SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Death Threats To Parents Trying To File Lawsuits, Lawyers Warned NOT To File Suits

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2014.6.1 (AE) – The mystery of why no lawsuits have been filed by the parents of the Sandy Hook Massacre is because the only known attempt was met by death threats… yes, death threats to the parents via their lawyer.

The Connecticut state “Gatekeeper”, Claims Commissioner Paul Vance Jr., could not allow ANY lawsuits whatsoever to be brought forth… lawsuits allow discovery, the collection and freezing of the evidence, and this would expose the tremendous number of problems with the official Sandy Hook narrative.

The following video reviews the only attempt at launching a legal case, the immediate attacks on the lawyer, who would not disclose his client’s name, and the clear warning sent out to all lawyers by the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA).



**WATCH AT 720P HD**




SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Lanza & Cho, Abused Scapegoats, Intro

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2014.5.6 (AE) – There are many uncanny similarities between the Virginia Tech Massacre (2007.4.16), allegedly done by Seung Hui Cho, and the Sandy Hook Massacre (2012.12.14), allegedly done by Adam Lanza.

The following video is just an introduction… more to come…





REICH WATCH, E2; Reich Central Report, Exposing The Attempted Coup Of Ukraine By EU & US

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December 12, 2013 (AE) – Highlighting some of the key events in ‘Reich Central’ (EU) from November 11 to December 11, 2013… ending with details of the attempted coup of Ukraine by the fascist forces of ‘Reich Central’ (EU) and ‘Reich West’ (US) simply because the Ukrainian government made the decision not to sign an EU trade agreement at this time.*




*This is my personal opinion based on long historical research and the current available data provided by various world media news organizations covering these events.


REICH WATCH; JFK Assassination 50th, The Fascist Coup & Oswald’s Nazi Friends, PROMO

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November 19, 2013 (AE)


“The truth will be revealed… November 22nd, 12:30PM, Dallas time.”

(10:30AM PST, 12:30PM CST, 1:30PM EST)


Episode# 1 goes live here, 50 years later, to the minute… also to be broadcast on Liberty Movement Radio (LMR):


Thank you for your interest.

Joel [Redacted]


FASCISM RISING; Greece, State Run Media Shutdown For Austerity, ‘Public TV Only Goes Dark During Coups & Foreign Occupations’, EU Denies Involvement

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“What we experienced yesterday was unprecedented, not only for Greece but for all of Europe.  Public television goes dark only in two circumstances: when a country is occupied by foreign forces or when there is a coup. – Alexis Tsipras, SYRIZA Party Leader

“They want to shut down ERT in order to manipulate the media as it suits them.  They want to take full control all the mass media.” – Yiorgos Savvides, Greek Journalists’ Union Confederation


(AE) – The next thing to occur in Greece will be the government claiming that they can no longer afford to print Greek language school books, and the children will have to learn to speak German!!

If such a thing to were to occur, and that was a joke, the Golden Dawn neo Nazi fascists would cheer it on as nationalistic (while playing German music), just as the Golden Dawn is currently cheering on the destruction of the Greek public broadcasting ERT.

This is part of the EU’s moves to “control” all European media, in every country… to “control” the narrative, to “censor” ALL information… as all EU member states fall like economic dominoes, and get absorbed into the new Holy Roman Empire 4.0 (ie, The Fourth Reich).

Here are videos of the latest EU stripping of Greece…


2013.6.11 Shock & Disbelief At Greek Shutdown Of ERT (Euronews,


The Greek government’s decision to pull the plug on the country’s public broadcaster is one of its most drastic measures yet to pare down Greek public institutions as part of austerity measures.
It is a move which has angered journalists, politicians and unions alike.

“It is an incomprehensible act.  I don’t believe it is happening in a democratic country, as I don’t believe that that something like that has happened in any democratic country,” said journalist Stella Papapopoulou.

Yiorgos Savvides, of the Greek Journalists’ Union Confederation believed the government had a wider agenda:

“They want to shut down ERT in order to manipulate the media as it suits them. They want to take full control all the mass media.”

With two parties within the government’s three party coalition opposing the move this could be a major test for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Our correspondent Stamatis Giannisis who was in Athens said:

“The government’s decision to close down the public broadcaster has caused the most serious split so far in the in three party coalition government.  But the closing down of ERT is only the tip of the iceberg as there are also plans to shut down or to amalgamate a large number of so called public sector companies. ”  [Privatization, at bargain basement prices, for total EU control. – Joel]


2013.6.12 Journalists Strike As EU Didn’t ‘Order’ Greece TV Shutdown (Euronews,


Greek journalists are staging a 24-hour walk out in response to the government shutdown of the public service TV station ERT.

In one of the most dramatic public sector closures to shore up Greek finances and meet bailout terms, ERT made its last broadcast at midnight on Tuesday just hours after the shutdown was announced. More than 2,700 lost their jobs as a result of the executive order.

Journalists deem the move as a form of censorship.

“In an anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, and fascist, I could well say – way, this government wanted to shut down public radio and television.  It’s a world first,” declared Panagiotis Kalfayiannis, President of the ERT Workers’ Union.

One of the bailout partners, the EU, has faced criticism over the measures taken, but they responded by saying they did not seek ERT’s closure.

Residents in Athens could hardly believe that ERT has been taken off air.

“It is inconceivable for a country belonging to the EU in 2013 to not have a government channel, a public source of information,” claimed one young Athens resident.

Another resident added: “What about people in the far-off Greek islands and Crete people? Will they have to listen to Turkish news now?”

In response, the Greek government have announced a slimmed down ERT could be re-opened within a matter of weeks.

Journalists threatened to strike until the ‘gag on information’ is lifted, with print media due to join in on Thursday.


2013.6.13 Greek Public Sector On 24hr Strike Over Broadcaster Closure (

Supporters of the broadcaster see the sudden shutdown as a “coup-like move… to gag unbiased information.”

“What we experienced yesterday was unprecedented, not only for Greece but for all of Europe,” left wing leader Alexis Tsipras said as he addressed protesting ERT workers.  “Public television goes dark only in two circumstances: when a country is occupied by foreign forces or when there is a coup.”



INTERNET FASCISM; NSA Spying Scandal Far Worse, Original NSA Whistleblower Says ALL DATA Is Vacuumed Into NSA System, Up to 40 Companies

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“Q:  What does the Patriot Act mean to American freedoms?  A:  It means we donʼt have any.  Itʼs setting up a totalitarian state.  When the government has that much information, they can use the IRS to intimidate people or anything else.  They can send the FBI at people, like they did to me and some others.  So thatʼs the power that the government has – they have the power of the gun and the force and if they have the knowledge about you then they can start to use that against you – especially if you donʼt agree with the policies that theyʼre setting up.” – William Binney, NSA Whistleblower


(AE) – When the Associated Press (AP) Wiretapping Scandal first broke in the news I found it incredibly odd that the AP was not aware that ALL DATA, not just phone numbers, has been collected since the original AT&T NSA Wiretapping Scandal was exposed in 2006.

If the AP, and every other media company in the world, were actually doing their jobs they would have been out in front exposing this completely illegal secret wiretapping program, that then morphed into Bush’s “Terrorist Surveillance Program”, once it was discovered.  So the AP is now concerned about being spied on?  Where the hell have they been for 7 years???

The purpose of this article was to emphasize that the NSA Spying Scandal 2013 is FAR WORSE than it’s being portrayed in the media that… ALL DATA is being collected from ALL SOURCES… and this data collection program has become much worse under Obama.

William Binney, the original NSA whistleblower, who exposed the NSA’s complete data vacuuming program in December 2012, has just done a new barn burner interview today… both MUST SEE videos are below…


2013.6.12 NSA ‘Bamboozling’ Lawmakers For Access To Americans’ Private Data, Agency Veteran (RT,


American citizens hoping to change the way the NSA monitors their everyday activities have little hope of recourse, longtime agency veteran Bill Binney told RT.  He said the way the Patriot Act is interpreted is the a big first step toward totalitarianism.

FULL TRANSCRIPT of the interview:


2012.12.2 NSA Whistleblower; Everyone In US Under Virtual Surveillance, All Info Stored, No Matter The Post (RT,


RT talks to William Binney, whistleblower and former NSA cryptomathematician who served in the agency for decades.  Virtual privacy in US, Petraeus affair and whistleblowers’ odds in fight against the authorities are among key topics of this exclusive interview.



FASCISM RISING; Greece, Golden Dawn & Syriza Party Clash Over ‘Heil Hitler!’ Cries In Greek Parliament

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(AE) – The Golden Dawn have always strongly denied being Neo Nazis, yet they promote Nazi literature, perform Right Arm Salutes, and scream “Sieg Heil!”… this time they’ve been busted for yelling “Heil Hitler!” in Greek Parliament.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the Golden Dawn bringing top German Neo Nazi leaders into the Greek Parliament building, see my previous article here, they’re simply misunderstood nationalists!!


2013.5.17 Golden Dawn & Syriza Clash Over ‘Heil Hitler’ Cries In Greek Parliament (Euronews,


The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is at the centre of another political row in Greece after one of its MPs was expelled from parliament amid cries of “Heil Hitler”.

The sitting president had already warned Panayiotis Iliopoulos for repeatedly violating parliamentary rules by insulting fellow deputies.

After he had called them “goats”, “scoundrels” and “wretched people”, security guards were called to lead him away.

The phrase “Heil Hitler “ was clearly heard three times – although who shouted it is in dispute.  Golden Dawn claims the cries came from left-wing deputies from the opposition Syriza party.

However, Stavros Kontonis, an MP from Syriza, is having none of it.

“For second time this week we hear Hitler being glorified inside parliament by Golden Dawn MPs.  It’s strange the fact that in order to distance themselves from praising Hitler in a provocative way, they claimed it was me who uttered this phrase ironically.  But this is refuted by their own evidence,” he told euronews.

Amid anger at the recession and resentment at immigration, Golden Dawn won 18 seats in last year’s Greek elections.

Several deputies have had their immunity from prosecution, lifted pending criminal charges.


FASCISM RISING; Britain, Baroness Thatcher’s Lavish State Funeral During Austerity She Created, Protesters Politically & Mentally Categorized

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The British subjects will protest Thatcher but they will never protest those she served, the British Royal Family, so Thatcher plays the scapegoat, her only true function.

If you’re against the Fascist “Iron Cross Lady” Baroness Margaret Thatcher you’re automatically classified as an “Anarchist”, “Anti Capitalist”, “Communist”, or “Socialist”… you can’t just be a person who’s simply against a tyrant who ruined your country’s economy, you must be put into some sort of political enemy category, and sometimes even into a mentally ill category… these are standard Fascist tactics.

Not only are Thatcher protesters categorized but Scotland Yard’s Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) now claims the greatest threats to Thatcher’s upcoming funeral are “loners obsessed with public figures”.  After making this claim the FTAC has instead focused their efforts on data mining social media so they can follow “political protests”… interesting:


Scotland Yard said that its intelligence picture was still “under development” for the funeral of one of Britain’s most controversial and divisive political figures.  The force is monitoring social media sites with political protests rather than lone fanatics seen as the most likely cause of potential disruption.


If you protest or confront politicians this can easily be deemed “harassment of a public figure” and you can then be classified as a “stalker”, “delusional”, “mentally ill”, or “schizophrenic”… all very convenient precrimes.

Wouldn’t a person who destroyed their country’s economy via Privatization (ie, implementing Prince Charles’ scheme called Public Private Partnerships (PPP) = Fascism) be the real enemy of the country?  Wouldn’t such a person be denied a very lavish state funeral at the public’s expense, especially during a time of severe austerity, an austerity caused by that very person?  Nope, not in jolly old England:


The plea comes amid criticism that taxpayers will have to foot the majority of the estimated £8m to £10m bill for hosting the ceremonial funeral.  Lady Thatcher’s estate is making a contribution and the rest will come out of the public purse.  Mindful of generating further unrest in the run-up to Wednesday, Downing Street said it would only confirm how much the funeral will cost the public once it has taken place.


It’s so good to know that the Thatcher estate is “making a contribution” to their own socialized funeral.  Did I forget to mention that Thatcher authorized terrorism against Ireland, and terrorism against Britain to be blamed on Ireland?  Such an honorable lady.


2013.4.13 Thatcher ‘Death Party’ Turns Violent As Revelers Clash With Cops (RT,


Socialists, students and anti-capitalists were joined by former miners for a demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday.  Many Britons remain harshly critical of Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher’s polices, two decades after she left office.


2013.4.10 Police Ask Margaret Thatcher Protesters To Identify Themselves (


FASCISM RISING; EU, Urgent Change Needed Or ‘Increased Social Stress & An Immediate Fascist Repression’

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When you put your money in a bank, the bank owns it, and that’s not me saying it, that’s the legal position, and three months ago it was confirmed by the Bank Of England and the USA Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and a year ago the New Zealand National Bank upheld that as well.” – Rodney Shakespeare

“We need a new paradigm thinking, and we need it urgently, or there’ll be increased social stress and an immediate Fascist repression.  You have to remember that in the 1930’s all the countries of Europe went Fascist, with the exception of the UK which was full of Fascists, and France which did go Fascist when it was defeated… we’ve got to act quickly with major new policy or it will be too late.” – Rodney Shakespeare

“Already, Euros with a G in the serial number (Cyprus Euros) are probably losing their value.” – Rodney Shakespeare



2013.3.29 Debate; Cyprus To Stay In EuroZone (PressTV,


An economic expert tells Press TV that the European Union “refuses to grow economies,” adding that the 27-state bloc must revise its very high tax policy.  Under a deal agreed in Brussels on March 25, Cyprus must raise 5.8 billion euros ($7.4 billion) to qualify for the full loan from the European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund and to avert bankruptcy.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Rollin Amore, an economic expert from Washington, to examine the financial future of Cyprus and its affect on the rest of Europe.  The video also offers the opinions of one additional guest: Rodney Shakespeare who is professor of binary economics from London.


FASCISM RISING; USA, Detroit’s Installed Emergency Manager Becomes Unelected Dictator, ‘US Moves Towards Financial Fascism’

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“We should also remember, when Fascism came to Europe, between the two world wars, it starts locally and regionally…” – Webster Tarpley


Just as “Emergency Powers” and “War Powers” are used by the Federal government to keep the US in a continuous state of emergency, thus giving the President near dictatorial powers, the same strategy can be used on the State level.   The declared “Emergency” allows the imposition of an unelected dictator, then justifies the selling off of public assets at bargain basement prices to the wealthy cronies of those in charge.

This is similar to the way Greece had an unelected “Emergency” President installed by the EU bankers, then the asset stripping began.  They’ve even had to sell off some of the Greek islands, and the crisis is still far from over.  It makes one wonder if this has not been done intentionally, since the case of Greece was most definitely done intentionally.

There is hardly a better example of Fascism than these types of wealth transfers.


2013.3.15 ‘US Moves Towards Financial Fascism’ (Webster Tarpley) (PressTV,


An analyst says the ‘dictator’ law that Orr will act under in the Detroit state takeover in order to avert bankruptcy means austerity and fascism for the people.  In the background of this a state of fiscal emergency has been declared on Detroit, which is on the verge of bankruptcy and a state-takeover is being instigated by the appointment of Kevin Orr, a corporate bankruptcy expert.  Detroit has a deficit of more than 300 million dollars and other debts amounting to 14 billion dollars.

Press TV has interviewed Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian, Washington about this issue.


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