ISIS EXPOSED; Internet Support For Terrorists Provided By US State Department Via Two NGO’s

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2014.7.20 (AE) – The rebranded wing of Al Qaeda known as ISIS, or ISIL, has been receiving “internet anti tracking software” and “internet technical support” from the US State Department via two contracting NGO’s… the Institute For War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) and Freedom House.

This should be the biggest news story in the US, especially considering that Obama has now sent over 750 US troops back into Iraq, to supposedly “help” the Iraqi government “fight” the invading radical Sunni ISIS forces… but we now know that ISIS has been achieving their miraculously “sophisticated Social Media strategy” with direct help from the US government.

So the fact that the US State Department, headed by John Kerry, is helping the most radical Al Qaeda terrorists achieve internet anonymity, assisting them in using Social Media platforms to recruit new fighters, and assisting them in uploading radical messages, including ultra violent beheading videos to YouTube… well, this is a scandal of the highest order…


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SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Death Threats To Parents Trying To File Lawsuits, Lawyers Warned NOT To File Suits

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2014.6.1 (AE) – The mystery of why no lawsuits have been filed by the parents of the Sandy Hook Massacre is because the only known attempt was met by death threats… yes, death threats to the parents via their lawyer.

The Connecticut state “Gatekeeper”, Claims Commissioner Paul Vance Jr., could not allow ANY lawsuits whatsoever to be brought forth… lawsuits allow discovery, the collection and freezing of the evidence, and this would expose the tremendous number of problems with the official Sandy Hook narrative.

The following video reviews the only attempt at launching a legal case, the immediate attacks on the lawyer, who would not disclose his client’s name, and the clear warning sent out to all lawyers by the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA).



**WATCH AT 720P HD**




SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Stepford Hook & The Brotherhood Of ‘Change’

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March 9, 2014 (AE) – Coming soon… “Sandy Hook Covenant”… but until then, a few short videos.

This is dedicated to “the crazy ones”, who are just asking questions:


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REICH WATCH, E3; How Britain Secretly Wages War On Middle East & African Republics Via British Crowned Arab Monarchies & Their Proxy Terrorists

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(AE) – The war on the Middle East and Africa explained in 30 minutes… using history and maps… including a look at drone base locations and expanding wanton drone attacks…. ending with a brief overview of “British Israelism”, the White Supremacist, racist, anti Jewish, anti Christian, and anti Muslim, false ideology which is the driving force behind the fascist march toward One World Government (Universal Fascism), also known as the New World Order (NWO).

WAR ON SYRIA; US Supported Chemical Weapons Gas Attacks On Libya Civilians In Bani Walid, Then Blocked UN Resolution To Stop It, Kerry & Obama Are Liars

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September 7, 2013 (AE) – The multiple uses of Chemical Weapons in Syria have ALL been committed by NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorist mercenaries, also known as Al Qaeda… the estimated 100,000 killed and the 2 million refugees are entirely the fault of the very same people who are now grandstanding about the “crisis” they created.

The warmonger politicians like John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Obama, who claim to be so concerned about dead children in Syria, are the very people responsible for the death and destruction of the country in order to accomplish their ultimate admitted goal… REGIME CHANGE

As I said in my previous article here, John Kerry as Secretary Of State means war is on the horizon…

The grandstanding of John Kerry and Obama, with their claims of the non use of Chemical Weapons being a “100 Year Old Norm” is simply laughable, and completely inaccurate… it’s an absolute disgrace that the mainstream media hasn’t torn this easily debunkable lie apart with the many examples they could draw from.

So for those with no memory of less than one year ago, or for those who simple didn’t hear about it… NATO, the US, and the UN were all responsible for the use of Chemical Weapons on civilians in Libya in 2012… that would be the use of poison Nerve Gas and White Phosphorus on the town of Bani Walid for over three weeks, known as the “Siege Of Bani Walid”, which coincidentally began just after the Benghazi Attack, and some believe there was a link.  There was no outcry by the politicians and western media then, in fact, it simply was not reported on.

See the following videos and links for more information on the War Crimes committed during the “Siege Of Bani Walid”


[Reverse Chronological Order]


2012.10.27 Siege Of Bani Walid; Foreign Fighters, Phosphorus Bombs & Nerve Gas, RT Sources (Day 24) (



2012.10.26 Bani Walid WAR CRIMES Are IGNORED By US & UK As CHAOS & MASSACRES Continues  (RT, RTGlobalReport,


2012.10.24 Besieged Bani Walid; Who’s In Control? (3 Week Siege) (RT,


2012.10.23 US Blocks Russia’s Draft Statement In UN On Peaceful Resolution Of Bani Walid Violence (Libyan Town Under Siege For Weeks; UPDATED) (




2012.10.19 Chemical Weapons In Libya?, Bani Walid In 15th Day Of Siege (Annie Machon) (RT,


WAR ON JOURNALISTS; Michael Hastings Dead, Contacted WikiLeaks Attorney Hours Before His Death, Said FBI Was Investigating Him

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(AE) – This story just keeps getting worse… now add a pinch of the FBI, WikiLeaks, and possibly the NSA Spying Scandal…


2013.6.19 Hours Before His Death Michael Hastings Contacted WikiLeaks Attorney, Said FBI Was Investigating Him (Young Turks, MOXNEWS,


June 19, 2013 Current TV News


WAR ON JOURNALISTS; Michael Hastings Dead, ‘It Sounded Like A Bomb Went Off’

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(AE) – Like I said in my previous article here, engines just don’t fly out of cars and end up 200 feet away…

See new video of witnesses below…


2013.6.19 Michael Hastings Dies In Fiery Hollywood Crash; ‘It Sounded Like A Bomb Went Off’ (KTLA, PlanetEarthAwakens01,


One woman in the area described it sounding “like a bomb went off in the middle of the night” & a man said “I couldn’t have written a scene like this in a move” with the engine flying 50-60 yards from the car.


WAR ON JOURNALISTS; Michael Hastings Dead, Criticize Afghan War, Get McChrystal Fired, Trash Petraeus, Die In Exploding Car Crash

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(AE) – Investigative reporter Michael Hastings has died in a very suspicious and fiery car crash, or more likely explosion, in the early hours of June 18 in Los Angeles.

This was the same day as the “NATO’s handover of security to Afghan forces” supposedly occurred, which more accurately should have been called the “handover of insecurity”, since it was greeted with a predictable bombing.

Michael Hastings was highly critical of the Afghanistan War, those who promoted it, and those who profited from it… Hastings’ article for Rolling Stone got General Stanley McChrystal fired, he later trashed General David Petraeus for running death squads to increase sectarian violence, and he more recently trashed Obama for his drone program.  One of Hastings most dangerous articles exposed how the US Army was using a “PsyOps Team” to manipulate Senators during their visits to Afghanistan.  Hastings’ final article for BuzzFeed was titled “Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans”.

Michael Hastings had obviously made many enemies within the US military, so his death by intense fiery car explosion, that left his car engine some 200 feet away from the crash site, a complete impossibility, means this needs to be rigorously investigated… that is, if we have any reporters left…

See disturbing video below…


2013.6.18 Journalist Michael Hastings Dies In Fiery Wreck, Hollywood, RAW FOOTAGE (LAnewsLOUDLABS,



WAR ON SYRIA; Ex Foreign Minister Of France, ‘Britain Planned War On Syria Two Years Before Unrest Broke Out’

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“I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business.  I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria.  This was in Britain not in America.  Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria.” – Roland Dumas, Ex Foreign Minister Of France


(AE) – This is further proof that it is Britain calling the shots on the anti Muslim wars of genocide raging throughout the Middle East… Obama, like his cousin Bush, is simply another loyal servant of the British Empire.

I will never defend Israel’s many war crimes, however, after Dumas reveals his bombshell information he then somehow lays the blame on Israel, which is nothing more than a British / US military base installed to divide the region and create chaos and war.

Israel should be more accurately named “The State Of British Israel”… since it was created to support the idea of British Israelism.


2013.6.16 British Officials Planned Syrian War 2 Years Prior To Protests (Roland Dumas) (911operationgladio,


E-mail this important information to your politicians, news stations and journalists ASAP!


– British MI6 operative arrived in Libya few months before the start of Arab Spring [1]

– The scenario of planned British French wargame (Southern Mistral 2011) echoed the coming NATO bombing campaign against the
despotic Gaddafi regime [2]

– USA government started colluding with Muslim Brotherhood at least around 2006/2007 before Arab Spring [3]



2013.6.16 UK Planned War On Syria Before Unrest Began; French Ex Foreign Minister (Roland Dumas) (


A former French foreign minister says Britain had been planning a war against Syria some two years before to the unrest broke out in the Arab country.

The statement by Roland Dumas came during a recent interview with French Parliamentary TV network, LCP.

“I’m going to tell you something.  I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business.  I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria,” said Dumas.

He continued by saying, “This was in Britain not in America. Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria.  They even asked me, although I was no longer minister for foreign affairs, if I would like to participate.”

Responding to a question on the motive behind inciting violence in Syria, Dumas said, “Very simple! With the very simple aim!  To overthrow the Syrian government, because in the region, it’s important to understand, that the Syrian regime makes anti-Israeli talk,” said Dumas

The former foreign minister added that he had been told by an Israeli prime minister a long time ago that Tel Aviv would seek to “destroy” any country that did not “get along” with it in the region.

Turmoil has gripped Syria since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian security forces, have been killed in the unrest.

Damascus says the United States and its allies are seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad by supporting armed terrorist groups operating in Syria.

In May, under pressure from Britain and France, the European Union lifted an arms embargo on the militants in Syria, while maintaining other sanctions on the Syrian government.


WAR ON SYRIA; NATO’s Anti Muslim War Crimes; Cannibalism, Grave Desecrations, Mosque Bombings & Summary Executions

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(AE) – The great episode below of “Comment With George Galloway” exposes some of the latest war crimes in Syria, performed by western backed foreign mercenaries, and also discusses how the British people are suffering in a collapsing economy of increasing austerity while the British Empire has an unlimited budget for war.

Here are some of my personal opinions before the video…




Those who arm, finance, support, and train NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorist mercenaries are guilty for the actions performed by those mercenaries.

The actions of these invading terrorists are NOT the actions of Muslims, they are the actions of pagans:

  • Muslims DO NOT bomb their own ancient Mosques
  • Muslims DO NOT desecrate their own ancient Muslim graves, especially the grave of Hujr Ibn Adi, a close companion of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
  • Muslims DO NOT perform cannibalism by eating the hearts and/or livers of their victims (historically a pagan act)
  • Muslims DO NOT perform Right Arm Salutes (as seen in my previous article here)



  • Anders Rasmussen – NATO Secretary General
  • David Cameron – British Prime Minister
  • William Hague – British Foreign Secretary
  • Barack Obama – US President
  • Hillary Clinton – Ex US Secretary Of State
  • John Kerry – US Secretary Of State


2013.5.17 Comment With George Galloway; Syrian Militant Eats Soldier’s Heart (PressTV,


A gruesome video has emerged on the Internet, showing a foreign backed militant in Syria cutting out the heart of a Syrian soldier and biting into it.

In the footage posted online on Sunday, a man wearing military gear is seen knife in hand slicing parts of a dead soldier’s torso before turning to the camera and putting the heart in his mouth.  “I swear we will eat from your hearts and livers…,” the man says referring to the Syria government soldiers.

Peter Bouckaert of the New York-based Human Rights Watch says the man has been identified as Abu Sakkar, a founder of the militant Farouq Brigade.  Abu Sakkar’s identity has been confirmed by militant sources in Homs and by images of him in other videos wearing the same black jacket as in the latest clip and with the same rings on his fingers.

“The mutilation of the bodies of enemies is a war crime. But the even more serious issue is the very rapid descent into sectarian rhetoric and violence,” Bouckaert said.  He added that in the unedited version of the film, Sakkar is heard telling his men to slaughter the Syrian soldiers and take their hearts out to eat them.


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