. “And that’s understandable. There are people out there who pay attention and who would make note of it, who are cognizant of what transpired and how it transpired, and who may take steps to prevent that sort of tactic from being utilized in the future.”

High-tech military detection gear delivered to aid in Alabama hostage surveillance 04 Feb 2013 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved a request from the FBI for high-tech military detection equipment to assist in surveillance on the underground bunker in Alabama where a 5-year-old boy was held hostage, CNN has learned… The military detection equipment was delivered on site, according to a military official, but it could not immediately be determined if the equipment was used before or during the rescue. Three Defense Department officials tell CNN that the equipment requested was similar to the technology used in war zones to detect buried explosives. Some small number of troops would have been needed to operate the equipment on-site. “Panetta personally approved it” said one senior Defense official, emphasizing the military was prepared to offer whatever it could to assist in rescuing the child.

CNN’s Piers Morgan Calls for Immediate Handgun Ban as Gun Control advocates Seek to Exploit Mass Shooting Tradegy

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By Alex Thomas
December 14, 2012


Just minutes after the news broke that a shooter in his 20′s had opened fire at an elementary school in Connecticut, noted gun control advocate and CNN primetime host Piers Morgan began tweeting calls for stricter gun control.

As most of the country set glued to their TV or computer screen watching the horror unfold on TV, Morgan began posting a series of tweets that, among other things, implied the need for an across the board handgun ban.

This is America’s Dunblane. We banned handguns in Britain after that appalling tragedy. What will the U.S. do? Inaction not an option.— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) December 14, 2012

The fact that the host of a CNN primetime show would openly call for the outright destruction of one of America’s most prized freedoms just goes to show how deep the bankster globalist take over goes.

Not wanting to stop after calling for what would amount to the end of the Second Amendment, Morgan, showing his complete disdain for everything American, then published a series of tweets that challenged Obama and others to EXPLOIT this tragedy to implement gun control.

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan  – White House spokesman Jay Carney’s right – today’s not the day to debate gun control. YESTERDAY was the day to debate it.

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan – Don’t just mourn these poor dead children America – get angry and do something to stop these senseless shootings happening.

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan  – Any moment now, a gun nut will tweet me saying ‘If all the kids in that school had been armed, the shooters would have been stopped…’ (a clear-cut fallacy as no one would claim the kids need to be armed, rather the adults in the school should have been armed)

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan  -Last 2yrs: movie theatres, shopping malls, temples, a congresswoman, now an elementary school – when will America deal with its gun madness?

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan – Another day, another horrific shooting – this time at an elementary school in Connecticut. America’s gun culture has to change.

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan -This is now President Obama’s biggest test – will he have the courage to stand up to the American gun lobby?

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan  -No more weasly words of ‘comfort’ Mr President. This is the latest, and worst, gun outrage on your watch. Time to act. #GunControl

As you can see, Morgan has absolutely no problem exploiting this horrible tragedy for his own political agenda which just so happens to include disarming the American people, a move that WILL, in turn, lead to many deaths as well as the possibility that our government could easily attack the people with little to no consequences.

The fact that there has been so many shootings in the last two years just as calls for gun control are gaining ground is simply too perfect to be a coincidence.

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North Korea may not have ‘full control’ of satellite, U.S. official says

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There were preliminary signs on Wednesday that North Korea may not be in total control of a satellite less than 24 hours after it was blasted into orbit, a U.S. official told CNN.

“There are some initial indications they might not have full control,” the official said of the device that was the payload for North Korea’s first successful long-range rocket launch.

The official, who has access to the latest U.S. assessment, declined to be identified by name due to the sensitive nature of the information.

The satellite, described by one U.S. defense official as a rudimentary communications satellite with limited capability, is on a Polar orbit, meaning it is moving between the North and South poles.

Since there are issues about control, the United States is not certain the satellite is in a fully stable orbit.

“We don’t know. We are still trying to figure that out,” the U.S. official said.

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CNN: Nuclear Capable North Korea Has Just Tested ANOTHER Missile!

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Police: All Empire State shooting victims were wounded by officers

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NEW: Victim apparently filed prior complaint that gunman would try to kill him, police say
Police gunfire wounded nine people in Empire State Building shooting, commissioner says
Police: Investigation under way after officer shot nine rounds while another shot seven

New York (CNN) — All nine people injured in Friday’s shooting in front of the Empire State Building were wounded by police gunfire, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters Saturday.

The officers unloaded a total of 16 rounds at a disgruntled former apparel designer, killing him after he shot and killed a co-worker and engaged in a gunbattle with police, authorities have said.

Police said an investigation is under way after one officer shot nine rounds and another shot seven. Three victims suffered gunshot wounds, while the remaining six were hit by fragments.

Police identified the gunman as Jeffrey Johnson, 58, who was apparently laid off from his job as a designer of women’s accessories at Hazan Import Co. last year.

Johnson, who served in the U.S. Coast Guard in the mid-1970s, had two rounds left in his .45-caliber pistol. It holds eight, Kelly said.

Shooting at the Empire State Building
Shooting at the Empire State Building

Police: Empire State victims hit by officers

Shooting witness interviewed

Shooting surveillance video released

Police identified the slain victim as Steven Ercolino, 41, who had apparently filed a prior complaint against his assailant saying he thought Johnson would try to kill him.

Both men had filed harassment complaints against each other in April 2011, Kelly added.

Ercolino was listed as a vice president of sales at Hazan Import Corp., according to his LinkedIn profile.

“It’s not something that should happen to a loving person like that,” his brother Paul Ercolino told CNN on Friday night. “He’s going to be so missed by everybody. He was a light of so many lives.”

Ercolino’s longstanding dispute with the gunman “apparently centered on the fact that Ercolino was not selling — at least in Johnson’s opinion — as much of his product … as he wanted him to,” Kelly said.

The suspect lost his job last year at Hazan “as a result of downsizing” but continued to return to the company regularly, having “a confrontation with Ercolino virtually every time he went back.”

The violence erupted Friday morning just as visitors began to queue up to ascend the famous New York skyscraper in one of Manhattan’s busiest neighborhoods.

Kelly had said the bystanders were not hit directly by police, but rather the officers’ struck “flowerpots and other objects around, so … their bullets fragmented and, in essence, that’s what caused the wounds.”

Six of the wounded were treated and released at hospitals by Friday evening, while three others remained hospitalized, he added.

One of those wounded, Erica Solar, was on her way to get a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts when a bullet tore through the back of her leg, her brother said. The Manhattan receptionist is being treated at the city’s Bellevue Hospital.

Experts: Empire State Building shooting won’t keep tourists away

Robert Asika, a 23-year-old city tour guide, was on his way to work when he got caught in the crossfire.

“When I turned around, I saw a guy reach in his suit and he pulled out a gun,” he told CNN affiliate WCBS-TV. “I guess he shot at the police officer. And the police officer shot him. And one of them shot me in the arm, and I fell.”

Witnesses recount chaotic, unsettling scene

On Friday, Johnson was wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase as he waited for Ercolino outside his business on West 33rd Street. When Ercolino appeared, “Without any conversation, he shot him once in the head and then shot him in the torso,” the police commissioner said.

Johnson then walked east, before eventually turning north. A construction worker was among those who dashed after the gunman after the initial gunshots. Eventually, the worker alerted two police officers in front of the Empire State Building that the suspect “just killed a man around the corner,” Kelly said.

The police commissioner said the suspect pulled his gun out of his briefcase as the officers approached, pointing at them. The officers then fatally shot Johnson.

A brief surveillance video released Friday night by police shows the man walking behind a large planter on a busy street. He appears to point something as two officers approach, coming to within a few feet of him. Then, as bystanders run in all directions, the man falls abruptly to the ground after apparently being shot.

Another video shot by an Australian tourist offered a street-level glimpse of the shooting’s immediate aftermath, revealing frightened onlookers and gun-wielding cops.

At least two police officers appear in the video with their guns drawn over a man who is lying on his back. The man appears to be alive, with his hands partly outstretched.

The camera then pans to others who are apparently injured as pedestrians duck behind buildings on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Witnesses said police shot Johnson at least three times.

“I heard the gunshots,” said Anika Basu, who was on a bus near the building when the shooting happened. “I looked toward the left and saw three people fall. … The whole entire crosswalk emptied and people were running.

“We didn’t realize if it was an actual gunshot or what,” she said.

“It’s just a crazy scene here,” added Rebecca Fox, who works across the street from the Empire State Building. She had been getting coffee and had her headphones on when she saw people running.

“When I walked across the street, I saw a woman who had been shot in the foot. And she was just in shock, sitting there,” Fox said. “I looked down, I saw another man had been (lying) on the ground, and he wasn’t moving.”

One witness — 22-year-old Max Kaplan — said he heard at least nine shots and saw ambulances race to the scene.

“We’re all very shaken up at the office,” he said.

Aaron Herman, a CNN iReporter, painted a portrait of confusion.

“It was a little chaotic. Police had barricaded the area, and I saw one woman who was a victim. I think she had been grazed,” he said. “Some said they heard around three ‘pops’ and ran into nearby local stores to be safe.”

Authorities initially reported that nine people were wounded but later revised that number to eight. Then on Friday night, Kelly said nine bystanders were wounded.

Police say Johnson used a semiautomatic handgun and was carrying extra ammunition in his briefcase. He purchased the weapon legally in 1991 in Florida but did not have a permit to carry it in New York City.

The former Manhattan resident did not appear to have had a criminal record, but authorities were still checking, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Johnson’s neighbor, Gisela Casella, described him as a quiet animal lover whose death left her “shocked.”

“He was the nicest guy. He must have snapped or something. I don’t know,” she said.

His landlord, Guillermo Suarez, said he lived alone and that he’d seen Johnson leave the building around 8 a.m. in a suit.

By around 9 a.m., the shootings had prompted local and federal authorities to close several streets around Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street, snarling traffic in the heart of Manhattan.

President Barack Obama learned about the incident around 9:30 a.m. from top aides, the White House said. The shooting did not appear to be linked to terrorism, authorities said.

What to know about Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world and one of New York’s best-known tourist attractions.

Each year, about 4 million people visit the building’s two observation decks. At more than 1,453 feet tall, the landmark building reaches more than a quarter-mile into the sky.

The area also typically has a large security presence.

“There’s always a focus and concentration on the building,” retired police officer Lou Palumbo said. “That building gets special attention.”

Paul not given role at Republican Convention

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In a political move that defies logic, CNN is reporting that presidential challenger Ron Paul has not been asked to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Instead, the Romney team has invited Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Arizona Senator John McCain and Florida Governor Rick Scott will also have prime time speaking roles.

This is an impressive list of prominent Republicans but none of them has the popular support of Congressman Paul, who just a few months ago was tied with President Obama in a national poll of likely voters. During the campaign, Paul was seen by voters as the candidate most likely to champion the cause of middle income people. Additionally, Congressman Paul is the leader of an important social movement that has already changed the political landscape. One would think Governor Romney, who is having trouble with high negatives, and the inability to inspire independent voters in swing states, would want to do everything possible to tap into Paul’s political mojo. Apparently, that is not the case. Congressman Paul’s supporters will notice the snub.

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