SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Lanza & Cho, Abused Scapegoats, Intro

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2014.5.6 (AE) – There are many uncanny similarities between the Virginia Tech Massacre (2007.4.16), allegedly done by Seung Hui Cho, and the Sandy Hook Massacre (2012.12.14), allegedly done by Adam Lanza.

The following video is just an introduction… more to come…





FASCISM RISING; Britain, Baroness Thatcher’s Lavish State Funeral During Austerity She Created, Protesters Politically & Mentally Categorized

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The British subjects will protest Thatcher but they will never protest those she served, the British Royal Family, so Thatcher plays the scapegoat, her only true function.

If you’re against the Fascist “Iron Cross Lady” Baroness Margaret Thatcher you’re automatically classified as an “Anarchist”, “Anti Capitalist”, “Communist”, or “Socialist”… you can’t just be a person who’s simply against a tyrant who ruined your country’s economy, you must be put into some sort of political enemy category, and sometimes even into a mentally ill category… these are standard Fascist tactics.

Not only are Thatcher protesters categorized but Scotland Yard’s Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) now claims the greatest threats to Thatcher’s upcoming funeral are “loners obsessed with public figures”.  After making this claim the FTAC has instead focused their efforts on data mining social media so they can follow “political protests”… interesting:


Scotland Yard said that its intelligence picture was still “under development” for the funeral of one of Britain’s most controversial and divisive political figures.  The force is monitoring social media sites with political protests rather than lone fanatics seen as the most likely cause of potential disruption.


If you protest or confront politicians this can easily be deemed “harassment of a public figure” and you can then be classified as a “stalker”, “delusional”, “mentally ill”, or “schizophrenic”… all very convenient precrimes.

Wouldn’t a person who destroyed their country’s economy via Privatization (ie, implementing Prince Charles’ scheme called Public Private Partnerships (PPP) = Fascism) be the real enemy of the country?  Wouldn’t such a person be denied a very lavish state funeral at the public’s expense, especially during a time of severe austerity, an austerity caused by that very person?  Nope, not in jolly old England:


The plea comes amid criticism that taxpayers will have to foot the majority of the estimated £8m to £10m bill for hosting the ceremonial funeral.  Lady Thatcher’s estate is making a contribution and the rest will come out of the public purse.  Mindful of generating further unrest in the run-up to Wednesday, Downing Street said it would only confirm how much the funeral will cost the public once it has taken place.


It’s so good to know that the Thatcher estate is “making a contribution” to their own socialized funeral.  Did I forget to mention that Thatcher authorized terrorism against Ireland, and terrorism against Britain to be blamed on Ireland?  Such an honorable lady.


2013.4.13 Thatcher ‘Death Party’ Turns Violent As Revelers Clash With Cops (RT,


Socialists, students and anti-capitalists were joined by former miners for a demonstration in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday.  Many Britons remain harshly critical of Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher’s polices, two decades after she left office.


2013.4.10 Police Ask Margaret Thatcher Protesters To Identify Themselves (


SANDY HOOK SHOOTINGS; A Tale Of Two Newtowns, Government Orchestrated Mass Murder For Gun Control?

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Is it possible for a Government to orchestrate a mass murder event in order to justify passing draconian Gun Control laws?

Evidence shows that Australia’s “Port Arthur Massacre” on April 26, 1996 that killed 35 people, and was blamed on the mentally challenged Martin Bryant, was such an event.

The following documentary outlines the many problems with the case and shows how the Australian government, and Martin Bryant’s own defense lawyer, conspired to use a clumsy, “mentally challenged”, non violent person as a scapegoat for something he could not possibly have pulled off, at least not by himself.

My intention here was to show some simple correlations between Australia’s “Port Arthur Massacre” and the Newtown Connecticut “Sandy Hook Shootings”… firstly with the odd fact that the supposed “Port Arthur Massacre” shooter, Martin Bryant, was from “New Town” Tasmania… secondly because both accused shooters were of questionable mental capacity… but thirdly because both events have been used to justify swiftly pushing through severe Gun Control laws, coincidentally desired by both governments as expressed in previous public statements, and with the help of an EXTREME media propaganda campaign, including the alteration of photographs, used to convict the accused shooters in the media before ANY details have been properly investigated or explained.  These facts suggest a well coordinated event for a desired purpose.

Since I hadn’t watched this documentary for quite some time I thought it was relevant to watch it again to confirm its worthiness. Upon rewatching I was shocked by the number of similarities between the “Port Arthur Massacre” and “Sandy Hook Shootings”:


• Mentally questionable young person accused of being the lone shooter.

• Evidence of at least one second shooter.

• Accused shooter convicted in the media well before any proper investigation presented.





• Coverup of evidence and no proper investigation.


I personally believe both of these events have all the signs of being “Operation Gladio” style operations… this would consist of Government and/or Military Intelligence organized Special Ops teams brought in to perform violent acts in order to create a desired political change within a country… as was done throughout Europe by NATO… this is the very definition of “Terrorism”.


A Question Of Guilt, The Massacre At Port Arthur (evanlongaccount,


A video questioning the Australian government’s official conclusions with regard to Martin Bryant’s involvement in the Port Arthur massacre / shooting at the Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania on 26 April 1996 and related events. The video was produced “in the public interest by survivors of the Port Arthur massacre and sympathetic investigators”.