FASCISM RISING; Greece, State Run Media Shutdown For Austerity, ‘Public TV Only Goes Dark During Coups & Foreign Occupations’, EU Denies Involvement

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“What we experienced yesterday was unprecedented, not only for Greece but for all of Europe.  Public television goes dark only in two circumstances: when a country is occupied by foreign forces or when there is a coup. – Alexis Tsipras, SYRIZA Party Leader

“They want to shut down ERT in order to manipulate the media as it suits them.  They want to take full control all the mass media.” – Yiorgos Savvides, Greek Journalists’ Union Confederation


(AE) – The next thing to occur in Greece will be the government claiming that they can no longer afford to print Greek language school books, and the children will have to learn to speak German!!

If such a thing to were to occur, and that was a joke, the Golden Dawn neo Nazi fascists would cheer it on as nationalistic (while playing German music), just as the Golden Dawn is currently cheering on the destruction of the Greek public broadcasting ERT.

This is part of the EU’s moves to “control” all European media, in every country… to “control” the narrative, to “censor” ALL information… as all EU member states fall like economic dominoes, and get absorbed into the new Holy Roman Empire 4.0 (ie, The Fourth Reich).

Here are videos of the latest EU stripping of Greece…


2013.6.11 Shock & Disbelief At Greek Shutdown Of ERT (Euronews, youtube.com):


The Greek government’s decision to pull the plug on the country’s public broadcaster is one of its most drastic measures yet to pare down Greek public institutions as part of austerity measures.
It is a move which has angered journalists, politicians and unions alike.

“It is an incomprehensible act.  I don’t believe it is happening in a democratic country, as I don’t believe that that something like that has happened in any democratic country,” said journalist Stella Papapopoulou.

Yiorgos Savvides, of the Greek Journalists’ Union Confederation believed the government had a wider agenda:

“They want to shut down ERT in order to manipulate the media as it suits them. They want to take full control all the mass media.”

With two parties within the government’s three party coalition opposing the move this could be a major test for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Our correspondent Stamatis Giannisis who was in Athens said:

“The government’s decision to close down the public broadcaster has caused the most serious split so far in the in three party coalition government.  But the closing down of ERT is only the tip of the iceberg as there are also plans to shut down or to amalgamate a large number of so called public sector companies. ”  [Privatization, at bargain basement prices, for total EU control. – Joel]


2013.6.12 Journalists Strike As EU Didn’t ‘Order’ Greece TV Shutdown (Euronews, youtube.com):


Greek journalists are staging a 24-hour walk out in response to the government shutdown of the public service TV station ERT.

In one of the most dramatic public sector closures to shore up Greek finances and meet bailout terms, ERT made its last broadcast at midnight on Tuesday just hours after the shutdown was announced. More than 2,700 lost their jobs as a result of the executive order.

Journalists deem the move as a form of censorship.

“In an anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, and fascist, I could well say – way, this government wanted to shut down public radio and television.  It’s a world first,” declared Panagiotis Kalfayiannis, President of the ERT Workers’ Union.

One of the bailout partners, the EU, has faced criticism over the measures taken, but they responded by saying they did not seek ERT’s closure.

Residents in Athens could hardly believe that ERT has been taken off air.

“It is inconceivable for a country belonging to the EU in 2013 to not have a government channel, a public source of information,” claimed one young Athens resident.

Another resident added: “What about people in the far-off Greek islands and Crete people? Will they have to listen to Turkish news now?”

In response, the Greek government have announced a slimmed down ERT could be re-opened within a matter of weeks.

Journalists threatened to strike until the ‘gag on information’ is lifted, with print media due to join in on Thursday.


2013.6.13 Greek Public Sector On 24hr Strike Over Broadcaster Closure (rt.com):

Supporters of the broadcaster see the sudden shutdown as a “coup-like move… to gag unbiased information.”

“What we experienced yesterday was unprecedented, not only for Greece but for all of Europe,” left wing leader Alexis Tsipras said as he addressed protesting ERT workers.  “Public television goes dark only in two circumstances: when a country is occupied by foreign forces or when there is a coup.”





New U.S. Intelligence Program Aimed to Detect and Stop Government Wistleblowers

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The administration last year mandated a national program to defend against insider threats in government, and a national policy with standards for enforcement are expected by year’s end, officials said.

“It’s going to take a while to implement,” said John E. Swift III of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and assistant director of the Insider Threat Task Force.

A policy is in draft form and is expected to go to the White House for review by the national security staff in the next month or two, Swift said April 4 at the FOSE conference in Washington. Standards development is waiting for the police to be completed, but are due to be issued by October.

“It’s going to take a while before agencies have a hard list of standards to follow,” Swift said, and it will take a “considerable time” to implement them once available. But although the creation of a coherent national program on insider threats is new, most agencies already are collecting data and have some components of a program in place. “No agency is starting from scratch.”

The insider threat program was called for in Executive Order 13587, in October 2012 in the wake of the Wikileaks exposure of a cache of classified documents. The order’s goal is “to ensure the responsible sharing and safeguarding of classified national security information on computer networks.”

Combining the appropriate levels of security while enabling necessary sharing and respecting the privacy of employees is a delicate balance, said Gordon Snow, assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division.

The FBI and ODNI are the lead agencies in a Senior Information Sharing and Safeguarding Steering Committee that is developing the policy.

“The insider threat has existed for as long as we have had secrets,” Snow said. “What makes it difficult today is the amount and the speed with which that information can be exploited.”

Technology is one key to protecting data and ensuring accountability, and tools such as the smart ID cards mandated for government use are only part of the solution. But it is not a panacea, officials said, and implementing use of a common, electronic ID for both logical and physical access is not a simple process.

“We have a cultural acceptance problem with many of the agencies,” Snow said.

“Thinking that we can tackle the problem with only a technology solution is a mistake,” said Deanna Caputo, lead behavioral psychologist at Mitre Corp.

Behavioral profiling has been identified as a priority for identifying potential insider threats, and Caputo is working with the task force to develop a set of indicators that can be used to predict risk. The goal is to create clusters of indicators so that potential problems can be identified at a high level without violating privacy, using information already being gathered routinely on government employees, especially those with high security clearances.



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Obama’s Executive Order: A preparation for war with Iran?

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Late last week President Obama signed The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order. This order gives him the authority to take hold of all of the US assets that are necessary to secure peace in times of war, essentially declaring martial-law in America. Many believe that this step was taken to prepare for a war with Iran. Reporters have questioned the Obama administration on if the recent move was in preparation for war with Iran, but the question was laughed off. Charlie McGrath, founder of WideAwakeNews.com, joins us to discuss if this new Executive Order is a laughing matter.