SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Ambulances ‘ON SCENE’ Myth Vs. 911 Callers Begging ‘THERE’S NO AMBULANCE HERE!!’ Reality

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2014.4.14 (AE) – The Sandy Hook parents claimed there was “nothing to be learned” from listening to the 911 calls, before ever hearing the recordings…

The following video reviews eighteen of the audio files released as part of the ‘Sandy Hook Final Reports’… these communications show various problems relating to the timely arrival of ambulances and EMS personnel, their ability to access the injured, the EMS staging area, the VERY LATE calls for additional ambulances, and finally, road clearance considerations for proper entrance and exit from the scene.





BOSTON BOMBINGS; RT’s Excellent Overview Of FBI Coverup & Attacks On Constitutional Rights

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(AE) – For those who believe the Boston Bombings has been a cut and dry investigation, you may want to watch the following video.

I don’t necessarily agree with every speaker, or every point raised, but in general this is an excellent overview of just SOME of the problems with the FBI’s official story.


2013.5.3 The Truthseeker E14; Boston Bombing, What You Aren’t Told (RT,


Triggers pulled on 4th, 2nd & 1st Amendments distracted by flag waving; clunky FBI propaganda; and unleash the War on Bathtubs.  Seek truth from facts with former Marine Corps officer James Fetzer, editor of Storyleak Anthony Gucciardi, the Corbett Report’s James Corbett, Questioning the War on Terror author Kevin Barrett, Boston eyewitnesses, and Fmr. Rep. Ron Paul.