Gladio 2012: Nazi Flash Mobs Hit Germany, Nazi Shooters Hit America

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It will soon become self evident that we are facing a worldwide resurgence of Fascism, which is inseparable from Nazism.

Fascism is a socialist form of government which gets its doctrine from an ancient philosophy based on an even older occult religion.  Nazism is therefore a religion, an occult religion, which promotes Aryan racial superiority, and war.

Anders Breivik’s attack on Norway appears in every way to be a classic Operation Gladio terror action to politically threaten and/or destabilize Norway.  Breivik claimed to be part of a group of Freemasons receiving their orders from London.  Of course the Norwegian courts completely ignored Breivik’s admission to being part of a foreign conspiracy against the Norwegian government, even though evidence shows he likely required help to perform the multiple bombings of the Norwegian parliament, which coincidentally targeted the Norwegian Oil Ministry.

Breivik wrote a manifesto titled “2083: A European Declaration Of Independence” in which he claims Europe is being overrun by foreigners (ie, Muslims) and calls for a “New Crusade” of anti Marxist “Knights Templars Europe” to save the European culture (ie, Aryan culture).  Breivik’s manifesto was based on, and plagiarized from, the book Eurabia by Bat Ye’or, who also promotes such concepts as “Dhimmitude”, living under Muslim rule.

This racial fear mongering is a typical Nazi tactic… while NATO mows through nearly every Muslim country in the Middle East to “liberate” them, but in reality is destroying their cities, culture, and religion, you have your agents claim that European culture is being attacked, even to the point of some claiming “Sharia Law” is coming to take over Europe and the US… absolutely preposterous.

CNN reports Nazi flash mobs are now storming the streets of German cities wearing masks and carrying torches (just like the Nazis). [1]  A group called “The Immortals” seems to be leading the pagan torch bearing protests while holding up banners saying “Volkstod!” which means “National Death”… the same concept of being overrun by brown people, and perfectly in line with “Dhimmitude”.

To help support my claims I’ve included a link below to a Peter Dale Scott article from a year ago this month. [2]  The importance of this article is that it discusses “Gladio”“Flash Mobs”, and a “Knights Templar” group called “The Order 777” also known as “The Order 777 Immortals”.  Note the choice of the number “777” insinuates a connection to Occultism and Kabbalism (ie, Liber 777 by Aleister Crowley).

Now to bring this all home…

The Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooter “Wade Michael Page”, who was groomed in Nazi philosophy and PsyOps tactics at Fort Bragg, who was closely associated with the Volksfront Nazi group, and was a member of the Hammerskins Nazi group [3], who’s Western Hammerskins (based in Denver) had some cross memberships with the Trench Coat Mafia (TCM) Nazi group, which organized and carried out the Columbine Massacre on Hitler’s 110th birthday with the help of additional and still unidentified shooters, possibly including “Wade Michael Page” who we believe arrived back in Littleton before the Columbine shootings. [4] [5]

The US government will not reveal which agency “looked at” Page, or when Page first came to their attention, but… “investigators believed he might have been providing funding to groups that were planning to carry out domestic terror attacks“.  With all the terrorism monitoring and data mining do they really expect us to believe this?

NATO’s Operation Gladio consisted of stay behind units left in Europe after WWII to perform terrorist activities to influence the governments of various countries, all under an anti Communist facade.  Gladio was run by P2 Lodge Freemasons in Italy, and Gladio also used the Gehlen Organization (Nazi Germany’s Intelligence Agency which was absorbed into the CIA & NATO) to perform various acts of terrorism all over Europe. [6]

It’s my contention that Operation Gladio has come home or, more likely, it’s been sleeping here all along…


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EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Sikh Massacre Suspect “Wade Michael Page” Tied To Columbine Shootings?

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Accused Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooter “Wade Michael Page”, AKA “Wade Vanbuskirk”, had some strange connections to Littleton Colorado and the Columbine Massacre.  Due to his multiple names I will refer to him as Wade henceforth.

After Wade was discharged from the US Army at Fort Bragg for “patterns of misconduct” it appears he traveled to Littleton Colorado.  Fort Bragg is the home of US Army Special Operations Command, and Wade was a PsyOps Specialist at the time of his departure.

Perhaps Wade continued to work for Special Ops after leaving the army?  This was the pattern followed by Timothy McVeigh after he left Fort Bragg.

Is it possible that Wade was familiar with the Trench Coat Mafia who were intimately connected to the Columbine shooters?  After all, Littleton isn’t a large town, and they all had one very common interest… Nazism. [3] [4]

In fact, the Trench Coat Mafia spoke German at their meetings and also made threatening phone calls with just German music playing in the background.  One of the Columbine shooters was also heard speaking German during the shootings. [4]

Interestingly, most of the Trench Coat Mafia were out of school and therefore older. [4]


Here is a timeline I’ve gathered from sources:



– Wade’s name is listed in two Littleton High School yearbooks.  His last name was different at the time.  He also went by the name “Wade Vanbuskirk“. [1]



– According to a Pentagon official, Page was discharged from military service in 1998 for “patterns of misconduct”. [2]

– Wade’s misconduct was also described as “getting drunk while on duty and going AWOL”. [3]

– Bloomberg reports that Page was “discharged honorably from the Army in 1998 after six years of service” after serving from April 1992 through October 1998 as a sergeant and later a specialist, working as a Hawk missile system repairman before becoming a psychological operations (PSYOP) specialist. [1]



– Wade received a ticket for driving without a valid license in 1999 in Arapahoe County in Littleton. [1]

– Wade had various other traffic violations but somehow a jail sentence was suspended, community service reduced, and other charges mysteriously dismissed. [1]


1999.4.20 Columbine Massacre


2000.x.x to 2007.x.x

– Wade lived in Littleton from 2000 to 2007. [2]


– Wade left Littleton in 2005 and started the band End Apathy based in Nashville, N.C. [3]



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