REICH WATCH, E3; How Britain Secretly Wages War On Middle East & African Republics Via British Crowned Arab Monarchies & Their Proxy Terrorists

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(AE) – The war on the Middle East and Africa explained in 30 minutes… using history and maps… including a look at drone base locations and expanding wanton drone attacks…. ending with a brief overview of “British Israelism”, the White Supremacist, racist, anti Jewish, anti Christian, and anti Muslim, false ideology which is the driving force behind the fascist march toward One World Government (Universal Fascism), also known as the New World Order (NWO).

WAR ON SYRIA; CIA Assisted Arming Of Syrian Rebels, Over 3000 Tons Of Weapons Airlifted From Croatia To Turkey Via Jordan, Qatar & Saudi Cargo Planes

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More evidence to support what we’ve been saying for over a year now, that NATO is really supporting terrorism.


2013.3.25 CIA Helps Smuggling Arms To Syria (PressTV,


Data provided by the International think thank adjust the CIA has been helping Arab states and Turkey boost military aids to insurgents in Syria according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and estimated 350,000 tones [typo, should read 3,500 tones – Joel] of military equipments has been air-lifted to militants in recent months.


Earlier related story…


2013.3.9 US, Europe Sending Syria Militants Arms From Croatia (


The US and Europe have supplied militants fighting inside Syria against President Bashar al-Assad with arms from Croatia, a new report says.

Since last November, the US and its European allies have sent 3,000 tons of weapons in 75 planeloads from Zagreb to Syria militants via Jordan and Turkey, Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List said Thursday.

The report said weapons, which date back to the the time of former Yugoslavia, have been paid for by Saudi Arabia at the request of the US.

These shipments, which include rocket launchers, recoil-less guns and the M79 anti-tank weapon, have enabled militants to advance in north Syria over the past few weeks after months of stalemate.

The Croatian paper added that the weapons used by Syria militants also came from “several other European countries including Britain”

According to the report, British, American and French military advisers have also been operating in countries bordering Syria in an effort to provide training to militants to fight against the Syrian government.

The Guardian also said on March 8, 2013 that the United States has been leading a training program with the assistance of British and French instructors since last year.

The Syrian crisis began in March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of army and security personnel, have been killed.

Damascus says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a very large number of the militants are foreign nationals.


Did England, Qatar, and the USA Just get CAUGHT planning a False Flag in Syria?

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Jack Blood / / 1.30.13

Upon hearing the set up last month – aka: “Assad has Chemical Weapons and plans to use them on his own people” etc… Most of us expected a scenario in which Syria’s enemies – via well funded foreign fighters would set off a chemical attack on Syria’s people to be blamed on the Assad regime’. This would be viewed internationally as an undeniable excuse to ramp up the war and take out Assad. For the children of course. This was the excuse (in the end) used to justify the war on Iraq.

What we didn’t expect was to catch the Powers that be with their hands in the cookie jar.

Recently, emails were discovered that appear to be damning, emails fetched via a Malaysian hacker which say that the USA is trying to set up a false flag attack on Syria and blame it on Assad and potentially the Russians.  The correspondence exchange is via a British “Security” company.

The emails in this leak and files and information mainly trace back to two men in the Britam defence administration, one of which is the founder and dynamic director, Philip doughty and his Business Development Director David Goulding.

(Scroll down for more info on this “private” Company (Private meaning – plausible deniability! They seem to be at best – Special Ops Mercs for hire. Ala “Blackwater”.)

Extremely personal information such as a self complied C.V, copy’s of passports and more have been leaked from David and Philip as well as emails and other plans.

From a lot of the documents its very clear that britam is working closely and even offering types of training programs to the National Saudi Gaurd and some of its internal departments and specialist groups.

Company’s that have contracts with Britam range from a couple of thousand up to Millions of dollars and have been on going for some time now.



We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards



Below you find more information confirming the process of interception and details about Britam Corp.  This story seems to have been scrubbed by the London Daily News (Due to Royal Pressure no doubt!) Thanks to Cyber War News for keeping it on the web. 



In the hackers release note they made it clear they got the data from a Malaysian based server and from a chart found within this data its shocking to see that Britam is using the security of McAfee but is not implementing this on the said server which is listed as a mail server. (see pic to below)



Its also clear that Britam does not practice data security very well as they have been storing user credentials, network information in unencrypted formats.

Break down of each folder.

Syria Folder:

288 KB 
2 PDF files and 1 email file.

File name: CV P Doughty CV2 091.pdf
CV for Philip doughty who is the dynamic director and founder of Britam Defence, currently resides in UAE according to his CV.

File name: Phil Doughty PP1 7200830372.pdf
PDF copy of current English, Irish passport for Philip Doughty.

File name: Sirian Issue.eml
Email between David Goulding who is the Business Development Director and Philip regarding a new offer about an operation in syria.

About Britam

Britam is a broad-ranging risk management and training consultancy. We provide advice, services and training that enable organisations to pursue their activities while managing their strategic and operational risks.

What we do

We work with commercial and governmental organisations, providing services in three key areas:

  • Corporate security services
  • Police and Military Training
  • Health and safety.
How we do it

Our management team has a background in UK Special Forces. This ethos defines our culture. We challenge the status quo, while ensuring our solutions are practical, affordable and delivered to the highest standards of service and conduct. Operationally, we combine our experience and expertise in counter-terrorism, insurgency and other public security situations with keen commercial awareness and discretion.

Where we do it

With offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Iraq and Libya, and associated companies in Abu Dhabi and China, we are on hand wherever our clients need us.

Oil and gas sector expertise

Companies in this sector carry out many of their operations in politically and environmentally hostile regions, where the protection of people, assets and reputation is a constant and ever-changing challenge. Britam’s proven track record and approach make us uniquely qualified to meet these challenges.

WAR ON SYRIA; NATO’s FSA Terrorists Hail Bin Laden & Praise 911 Attacks

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Dr. Randy Short describes the neo colonial invasion of Syria with precision…

Also don’t forget… these 95 percent foreign invaders known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are paid with ‘crisp US $100 bills’ by groups like the Syrian Support Group (SSG), which was given a TERRORISM LICENSE by US Treasury Department, which then funds the FSA to create instability and destroy infrastructure all across Syria with things like kidnappings and suicide bombings.

Oh what a twisted web we weave…


2013.1.5 ‘Al Qaeda Advancing NATO Agenda In Mideast’ (PressTV Interviews Dr. Randy Short) (


An analyst says al-Qaeda is furthering US-NATO colonial agenda the geostrategic importance of the Middle East region.

In the background of this video footage shows insurgents in Syria praising al-Qaeda as well as the 9/11 attacks in America. Al-Qaeda, created by the CIA, is fully support by the US with funding and weapons as is Saudi Arabia and Qatar to topple the government of Syria and to steal control of its natural resources.

Press TV has interviewed Dr. Randy Short, Dignity Human rights and Peace Organization, Washington about this issue.



Al-Jazeera buys Current TV from Al Gore

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Al-Jazeera, the Pan-Arab news channel that struggled to win space on American cable television, has acquired Current TV, boosting its reach nearly ninefold to about 40 million homes. With a focus on U.S. news, it plans to rebrand the left-leaning news network that cofounder Al Gore couldn’t make relevant.

The former vice president confirmed the sale Wednesday, saying in a statement that Al-Jazeera shares Current TV’s mission “to give voice to those who are not typically heard; to speak truth to power; to provide independent and diverse points of view; and to tell the stories that no one else is telling.”

The acquisition lifts Al-Jazeera’s reach beyond a few large U.S. metropolitan areas including New York and Washington, where about 4.7 million homes can now watch Al-Jazeera English.

Al-Jazeera, owned by the government of Qatar, plans to gradually transform Current into a new channel called Al-Jazeera America by adding five to 10 new U.S. bureaus beyond the five it has now and hiring more journalists.

Full Article


However, Al Jazeera’s attempt to gain more viewership in the US suffered an early setback after Time Warner Cable said it would stop carrying Current TV following the ownership change.

Time Warner, the second biggest cable company in the US, said it had already been looking to remove channels with low ratings, and this acquisition gave it the ability to cancel its contract.

Full Article

WAR ON SYRIA; NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) Puppets Get First Salary In 6 Months, ‘Crisp US $100 Bills’

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They work for free, that’s why they’re called the “Free Syrian Army”…

So NATO and their puppet Islamic States’ strategy of not paying these “95 Percent Foreign Insurgents” for up to 6 months must work out well since they don’t have to pay all the dead ones… you can almost hear the London bankers rubbing their hands together and toasting their brandy glasses.

Countries mentioned by name in the AFP article below as paying the Free Syrian Army (FSA) salaries include Qatar, Turkey, and rather opaquely, “Gulf States” and “Islamic States”.  So if this is such a wonderful and righteous cause why don’t they proudly display their names?

Of particular interest is also the mention of the “Revolutionary Military Councils” and the “Association Of Muslim Scholars”.

The US Treasury’s exclusive TERRORISM LICENSEE the Syrian Support Group Inc. (SSG), their Director Of Government Relations (ie, terrorism lobbyist) Brian Sayers admitted in his BBC interview that their group is supplying NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorists with money (crisp US $100 bills?) and weapons via “Revolutionary Military Councils”.  Sayers proudly mentions his organizations deep contact and control of these “Military Councils” a number of times in the interview.

The “Association Of Muslim Scholars” must be referring to the International Union For Muslim Scholars (IUMS) run out of London by Oxford Trustee. and Muslim Brotherhood (MB) intellectual leader, Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi.  This is the same Al Qaradawi who issued a fatwa against Gadhafi live on Al Jazeera TV (ie, the Qatar propaganda channel) urging the Libyan Army to kill Gadhafi… this was less than a month before the NATO bombings started.

It’s simply amazing how perfectly in sync Sheikh Al Qaradawi was with Britain’s and NATO’s plans for the coup of Libya, and how perfectly in sync he is once again with their desire for a coup of Syria… I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the Sheikh’s status as an Oxford Trustee.


ALEPPO, Syria — After months of fighting without pay, Syrian rebels in Aleppo are receiving their first salaries, paid with money commanders say is at least in part provided by foreign states.

In Aleppo’s old city area, fighters gave their names to defected Syrian military officer Colonel Abdul Salam Humaidi, who searched through lists provided by rebel commanders before paying the men in crisp US $100 bills.

The rebels made thumbprints in ink next to their names to indicate they had been paid.

As the fighters gathered, the crack of rifle fire could be heard from elsewhere in the old city, just one of many areas in Syria’s one-time commercial capital that have become battlegrounds between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and rebels fighting to overthrow his regime.

“The revolutionary military councils … are undertaking to distribute monthly salaries to the fighters, especially on the front lines,” Humaidi told AFP.

All fighters are now paid US $150 per month, but this may change in the future, with different salaries given to those who are married and those who are on the front lines, he said.

Humaidi said he “defected from the military after 30 years of service, because the regime is corrupt and sectarian.” He is now a financial official for the rebel Revolutionary Military Council.

He declined to say where the payroll cash was from, but rebel commanders in Aleppo told AFP it came from foreign assistance and from other supporters, though they differed on the specific countries involved.

“The Military Council (is) distributing the salaries, with Qatari support … of US $150 per person registered for two months,” said Haji al-Bab, a commander in the Tawhid Brigade, adding that fighters who are not registered are not being paid.

Ahmed Arur, a commander in the Saqur al-Sham Brigade, said that “international assistance (and) Syrian opposition traders are paying the salaries for the Free Army.”

And Sheikh Mahmud Mujadami, a commander from the Halab al-Shahbaa Brigade, said sources of the money include “Turkey, from the Gulf states, from … Islamic states,” and the Association of Muslim Scholars.

For the fighters battling the Assad regime’s heavy weapons with light arms for which they sometimes even lack ammunition, the money has been a long time coming.

“We obtained salaries in the amount of US $150, and we will use it for pocket money and for the family, for the house,” said Mohammed al-Nasser, who has fought for six months without being paid.

He is married and has a son, but his family was able to get by with aid they received in Turkey. Now, they are back in Syria.

Ahmed al-Shawaf said he was a fighter for five months without a salary, and that while this did not personally cause his family hardship, there are “many difficulties” for a person who is “the only one working, and he stops his work because of the revolution.”

He said that individual battalion commanders can decide to give fighters assistance.

Hussein Ristum defected from the police about three months ago, losing his salary.

“I was depending on the salary for my family, (but) thanks be to God, here in the Tawhid Brigade we do not need anything, food, we receive everything,” he said.

Rebel forces helped his family during the time he served without pay. He said there were “difficulties, but thanks be to God, the Free Army and the guys provided housing.”


2012.10.23 After Months Of Waiting, First Pay Day Comes For Syria Rebels (AFP,


2012.10.23 ‘US Seeks Afghan Type War In Syria’ (Shows Crisp US $100 Bills) (PressTV,


The United States seeks a rise in the Syrian conflict, attempting to mimic a Soviet Union, Afghanistan -style war, a political analyst tells Press TV.

While an international proposal has been made for a truce in Syria, the insurgents in the Arab country are receiving US dollars and heavy weaponry from their foreign supporters.

Some regional and trans-regional states also provide the armed groups with
sophisticated and heavy machine guns to assist them in fighting against the
Syrian army forces.

This is while UN-Arab League Special Representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi called on the Syrian government and the foreign-backed insurgents to unilaterally declare a ceasefire.

The Syrian government says it will support the truce proposal only if the Western countries and their regional allies stop supporting and financing the insurgents.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ali Al-Ahmed, director, IGA, from Chicago, to further discuss the issue.


WAR ON SYRIA; 95 Percent Of ‘Syrian Rebels’ (FSA) Are Foreigners; German Intelligence Report

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Yet more confirmation that the Syrian conflict is an external invasion of the country and not a civil war.
It’s been widely reported that some of the countries supplying funding, weapons, and apparently troops, are Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.  Note, all these countries have British controlled governments.

Syrian Support Group Inc. (SSG) Director Of Government Relations (ie, terrorism lobbyist) Brian Sayers admitted in his BBC interview that their group is supplying NATO’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorists with money and weapons, and that they would like to be the “single source” conduit for all support (ie, so they can direct arms elsewhere to spread the conflict, and take some money off the top for themselves).  Sayers even mentions Qatar and Saudi Arabia as funding the rebels, so this is no secret.

I would second the notion given by Daoud Khairallah in the video below… this is economic warfare.


2012.10.2 95% Of Syrian Rebels Not Syrians, Report (RT,

The Syrian crisis is a result of a coherent collective effort by a gang of foreign
states – that’s the message Syria’s foreign minister laid out for the UN General

International law professor Daoud Khairallah says that Syrians would never
inflict such vicious destruction on their homeland and the fact that foreign
fighters are involved in the war runs against the UN charter.

Ex-employee: Al Jazeera provides Syrian rebels with satellite phones

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Al Jazeera has supplied Syrian rebels with satellite communication tools to ensure telephone and Internet connection, claims Ali Hashim, a former correspondent of the Qatar-funded channel. The equipment was smuggled from Lebanon, he told RT. ­The channel paid $50,000 for smuggling phones and other tools across the Syrian border to ensure they would get an inside picture, claims Ali Hashim.

A month ago, Hashim and two other correspondents working for Al Jazeera in Lebanon, stepped down from their jobs over a dispute over how the Arab Spring should be covered. Reporting popular unrest in Bahrain and Syria revealed the acutest differences between the men and their employer.

“The channel was taking a certain stance. It was meddling with each and every detail of reports on the Syrian revolution. At the same time it was almost covering up what was going on in Bahrain,” recalls Hashim.

The journalist says Qatar authorities actually decided the channel’s agenda and created their own version of the Syrian crisis.

“We went to the border between Lebanon and Syria. There it became obvious that militants entered Syria from Lebanon to clash with the Syrian regular army, which was 3 kilometers away from the border,” Hashim told RT.

“We took photos of those people, but the channel declined them. I was asked to forget about the militants and to return to Beirut,” he says.

In an earlier interview with the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir, Hashim called Al Jazeera’s policy “informational suicide.”

The Syrian government has repeatedly slammed the unbalanced coverage of the uprising by some Arab news channels. But Hashim remarks that both sides of this conflict are playing dirty: while some media are siding with the rebels, omitting reports of the militants’ atrocities against civilians, the Syrian regime’s media behave as if there were no calls for freedoms and reforms in the country.

Syria has been engulfed by a popular uprising against President Bashar Al-Assad for over a year now. Opposition forces submit daily claims of people killed in fights with regular forces. The reports are hard to verify as the state remains closed to most foreign journalists. Nonetheless, the UN estimates over 9,000 people have died in the conflict. The Syrian authorities maintain they are fighting foreign insurgency, which has taken lives of over 2,000 troops.


Link to original article

Iraq’s fugitive vice president (with P2OG terror ties) hiding in Saudi Arabia

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Associated Press

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Iraq’s fugitive vice president arrived Wednesday in Saudi Arabia hours after he vowed in a television interview that he would return home.

Tariq al-Hashemi, the top Sunni official in Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government, flew to Saudi Arabia from neighboring Qatar where he stayed for four days, the official Saudi news agency reported. He was greeted by Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal in the Red Sea port city of Jiddah, according to a Saudi Foreign Ministry official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media. He had no further details on the visit.

Al-Hashemi is wanted in Iraq on terror charges for allegedly running death squads against Shiite pilgrims, government officials and security forces. Iraqi authorities issued a warrant for his arrest in December, touching off a political crisis in Baghdad and deepening the country’s sectarian divide just days after the U.S. military withdrawal.

Al-Hashemi, who has denied the charges and says they are politically motivated, took refuge in the self-ruled Kurdish region in northern Iraq, out of the jurisdiction of the central government in Baghdad.

He told the pan-Arab television channel Al-Jazeera in an interview that the charges were designed to “push me out of the political process” and launched a scathing attack on Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

“I will return to Kurdistan without a doubt. I will never abandon my country,” al-Hashemi said, adding that he would be ready to leave Kurdistan if he felt his presence there was a burden to its government.

He said that al-Maliki, a hardline Shiite who has been in power for nearly six years, “has so much hatred and malice inside him that go beyond the political differences between me and him.”

Al-Maliki, he added, was discriminating against the nation’s once-powerful Sunni minority and that his policies posed a risk to Iraq’s unity. Also for sectarian reasons, he charged, al-Maliki was allowing Iraq’s airspace to be used by Iranian aircraft to ferry weapons to the embattled regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria. He provided no evidence to support his claim.

He also claimed that Iraqi Shiite militiamen were fighting alongside the Syrian regime’s forces. He gave no details.

Syria has a Sunni majority but the ruling Assad dynasty are Alawites, followers of a sect that is an offshoot of Shiism. Assad came to power in 2000, succeeding his father Hafez who ruled the country for about 30 years.

Al-Hashemi’s visit to Qatar was his first trip abroad since the allegations were leveled against him. Iraq called on Qatar to extradite him so he can stand trial in Baghdad. Doha refused the request.


Link to original article

AIPAC Works for the 1 Percent

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AIPAC Works for the 1 Percent

03-07-2012  • – By Chris Hedges 

By Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges gave this talk Saturday night in Washington, D.C., at the Occupy AIPAC protest, organized by CODEPINK Women for Peace and other peace, faith and solidarity groups.

The battle for justice in the Middle East is our battle. It is part of the vast, global battle against the 1 percent. It is about living rather than dying. It is about communicating rather than killing. It is about love rather than hate. It is part of the great battle against the corporate forces of death that reign over us—the fossil fuel industry, the weapons manufacturers, the security and surveillance state, the speculators on Wall Street, the oligarchic elites who assault our poor, our working men and women, our children, one in four of whom depend on food stamps to eat, the elites who are destroying our ecosystem with its trees, its air and its water and throwing into doubt our survival as a species.

What is being done in Gaza, the world’s largest open-air prison, is a pale reflection of what is slowly happening to the rest of us. It is a window into the rise of the global security state, our new governing system that the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls “inverted totalitarianism.” It is a reflection of a world where the powerful are not bound by law, either on Wall Street or in the shattered remains of the countries we invade and occupy, including Iraq with its hundreds of thousands of dead. And one of the greatest purveyors of this demented ideology of violence for the sake of violence, this flagrant disregard for the rule of domestic and international law, is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC.

I spent seven years in the Middle East. I was the Middle East bureau chief for The New York Times. I lived for two of those seven years in Jerusalem. AIPAC does not speak for Jews or for Israel. It is a mouthpiece for right-wing ideologues, some of whom hold power in Israel and some of whom hold power in Washington, who believe that because they have the capacity to war wage they have a right to wage war, whose loyalty, in the end, is not to the citizens of Israel or Palestine or the United States but the corporate elites, the defense contractors, those who make war a business, those who have turned ordinary Palestinians, Israelis and Americans, along with hundreds of millions of the world’s poor, into commodities to exploit, repress and control.

We have not brought freedom, democracy and the virtues of Western civilization to the Muslim world. We have brought state terrorism, massive destruction, war and death. There is no moral distinction between a drone strike and the explosion of the improvised explosive device, between a suicide bombing and a targeted assassination. We have used the iron fist of the American military to implant our oil companies in Iraq, occupy Afghanistan and ensure that the Muslim world remains submissive and compliant. We have supported a government in Israel that has carried out egregious war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza and is daily stealing larger and larger portions of Palestinian land. We have established a network of military bases, some the size of small cities, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Kuwait, and we have secured basing rights in the Gulf states of Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. We have expanded our military operations to Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Algeria and Yemen. And no one believes, except perhaps us, that we have any intention of leaving.

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