SANDY HOOK; Teacher Involuntarily Committed Over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories; Internet, Mental Health & Gun Rights LINKED

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2014.6.18 (AE) – Veteran Sandy Hook researcher Odinrok discovered a very important news article yesterday.  I left a comment on his video which is worth repeating here.

This is Fascism 101.. note that in all the recent bizarre shootings, including Sandy Hook, we see three components:

1.  Internet (trying to justify the illegal spying on everyone to protect us)
2.  Mental Health (trying to justify mental screening of everyone, sometimes based on internet monitoring)
3.  Gun Rights (trying to justify gun rights based on 1 & 2)


This is a VERY IMPORTANT story… see Odinrok’s video and link to original article below…


2014.6.17 IMPORTANT, Teacher Involuntarily Committed Over Sandy Hook Theories (odinrok,


2014.6.17 Fox Lane Teacher Accused Of Calling Newtown A Conspiracy Sues District (Adam Heller, Teacher Posed A Risk ‘Due To Apparent Mental Illness’, District Said) (

SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Death Threats To Parents Trying To File Lawsuits, Lawyers Warned NOT To File Suits

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2014.6.1 (AE) – The mystery of why no lawsuits have been filed by the parents of the Sandy Hook Massacre is because the only known attempt was met by death threats… yes, death threats to the parents via their lawyer.

The Connecticut state “Gatekeeper”, Claims Commissioner Paul Vance Jr., could not allow ANY lawsuits whatsoever to be brought forth… lawsuits allow discovery, the collection and freezing of the evidence, and this would expose the tremendous number of problems with the official Sandy Hook narrative.

The following video reviews the only attempt at launching a legal case, the immediate attacks on the lawyer, who would not disclose his client’s name, and the clear warning sent out to all lawyers by the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA).



**WATCH AT 720P HD**




SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Ambulances ‘ON SCENE’ Myth Vs. 911 Callers Begging ‘THERE’S NO AMBULANCE HERE!!’ Reality

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2014.4.14 (AE) – The Sandy Hook parents claimed there was “nothing to be learned” from listening to the 911 calls, before ever hearing the recordings…

The following video reviews eighteen of the audio files released as part of the ‘Sandy Hook Final Reports’… these communications show various problems relating to the timely arrival of ambulances and EMS personnel, their ability to access the injured, the EMS staging area, the VERY LATE calls for additional ambulances, and finally, road clearance considerations for proper entrance and exit from the scene.





SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Rick Thorne Yelled At Shooter ‘PUT THE GUN DOWN!!’ Myth Vs. ‘I SAW NOBODY’ Reality

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2014.4.1 (AE) – Why is the media continuing to project many Sandy Hook “Myths” when evidence released proves them to be untrue?… after all, aren’t they desperately seeking “The Truth” in order to prevent another massacre of the children???




SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Robbie Parker – Was he ‘OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL’ During Shootings AND At The Hospital ‘IN LOCKDOWN’ at the same time?

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2014.3.22 (AE) – Robbie Parker claims to be IN TWO PLACES AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME on the morning of the Sandy Hook Massacre…

The following video shows irrefutable evidence, based on official documents, like the “Sandy Hook Final Reports”, proving beyond any doubt whatsoever, that Robbie Parker was standing “OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL” at exactly 9:36:48AM and speaking to 911 operators… DURING THE SHOOTINGS!!!

But somehow Robbie has repeatedly made statements claiming he was, at the very same time, “IN LOCKDOWN” at Danbury Hospital“talking to his wife on the phone” and “watching the events unfold on TV”


*******************GAME OVER********************



**WATCH AT 720P HD**




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SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza DID NOT Have Ryan’s ID, Police ‘Transposed’ Names, Origin Of ID Rumor Was Ryan Lanza!!

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March 15, 2014 (AE) – The entire media, including a very special journalist commissioned to interview and then represent Peter Lanza to the media, have all repeatedly stated a Sandy Hook “myth”, which has no basis in fact… this would be the charge that “Adam Lanza was carrying Ryan Lanza’s identification (ID)”… there is no evidence of this, in fact, the origins of this rumor can be traced back to Ryan Lanza himself.


All details are in the video below…



**WATCH AT 720P HD**




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SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Stepford Hook & The Brotherhood Of ‘Change’

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March 9, 2014 (AE) – Coming soon… “Sandy Hook Covenant”… but until then, a few short videos.

This is dedicated to “the crazy ones”, who are just asking questions:


IC WhatsGoingOn
Namesnot Mary





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SANDY HOOK SHOOTINGS; A Tale Of Two Newtowns, Government Orchestrated Mass Murder For Gun Control?

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Is it possible for a Government to orchestrate a mass murder event in order to justify passing draconian Gun Control laws?

Evidence shows that Australia’s “Port Arthur Massacre” on April 26, 1996 that killed 35 people, and was blamed on the mentally challenged Martin Bryant, was such an event.

The following documentary outlines the many problems with the case and shows how the Australian government, and Martin Bryant’s own defense lawyer, conspired to use a clumsy, “mentally challenged”, non violent person as a scapegoat for something he could not possibly have pulled off, at least not by himself.

My intention here was to show some simple correlations between Australia’s “Port Arthur Massacre” and the Newtown Connecticut “Sandy Hook Shootings”… firstly with the odd fact that the supposed “Port Arthur Massacre” shooter, Martin Bryant, was from “New Town” Tasmania… secondly because both accused shooters were of questionable mental capacity… but thirdly because both events have been used to justify swiftly pushing through severe Gun Control laws, coincidentally desired by both governments as expressed in previous public statements, and with the help of an EXTREME media propaganda campaign, including the alteration of photographs, used to convict the accused shooters in the media before ANY details have been properly investigated or explained.  These facts suggest a well coordinated event for a desired purpose.

Since I hadn’t watched this documentary for quite some time I thought it was relevant to watch it again to confirm its worthiness. Upon rewatching I was shocked by the number of similarities between the “Port Arthur Massacre” and “Sandy Hook Shootings”:


• Mentally questionable young person accused of being the lone shooter.

• Evidence of at least one second shooter.

• Accused shooter convicted in the media well before any proper investigation presented.





• Coverup of evidence and no proper investigation.


I personally believe both of these events have all the signs of being “Operation Gladio” style operations… this would consist of Government and/or Military Intelligence organized Special Ops teams brought in to perform violent acts in order to create a desired political change within a country… as was done throughout Europe by NATO… this is the very definition of “Terrorism”.


A Question Of Guilt, The Massacre At Port Arthur (evanlongaccount,


A video questioning the Australian government’s official conclusions with regard to Martin Bryant’s involvement in the Port Arthur massacre / shooting at the Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania on 26 April 1996 and related events. The video was produced “in the public interest by survivors of the Port Arthur massacre and sympathetic investigators”.


SANDY HOOK SHOOTINGS; Deciphered Police Radio, ‘They’re Coming At Me Down Crestwood’

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There appears to be a break in the Sandy Hook case by a YouTuber who has managed to decipher one of the most critical pieces of evidence on the police audio recordings… this is great research and deserves full credit.

I believe people were massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, but the real question is, by who?

We have always known about this confrontation from the police audio, but it was unclear where this occurred, until now.  The video shows a map of where “Crestwood” is located… this is on the opposite the side of the school and in the opposite direction from where an unidentified person, or persons, were seen being chased in the woods by police in the helicopter footage.


Now the question is…

Will the inept mainstream media cover this new info and start asking some real questions?

Will the investigators explain exactly who was arrested and why they were let go?


2013.1.15 ‘They’re Coming At Me Down Crestwood, Up The Driveway On The Left Side’; Sandy Hook Police Radio Audio (HistoricalRecordsVLT,


School Shootings and Self Defense

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There was another tragic event that took place on Friday, December 14th, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut. A young man killed his mother and then proceeded to a nearby school where he shot and killed more than two dozen people, most of them very young children. My heart goes out to the parents of those children who fell victim to this senseless violence. As a parent myself, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they must feel. No one should have to go through such an ordeal. Words seem to be woefully lacking when trying to offer comfort in a situation such as this, but one can only try as best one can to sympathize. I, like most sane people, wish to see a world where such violence is but a bad memory of a bygone era. Read more

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