SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Confidential Informant# 5866, Death Threats, Arson & Murders?; Yale & Mind Control

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2014.7.4 (AE) – The Connecticut State Police (CSP) registered a Confidential Informant (CI) in January 2013.  CSP Spokesman Paul Vance Sr. claimed investigators solved the crime within 24 hours, so exactly who needed to be “informed on”???… or was the CI hired to perform other tasks.

Also explored is the relationship of Yale University, Fairfield State Mental Hospital (located in Newtown), and Jose Delgado’s experiments with brain implants to produce “Mind Control Assassins” for the CIA under their top secret “Operation MK-ULTRA” project.




SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Lanza & Cho, Abused Scapegoats, Intro

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2014.5.6 (AE) – There are many uncanny similarities between the Virginia Tech Massacre (2007.4.16), allegedly done by Seung Hui Cho, and the Sandy Hook Massacre (2012.12.14), allegedly done by Adam Lanza.

The following video is just an introduction… more to come…





Carnage in Connecticut school shooting: 28 people dead (1 SURVIVOR), including 20 children – UPDATED 12.16.12

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Riddle me this: Adam Lanza, ‘computer genius,’ left no online footprint by Lori Price, 16 Dec 2012 According to numerous media reports and witnesses, alleged Newtown, Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza was a ‘genius’ with computers. And yet, we are told that Lanza apparently left no online footprint. The question must be asked: Was the electronic history of Adam Lanza scrubbed?
Bushmaster rifle used in CT shootings was same weapon used in Washington, D.C. sniper killings in 2002Agents visit Conn. gun shops after school massacre 16 Dec 2012 Federal agents planned to fan out to dozens of gun stores and shooting ranges across Connecticut, chasing leads they hoped would cast light on the life of [alleged] school shooter, Adam Lanza. The rifle used was a Bushmaster .223-caliber [described all day Friday as the weapon ‘left on the car seat’], according to an official with knowledge of the investigation who was not authorized to speak about it and talked on condition of anonymity. The gun is commonly seen at shooting competitions and was used in a series of sniper killings in the Washington, D.C., area in 2002. Also found in the school were two handguns, a Glock 10 mm and a Sig Sauer 9 mm. [Yes, and we all know that D.C. sniper, John Allen Muhammad, was in the U.S. Army and worked for the FBI and CIA, so this is a real ‘puzzler,’ to say the least.]
Here’s a little jog down the Bushmaster .223 memory lane: Prime suspect in U.S. sniper shootings boasted of being CIA agent and sharpshooter
(AP) 26 Oct 2002 When John Allen Muhammad’s life started unraveling, he sought refuge in Antigua, living in a sparsely furnished room while he boasted of being a CIA agent and sharpshooter who could “take out a man” from a quarter of a mile (hundreds of meters). To Randy Nelson, the 41-year-old U.S. Army veteran of the Gulf War was a miracle worker who got his aging pickup truck back on the road and the bearer of gifts like blank CDs and batteries. He said they got talking about guns because Muhammad told him he was in the U.S. Army and had worked with the FBI and CIA. Muhammad was trained as a mechanic, combat engineer and specialist metal worker. He never received sniper training but qualified as an expert with the M-16. A Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle, the civilian version of the M-16, was found when he was arrested Thursday in Fredericksburg, Maryland.
16 Dec 2012 Police gave the “all clear” at St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown after it was evacuated during a noon mass on Sunday due to a threat. Someone made a very menacing phone call to the church, according to Brian Wallace, a spokesperson for the diocese. Rev. Luke Suarez was giving the homily around 12:30 p.m. when the church pastor, Monsignor Robert Weiss, interrupted him and told parishioners they had to evacuate. More than a dozen state troopers armed with assault rifles entered the church and then the church’s education center on Church Hill Road, according to NBC Connecticut.
Man with 47 guns arrested after school threat –Police said in statement they notified school officials and boosted security at all area schools Friday
16 Dec 2012 A northern Indiana man who allegedly threatened to “kill as many people as he could” at an elementary school near his home was arrested by officers who later found 47 guns and ammunition hidden throughout his home. Von. I. Meyer, 60, of Cedar Lake, was arrested Saturday after prosecutors filed formal charges of felony intimidation, domestic battery and resisting law enforcement against him. He was being held Sunday without bond at the Lake County Jail, pending an initial hearing on the charges, police said in a statement.
Obama to visit grief-stricken Newtown as pressure grows to take action on gun controls –Democrat[ic] lawmakers have shied away from discussing gun control in recent years, fearful of incurring the wrath of the National Rifle Association (NRA)
16 Dec 2012 As President Obama prepared to speak at a vigil in Newtown tonight, back in Washington there were growing calls for him to make good on his promise of “meaningful action” on gun control. Speaking to NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Senator Dianne Feinstein announced she would introduce a bill to ban assault weapons on the opening day of the new Congress next month. The bill, she explained, would ban “the sale, the transfer, the importation and the possession” of assault weapons, as well as magazines that carry more than 10 bullets.
Principal and school psychologist were killed ‘execution style’ – CT shooting 14 Dec 2012 According to Rabbi Shaul Praver, Newtown, the school principal and psychologist were killed ‘execution style,’ before the gunman shot others at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (MSNBC).
Second man wearing camouflage led out of woods in handcuffs, said ‘I did not do it’27 Dead, Including 20 Children, In Elementary School Shooting 14 Dec 2012 The Associated Press quoted an official as saying the suspected gunman drove to the school in his mother’s car. Another law enforcement source earlier told CBS News that a Sig Sauer, a Glock 9 and a Bushmaster [high-powered military] rifle were found at the scene. Preliminary information showed that [Adam] Lanza purchased the weapons legally. CBS News reports that a potential second suspect was in custody and that SWAT was investigating the home of the suspect. It was not known if that alleged second suspect fired any of the shots in the massacre. A witness tells WFSB-TV that a second man was taken out of the woods in handcuffs wearing a black jacket and camouflage pants and telling parents on the scene, “I did not do it.”
Curiouser and curiouser: Shooter carrying other person’s ID, left 2 more guns in car –‘We’re drilling all the time, practicing all the time for these events’ -Mayor of Danbury, CT –‘New school safety measures’ had been implemented–and yet, a man dressed in military garb will a bullet-proof vest gained entrance? –CT State Police: Bomb squad brought in –Shooting took place at three different locations inside the school 14 Dec 2012.
Shooter wore military garb, carried three guns –Shooter found shot to death –Lanza family member found dead in Newtown, CT — 2nd man was in a van nearby, but police said that the second individual was not connected to shooting –‘State Police confirm that one shooter is dead. A second gunman is apparently at large, sources told ABC News.’ 14 Dec 2012.
Twenty schoolchildren, eight others dead in Connecticut massacre 14 Dec 2012 Twenty schoolchildren were slaughtered by a heavily armed gunman who opened fire at a suburban elementary school in Connecticut on Friday, ultimately killing at least 27 people including himself in the one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history. The 20-year-old gunman, identified by law enforcement sources as Adam Lanza, fired what witnesses described as dozens of shots at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which serves children from ages 5 to 10. Authorities found 18 children and seven adults, including the gunman, dead at the school, and two children were pronounced dead later after being taken to a hospital. Another adult was found dead at a related crime scene in Newtown, bringing the toll to 28, state police Lieutenant Paul Vance said.
Principal, Psychologist shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School 14 Dec 2012 CNN reports that an eyewitness in Sandy Hook Elementary School said that while in a meeting at 9:35 am, she heard the “pop-pop-pop” in the  hall. Three people, the principal, vice principal and school psychologist were killed in the hallway, with only the vice principal returning with injuries to his leg/foot. The shooting happened in the hallway, and the eyewitness said there had to be at least 100 rounds shot. When leaving the meeting room, she reports that she saw the bodies of the principal and school psychologist lying in “a pool of blood” in the hallway.  According to the Sandy Hook Elementary School web site the principal is Dawn Hochsprung, and the school psychologist is listed as Mary Sherlach. The vice principal’s name is not listed.
Obama tears up over Connecticut school shooting, moving Web, pundits
14 Dec 2012 Pundits and the twitterverse were moved by President Barack Obama’s tearing up during a public statement Friday about the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting. “You don’t often see the president of the United States showing such emotion, wiping away tears as he speaks of these little kids — five- to ten-year-old kids — the majority of the victims that were killed in this mass shooting in Connecticut today,” said CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said. “I’ve got to tell you, I’ve covered a lot of presidents, I haven’t seen a president emerge as emotionally charged.” [Obama cries at Connecticut shooting address – but no tears over the hundreds of children killed by his drone strikes. –LRP]
Part of Great Mall evacuated after bomb threat 14 Dec 2012 (CA) Police are searching the Kohl’s department store at the Great Mall in Milpitas after employees discovered a bomb threat written on the wall in the men’s bathroom. Milpitas police have not discovered and suspicious items in the store. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are searching the area with bomb-sniffing dogs. Kohl’s and adjacent stores in the Great Mall are closed at this time.


So Sad. 1st reports were about two shooters…. and then its was over after 2 dead. It wasn’t. We believe this may have been the 3 rd attempt at these overwhelming results; the first two in KC, and OR. failing. Tune into Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero Radio tonight @ 11:30 EDT were Jack will lay out his theory – this is psychological warfare!


NEWTOWN, Conn. — A shooting at a Connecticut elementary school Friday left 27 people dead, including 18 children, an official told The Associated Press.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation was still under way. Another official, speaking on condition of anonymity for the same reason to the AP, said the gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown was killed and apparently had two guns.

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SCHOOL SLAUGHTER: 27 killed, including 18 children...
REPORT: Shooter Son Of Teacher At School...
Gunman dead...
Gunman 20 years old, from New Jersey...
UPDATE: Body Found In Gunman's Home...
Second man taken into custody...
District Had Just Installed New 'Safety' Protocols...
Scene 'atrocious'...
Newtown, CT Described as 'Adorable Little Town'...