WAR ON SYRIA; US Treasury Grants TERRORISM LICENSE To Obama Connected SSG For Funding & Arming NATO’s Free Syrian Army Terrorists; SSG Lead By Ex NATO Advisor

*ADDENDUM:  The link below is a MUST SEE INTERVIEW and follow up companion article: 2012.10.2 WAR ON SYRIA; BBC Interviews Brian Sayers, SSG’s Lobbyist For Terrorism Tries To Sell War As Peace; EPIC FAIL!! (deadlinelive.info): http://deadlinelive.info/2012/10/02/war-on-syria-bbc-interviews-brian-sayers-ssgs-lobbyist-for-terrorism-tries-to-sell-war-as-peace-epic-fail/   On July 23, 2012 the US Treasury Department’s “Office Of Foreign Assets Control” issued a “License” to the Syrian Support Group Inc. (SSG) […]

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