SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Robbie Parker – Was he ‘OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL’ During Shootings AND At The Hospital ‘IN LOCKDOWN’ at the same time?

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2014.3.22 (AE) – Robbie Parker claims to be IN TWO PLACES AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME on the morning of the Sandy Hook Massacre…

The following video shows irrefutable evidence, based on official documents, like the “Sandy Hook Final Reports”, proving beyond any doubt whatsoever, that Robbie Parker was standing “OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL” at exactly 9:36:48AM and speaking to 911 operators… DURING THE SHOOTINGS!!!

But somehow Robbie has repeatedly made statements claiming he was, at the very same time, “IN LOCKDOWN” at Danbury Hospital“talking to his wife on the phone” and “watching the events unfold on TV”


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DISINFO; Glenn Beck, Fake UN Agenda 21 Euthanasia Ads, His Latest ‘Cognitive Infiltration’ & Long Record Of Madness

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Just a warning… some ads on YouTube that appear to represent the United Nations Agenda 21, that contain the UN’s Agenda 21 logo and promote Euthanasia, are NOT from the United Nations… these ads were created and posted on YouTube by Glenn Beck, without disclosing they are NOT real, to promote his new book.

Thanks for the confusion Glenn, nice job muddying the waters, once again.

I’m not sure how Glenn Beck can get away with this, using an official UN logo in a deceitful manner, you’d think this would be grounds for a trademark lawsuit.  Also, YouTube has a reputation for pulling videos with any sort of copyright infringement… perhaps Beck has a special “understanding” with the UN.

My personal opinion is that Glenn Beck is a wrecker, a disinfo agent, sent in to ruin movements, very reminiscent of Cass Sunstein’s idea of “Cognitive Infiltration”.  Glenn Beck has now positioned himself as some sort of truth teller, yet his history is a record of pure confusion and bigotry.

I’ve watched Glenn Beck’s outrageous activities over the years, when he was on CNN, and then on FOX News, here’s just a partial list of his atrocities:


2005 – Glenn Beck says how much he “hates” 911 victims families, and how much he “hates” Hurricane Katrina victims… “you know it took me about a year to start hating the 911 victims’ families?”“I didn’t think I could hate victims faster than the 911 victims”… referring to Hurricane Katrina victims who stayed in New Orleans.

2006 – Glenn Beck questioned Congressman Ken Ellison, “… what I feel like saying is, ‘Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.’ “… all because Ellison was the first “Muslim” Congressman.

2007 – Glenn Beck called people interested in 911 truth “insane, dangerous anarchists, the kind of group a Timothy McVeigh would come from”… ie, Domestic Terrorists.

2007 – Glenn Beck deemed Ron Paul a “domestic threat”, then agreed with his guest, David Horowitz, that Libertarians are “indistinguishable from the anti American Left these days”, they are “totally in bed with the Islamo Fascists”.

2008 – Glenn Beck said, “I wouldn’t detain terror suspects, I’d shoot them all in the head”… note that’s “suspects”… spoken like a true NeoCon.

2009 – Glenn Beck, while speaking about the Washington DC Holocaust Memorial Museum shooter James Von Brunn, said, “There are also people like white supremacists or 911 truthers that would also like to destroy the country.  They’ll work with anybody they can.”… equating 911 Truthers with treason and being Anti Jewish.

2011 – Glenn Beck suggested the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami could be blamed on “Divine Retribution”… “Whether you call it Gaia, or whether you call it Jesus, there’s a message being sent…”  Invoking New Age pagan “Gaia Theory” in the same sentence as Jesus is quite something, even for a Mormon “Christian”, not to mentioned the pure idiocy of the claim.

2012 – Glenn Beck creates and posts fake UN Agenda 21 Euthanasia ads, without disclosing they are NOT real.


Glenn Beck is, and always has been, a NeoCon, and he’s shown some extremely Fascist tendencies over the years, while at the same time he’s called other people “Fascists” or “Islamo Fascists”… this is a standard technique of the real Fascists.

Also, a “controversy” has just developed between Glenn Beck and a certain loud & large man from Texas who I like to call “The Texas Whale”.  I find this reminiscent of professional wrestling, or, “Good Cop, Bad Cop”.

It’s interesting that “The Texas Whale” and Glenn Beck are now supposedly fighting, however, “The Texas Whale” just doesn’t sound genuinely mad, it’s an apologetic anger, not the way he treats others who dip into his lake.  Both of these characters were recently been pushing the same Freemasonic cornerstone to get the NeoCon Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney elected as President.  It’s also interesting that these same two people teamed up and performed a one-two punch (more wrestling analogy) on Debra Medina, to seed doubt, and damage her reputation, so she would lose the race for Governor of Texas to Rick Perry, another NeoCon and “Pink Republican”.

Here’s an example of one of the fake UN Agenda 21 Euthanasia ads, which I admit is very effective, and very true, but also very misleading.  I am NOT using Glenn Beck’s channel, for he does not deserve the hits…


2012.11.12 ELDERLY SUICIDE, This Is Agenda 21, Fake Ad Realism (Glenn Beck’s Fake UN Agenda 21 Euthanasia Ad ‘I Have Lived A Good Life’) (


ELECTION 2012; Romney Made Millions On Detroit Bailout, Delphi Held GM Hostage, Destroyed Jobs, Moved Factories To China; Romney Beloved In Michigan?

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Mitt Romney made $15 million to $115 million buying GM auto parts supplier Delphi Automotive’s stock via Ann Romney’s “blind trust” via Elliot Management before the takeover of Delphi by Elliot Management. Mitt Romney is a friend and business partner of Paul Singer, Elliot Management’s Director… I think they used to call this “insider trading” not long ago.

But it gets much worse…

Delphi then threatened GM with no parts unless GM paid Delphi nearly $13 billion, which GM did using bailout money. After this Delphi fired over 25,000 UAW workers, and eventually Delphi moved all but one of its manufacturing plants to China.  This destroyed thousands of American jobs in Detroit and elsewhere.

The UAW has recently filed a lawsuit against Romney, see story below.

So I must be missing the part about why the “honest”, “decent”, and “Christian”, Romney family is so beloved in Detroit????  Someone please help me understand this.

But my favorite detail is how the economic pirate Romney moved a great deal of his money to the Isle Of Jersey… the famous child molestation, money laundering, and tax haven owned by the British Royal Family… what better place for a pirate to go… and yet another British connection to the Mormon Hierarchy.

All the horrendous details are in the video and stories below…


2012.10.25 Romney Made Multi Millions In Detroit Bailout (TheRealNews Interviews Greg Palast) (



Greg Palast: Romney’s “blind” trust and his allies made tens of millions in the
GM/Chrysler bailout by purchasing a parts manufacturer and threatening to
close down GM if not bought out at an inflated price.


2012.10.17 Mitt Romney’s Bailout Bonanza By Greg Palast (

2012.10.31 UAW Files Charges Against Romney On His Auto Bailout Profiteering By Greg Palast (Broke Ethics Law Hiding Millions) (


FASCISM RISING; America, Romney The Mormon NeoCon War Monger, Promoted By ‘Patriot Radio’ Hosts Who Claim To Be ‘Christian’

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“When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” – Sinclair Lewis (unsourced)


After all the incredible lying and cheating at the Republican National Convention (RNC) to silence Ron Paul supporters, completely derail democracy, and install the economic pirate and professional asset stripper Mitt Romney, who promotes the fascist NeoCon economic theory of ‘CREATIVE DESTRUCTION’, it’s amazing to see the type of people who are now picking up the torch to promote Romney for President.

I don’t understand how any Christian, or patriot, could possibly support Romney who’s surrounded by the same NeoCons who orchestrated the 911 attacks to start the Afghanistan War, then lied us into the Iraq War, and finally completely destroyed the US economy, and much of the world economy.  Are American’s memories so short that they can forget what the NeoCons have done?  The blood of millions of innocent people are on their hands… these people are NOT Christians… they are just wolves (or Wolfowitz’s) in sheep’s clothing.

I am by no means an Obama supporter, in fact he’s acted very much like his NeoCon cousin Bush Jr. … Obama’s changed nothing, prosecuted no one, and he’s continued the Bush policies under fake leftist cover.  But this push in the so called “Patriot Movement” to get Romney elected as President is simply astounding.

So for all of those listening to “Patriot Radio” hosts like Alex Jones, who claims to be Christian, who’s now pumping the Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney for President, and who has coincidentally just teamed up with Joel Skousen, a Romney promoter, and CNP member and Mormon just like his father (Cleon Skousen, Mormon theologian with links to the Unification Church “Moonies”), you just might have to ask what’s really going on here????

Mormons are NOT Christians, not even close… this is a religion with Freemasonic origins, it’s VERY secretive, it’s VERY racist… it believes in polytheism and claims that “you can become a god”… this is as anti Christian as you can possibly get.

Here’s a quick video overview of Mormon doctrine… note the promotion of “Aryan Supremacy” philosophy, derived from its Freemasonic roots, which is also directly connected to “British Israelism”, to “Nazism”, and to the “Christian Identity Movement” which is associated with Neo Nazism… yes it’s all related and interconnected.

Do you really want someone who believes in this type of philosophy to be running the country????


What Mormons Actually Believe (


This cartoon, a segment from the controversial 1982 film “The Godmakers,”
has been removed from YouTube many times by angry Mormons who don’t
want you to see how utterly ludicrous their beliefs are, so we uploaded this
in case any more copies are taken down.